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  • 09 June 2004

Date of birth

16th July, 1967







Will Ferrell (born John William Ferrell, 16.7.1967) is an American comedian, scriptwriter and actor. He has featured in a string of hit movies including Talladega Nights, Anchorman and Blades of Glory. He is a member of the 'Frat Pack' - a name attributed to a group of comedic actors, including Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Steve Carell.

Childhood: Will Ferrell was born to Lee and Kay Ferrell in Irvine, California. His mother was a teacher and his father was a musician - formerly a keyboardist for The Righteous Brothers. Ferrell attended Turtle Rock Elementary School, followed by Rancho San Joaquin Middle School. He then studied at University High School.

Will Ferrell later enrolled at the University of Southern California. He studied for a degree in Sports Information and after graduating, he joined he comedy group The Groundlings, at which point he began to work on his improvisational skills.

Career: In 1995, Will Ferrell joined the writing and performance team of the popular US TV show Saturday Night Live. Ferrell became known for his talent for impersonations, including his takes on George Bush, Neil Diamond, Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. After leaving the Saturday Night Live team, Will Ferrell returned as a guest host in 2005 and 2009. On the latter appearance, Ferrell appeared onstage during Queens of the Stone Age's performance of 'Little Sister' and played the cowbell.

Whilst he was still working on Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell made a number of appearances in comedy films, including Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which starred Mike Myers, Liz Hurley and Heather Graham. He also made an appearance in Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and the Ben Stiller vehicle Zoolander.

After leaving Saturday Night Live, Will Ferrell began to land a number of lead roles, starting with his performance as Frank 'The Tank' Richard in Old School, landing himself an MTV Movie Awards nomination for Best Comedic Performance.

In 2003, Ferrell took the title role in Elf, which also starred Zooey Deschanel and James Caan. The film roles kept coming, as did the accolades, as he starred in Melinda and Melinda, as well as the hugely popular Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy. The latter film saw him teaming up with Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Christina Applegate. The cast was something of a comedic tour de force and Ferrell was soon considered a part of Hollywood's 'Frat Pack' - the most talented US comedians of their time.

2004 saw Ferrell appear n the modern remake of Starsky and Hutch, which starred Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. The following year, Ferrell's earnings were a reported $40 million.

Ferrell's performance in 2006's Stranger Than Fiction displayed a broader acting ability than had previously been seen from him. The film also starred Maggie Gyllenhaal, Queen Latifah, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. He followed this by another comedy performance in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. The film proved to be another huge success for Will Ferrell. At the 79th Academy Music Awards, he performed a musical skit with Jack Black and John C. Reilly, in which they mocked the voters' tendencies to snub comedies in favour of dramas.

Unfortunately for Ferrell, his reputation was not invincible and his 2009 film Land of the Lost, which also stars Anna Friel, was a huge flop, both critically and commercially.

Will Ferrell has also undertaken a great deal of work as a voice actor, including several appearances in Family Guy. He also provided the voice for Bob Oblong in The Oblongs and appeared in King of The Hill, playing an over-the-top politically correct soccer coach.

Will Ferrell launched the website 'Funny Or Die' in 2007. The website hosts a number of streaming comedy videos and skits, including one which featured the website co-founder Adam McKay's two year old daughter as a swearing landlady.

In 2009, Will Ferrell made his Broadway debut when he starred in his one-man show entitled You're Welcome America: A Final Night with George W. Bush.

Personal Life: Will Ferrell married the actress Viveca Paulin in 2000. They have two sons, Magnus and Mattias.

Daddy's Home 2 Review


Like the 2015 original, this comedy plays merrily with cliches to tell a silly story that's funny but never particularly clever. It's an enjoyable bit of escapist entertainment, mixing some sharp gags in between the more obvious jokes. But while the script makes a feeble attempt to poke fun at over-the-top machismo, it indulges in relentless gender stereotyping.

Now best buddies, co-dads Dusty and Brad (Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell) decide to combine their families to celebrate Christmas this year. Then Dusty's estranged tough-guy dad Kurt (Mel Gibson) turns up, as does Brad's more touchy-feely father Don (John Lithgow). This raises issues for both Dusty and Brad, who are clearly chips off the old blocks. They may be united in their love for their kids (Owen Vaccaro, Scarlett Estevez and Didi Costine), but old rivalries spark as they take the family to a huge mountain cabin with their wives (Alessandra Ambrosio and Linda Cardellini). What follows is a combination of wacky slapstick and various forms of sabotage as Dusty and Brad's bromance is put through the wringer.

None of this is remotely original, with elaborate set-pieces that feel like they've been lifted wholesale from other holiday comedies. And the plot is never remotely surprising either. But the actors have chemistry, and invest some sparkiness in their characters. Much of the antics centre on the clash between Gibson and Lithgow, who play up the aggression and sweetness, respectively. It's badly exaggerated, but the actors throw themselves into the roles, and the interaction between the three generations is nutty enough to keep the audience chuckling even through some rather stupid gags. The filmmakers seem to think that crazed conflict is hilarious, but actually the funniest moments are when Walhberg and Ferrell are working together to approach a problem.

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Will Ferrell at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The House' held at TCL Chinese Theatre - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 26th June 2017

Daddy's Home 2 Trailer

It’s part of modern life that divorce and separation is part of many families and a lot can't even form civil friendships. When Brad Whitaker met his wife Sara and her two children he thought that he'd been given the instant perfect family - for the most part, he had! Though Megan and Dylan were a little reluctant to take to Brad, with time and much persistence, both kids warmed to their mum's new husband.

Brad is kind, friendly and a real family man, just like his father. Megan and Dylan's birthfather, Dusty, on the other hand isn't quite as mild mannered as the latest addition to the family and when Dusty announces that he's going to come visit the family, Sara is far from impressed. What starts out as animosity toward one another soon develops into an admiration for both their strengths.

Though many wouldn't have guessed it, now Brad and Dusty are great friends! As the winter holidays come around, both Dusty with his partner, Karen and Brad and Sara decide that the family will all get together for one big holiday celebration. The kids are thrilled with the decision, as is the entire family, but the mood soon changes when Dusty receives a phone call from his dad, Kurt. The family unit has just got a little bit bigger and Dusty really isn't sure how his rough and ready father is going to appreciate the new Dusty or their larger family arrangement. If that wasn't enough, Brad's father also joins the team.

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Will Ferrell was amongst the celebrities spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers game. The Charlotte Hornets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers by the final score of 105-98 at Staples Center - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 28th February 2017

Will Ferrell attends the Chelsea v Arsenals football match at Stamford Bridge - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 4th February 2017

Will Ferrell seen arriving at the Chiltern Firehouse in Mayfair - London, United Kingdom - Monday 14th November 2016

Will Ferrell with his wife Viveca Paulin at The Hammer Museum's Annual Gala in the Garden held at Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 8th October 2016

From Jim Caviezel And Christian Bale To Will Ferrell: 7 Actors Who Have Played Jesus

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 27 March 2016

Jim Caviezel Will Ferrell Christian Bale Ewan McGregor Willem Dafoe Max Von Sydow Victor Garber

Jesus has had many faces on the big screen, with some more memorable than others.

The story of Jesus has been told many different times on the big screen, with a wide variety of interpretations. But what’s more diverse is the list of actors who have found themselves playing the son of God. Sure we all remember Jim Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ, but did you know Will Ferrell also once donned a wig and a beard to play Jesus?

Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ.

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Zoolander 2 - Relax Trailer

Though Derek and Hansel have left the world of fashion modelling behind them, a part of both of them still has the wish to return to the stage and once again be crowned as the king of the runway. When some of the world's most famous celebrities are found murdered (all of whom have died pulling Derek's trademark Blue Steel pout) Interpol decide to recruit the two fashion veterans in a bid to infiltrate the current world of modelling - an industry that's evolved beyond the one they were originally accustom to.

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Daddy's Home Rekindles The Rivalry Between Wahlberg And Ferrell

By Rich Cline in Movies / TV / Theatre on 01 January 2016

Mark Wahlberg Will Ferrell

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell first teamed up five years ago for The Other Guys, and now they take their verbal rivalry to the next level as a duelling father and stepfather in Daddy's Home.

"We weren't necessarily actively looking to work together again," admits Ferrell. "However, it goes without saying that at the end of that movie, after it was released and the reaction to it, we both were like 'If there's another opportunity, then, for sure.' And this came along."

Image caption Sam Smith at the 2015 GQ Man of the Year Awards in London.

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'Elf The Musical' Becomes London's Most Expensive West End Ticket

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 22 August 2015

Kimberley Walsh Will Ferrell

The stage adaptation of Will Ferrell’s 2003 comedy is setting record ticket prices.

Elf the Musical, the stage adaptation of the hit festive film starring Will Ferrell, has set a new all time high for ticket prices in London’s West End, with the best seats going for £240. The musical stars former Girls Aloud singer Kimberly Walsh and Ben Forster, the winner of ITV’s 'Superstar' contest.

Ex Girls Aloud member Kimberly Walsh stars in Elf the Musical.

The musical runs for a limited 10 week period, beginning in October at London’s Dominon theatre. The cheapest seats start at a still pricey £51.80, while premium tickets start at £97.40, rising to £240. On ticket tout websites seats are reportedly going for as much as £650.

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Zoolander 2 - Teaser Trailer

After a disastrous return to the fashion industry following his retirement, which almost ended in the death of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Derek Zoolander is once again ready to make a comeback. This time he has his former rival turned best friend Hansel by his side, and a better reputation after he exposed the evil behind the fashion industry and went on to work with children. Life may be good; he has a wife and son, and a bucket load of runway talent; but things are about to get messy once again. Derek and Hansel aren't as relevent as they used to be in the industry, and their careers face series threats when it becomes clear that a rival organisation is planning to take down their new modelling agency. Can the duo save the day once again? Or will they be forced to give up the strut for good?

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Daddy's Home Trailer

Brad is a good-natured and very correct radio executive who has also wanted to have children of his own. Since marrying his beautiful new wife, his dream comes true when he becomes the stepfather to two delightful children named Megan and Dylan. As much as he tries to be a father to them, however, they are not entirely filled with respect for him; something that becomes a problem when their real father Dusty Mayron phones up out of the blue. He's everything Brad isn't; handsome, super cool and a total god in the eyes of his children. When Dusty moves back over to spend time with his children, he and Brad find themselves battling each other for the kids' affections, doing everything they can to out-do each other in parenting. Can these two completely different souls ever become friends? Or will they remain parental rivals forever?

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