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  • 18 February 2005



John Schneider at the funeral service of Aretha Franklin held at Greater Grace Church in Detroit. The service saw guests the likes of Ariana Grande and Bill Clinton, and was broadcast live on television - Detroit, Michigan, United States - Friday 31st August 2018

John Schneider - 2016 Wizard World Las Vegas at Las Vegas Convention Center at LVCC - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Sunday 20th March 2016

'Dukes Of Hazzard' Star John Schneider For 'Furious 8' Role?

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 28 April 2015

John Schneider Paul Walker Vin Diesel

The 'Dukes of Hazzard' legend was previously linked with the tragic Paul Walker on a separate project years ago, and revealed that he would be interested in playing a part in the popular franchise.

John Schneider, the former star of TV’s ‘Dukes of Hazzard’, has expressed a desire to be a part of the Fast & Furious franchise. Having previously been linked with a car racing film project with the late actor Paul Walker, he has said he would be “very interested” in joining the Furious cast.

The franchise’s ever-present star Vin Diesel confirmed the existence of plans for an eighth movie last week, with a release pencilled in for April 2017. Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the popular TV series, admitted a role for him “would make sense because ‘Dukes…’ really paved the way for films like Fast & Furious. I'd be very interested in joining the cast.”

Image caption John Schneider of 'Dukes of Hazzard'

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John Schneider - 2013 CMT Music awards at the Bridgestone Arena - Arrivals - Nashville, TN, United States - Thursday 6th June 2013

Not Today Trailer

Caden Welles is 20-years-old with nothing to stop him doing anything he chooses in the world thanks to his rich parents. With a desire for an all guys together overseas partying holiday, he and his friends decide upon where in the world they will visit with a game of cards, a map and a dart. They end up planning a trip to Hyderabad in India with their sights set on girls, music and a lot of alcohol. However, things don't go the way Caden plans as he finds himself waking up morning alone in the town without his belongings. He is helped by a starving man and his young daughter, Kiran and Annika, who hopes for some form of nourishment in return but Caden neglects to help them after they get him back to his hotel despite initially saying he will. He is, however, haunted by his decision not to return and vows to help the man he shunned as he spots him later in the street. He has sold his daughter Annika thinking that it was the best thing for her and it is up to Caden to get her back and save her from the ever-growing Indian human-trafficking trade.

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October Baby Trailer

Hannah is a beautiful, vibrant girl attending college. While studying, she auditions for a play and lands a role. On opening night, the curtain rises on Hannah. She opens her mouth to utter her first lines and collapses.

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John Schneider - John Schneider, Las Vegas, Nevada - arriving at the Daytime Emmy Awards at the Hilton Hotel and Casino - Red Carpet. Sunday 19th June 2011

The Rebound Review

By Rich Cline


A charming and observant tone helps lift this above most romantic comedies, at least until the formula kicks in during the final rather contrived act. But until then, it keeps us happily smiling and sighing along.

After she catches her husband cheating, 40-year-old Sandy (Zeta-Jones) takes her two kids (Gould and Cherry) and moves into Manhattan. She finds an entry-level job and a flat above a coffee shop, where recently divorced 25-year-old barista Aram (Bartha) is happy to watch the kids. Meanwhile, Sandy's pal Daphne (Grant) urges her to get back out on the dating scene, but after a few disastrous nights the babysitter starts to look like a possibility.

But can they overcome their age difference and recover from their bad past relationships?

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The Rebound Trailer

When Sandy discovers her husband is cheating on her she decides it's time to make a break and leave her suburban life for a new start in the city.

Freshly divorced, Sandy and her two kids move into an apartment and it doesn't take long for Sandy to employ a nanny for the kids. Aram is a 25 year old waiter currently working in a coffee shop. Still uncertain of his future, Aram agrees to start looking after the kids. One thing leads to another and it doesn't take long for Sandy and the nanny to form a bond and eventually a relationship; but with such an age difference and Sandy's recent divorce, what really can come from their future together?

Starring: Catherine Zeta Jones, Justin Bartha, Megan Byrne, Joanna Gleason, John Schneider, Lynn Whitfield, Art Garfunkel

Directed by: Bart Freundlich

Sydney White Review

By Bill Gibron


With all the attention paid to substance-abusing fame whores whose slight grip on reality leads to nightly news updates, the involvement of law enforcement, and endless takes on TMZ, it's nice to champion a good girl for once. Such a seemingly settled star is Amanda Bynes. After years making Nickelodeon (All That, The Amanda Show) eminently watchable, and delivering the WB one of its few sitcom hits (What I Like About You), the talented 22-year-old isn't going potty in front of the paparazzi, or showing off her "commando" goodies to the general public. Instead, she's pushing toward legitimate entertainment staying power, and Sydney White is a fine illustration of this strategy.Sydney, as we learn, is a tomboy, hanging out with her father's (John Schneider) construction crew. Since the death of her mother, the blue collar gang has been her only family. When it's time to head to college, Sydney decides to attend her mom's old university, and pledge her sorority. As a legacy, she's a shoo-in for acceptance. But that doesn't stop snobby, selfish "sister" Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton) from targeting our heroine. Jealous of Sydney's genial disposition, her friendship with BMOC Tyler Prince (Matt Long), and her natural good looks, she devises a plan to undermine the pledge. When her strategy works, our poor little girl ends up in the rundown firetrap of the campus nerds. Known as "The Vortex," it's the home to seven dorks, collegiate misfits who help Sydney get back at her snooty Greek tormentors. (If you haven't caught on that this is a post-pubescent reinterpretation of Snow White yet, let this be your explicit notice.)

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John Schneider and Elly Castle - John Schneider, Elly Castle Hollywood, California - Nip/Tuck Season 5 Premiere Screening held at the Paramount Theatre Saturday 20th October 2007

The Hot Chick Review

By Blake French


I often question the intelligence of production teams behind movies like The Hot Chick. Do well-rounded, educated artists really set out to create such appalling, frail productions? Apparently so, because Tom Brady, the film's director and co-writer, graduated from Harvard University. That's right, the creator of The Hot Chick, one of the most mindless, incompetent films of the year, went to Harvard, one of the most prestigious colleges in America.

Given Mr. Brady's vast achievements of shame, I can't imagine he's listed high in Harvard's list of successful alumni. After all, his artistic mishaps don't end with The Hot Chick; he also inspired a pathetic flop called The Animal that proved just how stupid American filmmakers perceive their audiences. Brady also assumes partial responsibility for the failed television comedy Men Behaving Badly. From a guy who attended Harvard, I expect Emmys and Oscars, not cancellations and Rob Schneider!

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Snow Day Review

By Christopher Null

Very Good

It's tough for a Texas boy to relate to the concept of a snow day. We had the occasional sleet day or hurricane day, sure, but snow? Whether you live in the tundra or not, I'm sure everyone can relate to the real story of Snow Day, the tale of a boy who pines for the school beauty, a girl far above his station with whom he never has a shot.

Maybe we can relate a little too well. This story has literally been done to death (it feels practically like a remake of 1995's Angus), but at least Snow Day is reasonably funny along the way. Thanks to the movie's "fresh new stars," Snow Day feels newer than it should. And thanks to leading kids Mark Webber (Drive Me Crazy) and Schuyler Fisk (daughter of Sissy Spacek), the movie has a lot of charm and heart.

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Snow Day Review

By Rob Blackwelder


Somehow, the kid movie genre made it all the way to 2000 without a feature about rugrats running rampant in celebration of snow-closed schools. It's such a great idea that it's hard to imagine nobody thought of it before.

Alas, nobody did. So now enter "Snow Day," a production of kiddie cable network Nickelodeon, in which a band of neighborhood children resolve once and for all to defeat their most wicked adversary -- the sinister Snow Plow Man (Chris Elliott), who takes great glee clearing the roads so efficiently that the kids never get two days off in a row.

This winter, the kids (lead by young Zena Grey, "The Bone Collector") vow to do whatever it takes -- snowball fights, dirty tricks, laying traps, playing chicken with the giant plow and even kidnapping the plow man's scary pet bird -- to get that second snow day.

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