Tygo Gernandt

  • 31 October 2005



Black Death Trailer

In 1348 the many people of England were struck down by the plague that swept the length and breadth of the island. Knight Ulrich was one of the greatest fighters of the time and when he learnt of a small village untouched by the deadly illness, he tasked himself, a band of soldiers and a young monk to discover their secret and hunt down a powerful sorcerer thought to be able to bring the dead back to life.

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Godforsaken Review

By Christopher Null


Godforsaken hails its Natural Born Killers pedigree right on the front of the video case. Based on a true story of Dutch hooliganism, Godforsaken unfortunately can't keep up with Oliver Stone's heady thrill ride -- and that really isn't saying a lot.Stan (Egbert Jan Weeber) is an impressionable middle-class kid, with a long-last father and minimal ambition. When old pal Mike (Tygo Gernandt) gets out of jail, Stan gets quickly sucked into Mike's world, joining him on a series of burglaries in search of easy money. Alas, it doesn't start out well -- the first job turns out so badly that things wind up with the shopkeeper dead and the pair emptyhanded. What follows is a disjointed story of Stan and Mike increasingly becoming at odds with the Turkish mafia, Mike's girfriend (Angela Schijf) getting pregnant and having a miscarriage, and infighting among the group.

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