Gordon Ramsay

  • 09 March 2006

Date of birth

8th November, 1966







Gordon Ramsey (born 8.11.1966) Gordon Ramsey is a TV chef who, at one time, held three highly coveted Michelin stars - one of only three chefs in the UK to do so.

Childhood: Gordon Ramsey's father had a number of professions, including being a welder, a swimming pool manager and a singer. Because of these constant career changes, the Ramsey family moved around a lot. They eventually settled in Stratford-Upon-Avon in the late 1970s.

Gordon moved out of home at 16 and shared a council flat with his sister in Banbury.

Ramsey was a talented footballer and in 1984, he was offered a trial with Rangers FC. However, he damaged his knee badly in the training session and never recovered from the injury.

At the age of 19, Ramsey focused his attentions on cooking and attended a local college course to study Hotel Management.

Culinary Career: Ramsey started out working as a commis chef at the Wroxton House Hotel, progressing to kitchen and dining room manager. He later moved to London where he worked for Marco Pierre White at Harveys. After two years, Ramsey decided he had had enough of White's notorious verbal abuse and started to study French cuisine. He worked for Albert Roux in Mayfair at Le Gavroche., then accepted Roux's offer to work at Hotel Diva in the French Alps. He worked in France for a further three years before working as a personal chef on the 'Idlewild' yacht in Bermuda.

Ramsey returned to the UK in 1993 and worked as head chef at La Tante Claire in Chelsea, London. He then became business partners with Marco Pierre White and was head chef at Aubergine, which was awarded two Michelin stars.

Ramsey's own restaurant, Gordon Ramsey at Royal Hospital Road was opened in 1998, with the help of his father in law, Chris Hutcheson. In 2001, the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star.

Ramsey also opened Petrus, where it has been reported that a group of six bankers once spent £44,000 on wine in a single sitting. He then opened Amaryllis in Glasgow, though that later closed, as well as Gordon Ramsey at Claridges. He then opened restaurants at the Dubai Creek and Connaught Hotels. Ramsey's empire has expanded overseas and he now owns Verre in Dubai as well as Gordon Ramsey at Conrad Tokyo and Cerise in Japan and Gordon Ramsey at the London, in New York. His first Irish restaurant, Gordon Ramsey at Powerscourt, opened in 2007.

In 2006, Gordon Ramsey was awarded an OBE for 'services to the hospitality industry'.

TV Career: Gordon Ramsey's debut TV venture came in 1998, with the fly-on-the-wall kitchen documentary Boiling Point. This was followed up two years later with Beyond Boiling Point.

In 2004, the first series of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares was aired on Channel 4. The premise of the show was that he would work with ailing restaurants in order to turn their fortunes around. Several series were made, with the fifth being aired in 2007.

ITV1 then aired Hell's Kitchen, the reality cookery show, helmed by Ramsey, which showed him training 10 celebrities to be professional chefs, running a restaurant on Brick Lane which was open to the public for the duration of the show. An American version of the show was made by the FOX network and shown in 2005. Hell's Kitchen has become notorious for Ramsey's fiery temperament and foul language.

Also in 2005, Ramsey hosted The F-Word, a food-centered magazine programme featuring competitions, investigative reports and recipes. Channel 4 have signed Ramsey to an exclusive deal that runs until 2011.

In September 2005, Ramsay appeared on the CNN show Quest, hosted by Richard Quest. Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver also appeared on the same show.

Personal Life: Gordon Ramsey married Cayetana Hutcheson (better known as Tana) in 1996. They have four children together. In November 2008, the News of the World tabloid paper published a story in which Sarah Symonds claimed to have been having an affair with Gordon Ramsay for up to 10 years.

Gordon Ramsay Tries Bull Penis And Salmon Ice-Cream On James Corden's Show

By Holly Mosley in Movies / TV / Theatre on 28 February 2018

Gordon Ramsay James Corden

This is a meal that he never thought he'd have to eat.

In probably the most culinary episode of 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts' yet, Gordon Ramsay joins James Corden on 'The Late Late Show' revealing who he thinks is the best celebrity chef, and who's the worst. But can he reveal which celebrity is not welcome back at his restaurant?

Image caption Gordon Ramsay at the grand opening of Hell's Kitchen

In the first round of this vomit-inducing game, where James and his guest take it in turns to answer a deeply personal question or else eat something disgusting, Gordon promised to make James 'gag' on the cow's tongue. He tells him, 'I don't think you've got the balls to answer this question.'

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Gordon Ramsay Talks About Cocaine Use In Hospitality Industry In New Documentary

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 20 October 2017

Gordon Ramsay

'Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine', a two-part ITV documentary series, sees the celeb chef lifting the lid on the widespread use of coke in the hospitality industry.

Gordon Ramsay has spoken about his upcoming television documentary series that seeks to lift the lid on cocaine usage in the hospitality industry.

The celebrity chef, 50, was interviewed by Emily Maitlis for the Radio Times ahead of his new two-part series ‘Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine’. He himself has been personally affected by drugs, with his brother Ronnie a life-long heroin addict and having suffered the loss of his head chef, David Dempsey, in 2003 while under the influence of cocaine.

He told Maitlis that the motivation for the documentary came at Christmas last year, when a customer ingested some coke in the toilets of one of his 31 restaurants, and brazenly told the waiter about it.

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Gordon Ramsay's Father-In-Law Sentenced To Six Months In Prison

By Ed Biggs in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 08 June 2017

Gordon Ramsay

Chris Hutcheson and his two sons admitted to hacking company computers as part of a public falling-out with the celebrity chef.

Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law has been sentenced to six months in prison, having pleaded guilty to hacking company computers to steal confidential information as part of a dispute with the famous chef.

68 year old Chris Hutcheson – the father of Ramsay’s wife Tana – worked with his sons Adam Hutcheson (46) and Chris Hutcheson Jr. (37) to infiltrate the celebrity chef’s e-mails to prise out confidential financial information and more, some of which was passed on to the News of the World.

Hutcheson himself received a six month jail term, while the two younger men were given four-month sentences suspended for two years.

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Victory In Court For Gordon Ramsay As Father-In-Law Confesses To Hacking

By Holly Williams in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 11 April 2017

Gordon Ramsay

Chris Hutcheson pleaded guilty to hacking Gordon Ramsay's business computers.

Gordon Ramsay was served justice in court this week when his father-in-law Chris Hutcheson pleaded guilty to hacking the computer system of his restaurant company Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd. The pair have been feuding since 2010 when the TV chef fired him from the business.

Gordon Ramsay outside ITV studios

The 68-year-old father of Gordon Ramsay's wife Tana confessed to conspiring to access data from a computer illegally and was charged under Operation Tuleta; the investigation of allegations surrounding computer hacking that originally related to the News International phone hacking scandal.

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Michelin starred UK chef and television personality, Gordon Ramsay signs latest book at Selfridges - London, United Kingdom - Monday 19th December 2016

Gordon Ramsay, Megan Ramsay, Matilda Ramsay, Jack Ramsay, Holly Ramsay and Tana Ramsay seen on the Red Carpet for the 2016 British Academy (BAFTA) Children's Awards held at the Roundhouse, London, United Kingdom - Sunday 20th November 2016

British Chef Gordon Ramsay seen outside the Jimmy Kimmel studios for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 25th October 2016

Gordon Ramsay arriving at the studios of BBC Radio 2, in London, for the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. Westminster, London, United Kingdom - Friday 14th October 2016

Gordon Ramsay on the red carpet at Caesars Palace which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Saturday 6th August 2016

Jamie Oliver Regrets Calling Gordon Ramsay "Jealous"

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 02 April 2015

Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay

Jamie Oliver claimed Ramsay was jealous of his success.

Jamie Oliver says he regrets his recent disparaging comments about Gordon Ramsay, saying he is "annoyed" with himself for biting. Oliver, who is said to be worth £240 million, had claimed rival television chef Ramsay was "deeply jealous" of his success.

Image caption Jamie Oliver regrets saying Gordon Ramsay was "jealous" of his success

"I'm annoyed that I said anything because I did bite for a few years and it felt quite good but I don't think it's very responsible of me to take the p*** again because I don't want his kids to get upset because I'm slagging off their dad," he told Australian news organisation AAP.

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Jamie Oliver Claims Gordon Ramsey Is Jealous Of Him

By Charlotte Court in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 30 March 2015

Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay

The cheeky chappie chef has hit out at the screamy shouty chef

Even television chefs can’t avoid the controversy of the celebrity feud and Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver have been the latest famous faces to fall foul of a little row - this time with Jamie accusing Gordon of career jealousy.

Image caption Jamie Oliver has ignited a long-held disupte with Gordon Ramsey

The head of the Jamie’s Italian franchise has claimed that Ramsey is deeply envious of his vast wealth which comes in at double what the Hell’s Kitchen star has amassed.

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David Beckham Launches ‘Haig Club’ Whiskey In Edinburgh

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 07 October 2014

David Beckham Victoria Beckham Gordon Ramsay

David Beckham launched his Haig Club whiskey at Tom Kitchin's Michelin starred restaurant in Edinburgh.

David Beckham is expanding his commercial empire with the launch of his first whiskey, Haig Club. The single-grain Scotch has been developed in association with the music mogul Simon Fuller and international liquor firm Diageo.

Image caption Ramsay Has Earned Criticism With His Overly Protective Parenting.

In an interview with Jonathan Ross, Ramsay admitted that, as a protective parent, he was suspicious of his 15 year-old daughter's claims that she and her boyfriend had been spending so much time in their room purely to revise. In what is being widely regarded as an invasion of privacy, Ramsay claims to have planted a hidden camera in Megan's room to verify they were up to what they claimed.

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