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  • 09 June 2004

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28th September, 1968




1st January, 1970



Naomi Watts (born 28.9.1968)
Naomi Watts is a British-Australian actress. Her acting career began in Australian television, appearing in soap operas and series such as Home And Away and Brides of Christ.

Childhood: Naomi Watts was born in Shoreham, in Kent, to Myfanwy Edwards and Peter Watts. Her mother was an antiques dealer, as well as a costume and set designer. Her father was a sound engineer and tour manager, who worked with Pink Floyd, amongst others. Her father died whilst she was young and the family moved to her mother's homeland, Wales.

Watts has stated that she wanted to become an actress after watching the film Fame in 1980. Naomi's grandmother was Australian, so in 1982, it was easy for her mother to obtain passports for the family to move to Australia.

Whilst in Sydney, Naomi Watts attended Mosman High School and North Sydney Girls' High School (along with Nicole Kidman). In 1986, Watts took a break from acting to work as a model in Japan, but failed to make the grade and did not enjoy the work.

Upon returning to Australia, she was invited to take part in a drama workshop and this rekindled her passion for acting.

Acting Career: Naomi Watts started out acting in a number of Australian TV series, including the popular soap opera Home and Away (which also launched the careers of Dannii Minogue, Heath Ledger and Guy Pearce. She also appeared in the award-winning mini-series Brides of Christ and the sitcom Hey Dad...!

In 1991, Naomi Watts landed a role in the acclaimed 1991 film Flirting, along with Thandie Newton and Nicole Kidman. After making the decision to move to the States, Watts was then selected for the supporting role of Jet Girl in Tank Girl, which starred Lori Petty and Ice T and featured music by the likes of Hole, Devo, Iggy Pop and Portishead.

However, in her first few years in Hollywood, Naomi watts struggled to land the roles that she wanted. She missed out on roles in Meet the Parents, The Parent Trap and Man on the Moon, though she took a role in the B-movie Children of the Corn IV.

Watts' big breakthrough came in 2001, when she starred in The Shaft, which also featured James Marshall. Later that year Naomi Watts starred in David Lynch's acclaimed movie Mulholland Drive along with Laura Elena Harring and Justin Theroux. Watts' performance earned her the Best Actress gong at the National Society of Film Critics Awards.

2002 saw Naomi Watts star in The Ring, one of the biggest US box office hits of the year. The film was a remake of a cult Japanese horror and its success led on to Watts starring in Ned Kelly, opposite the late Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush.

The Merchant Ivory film Le Divorce was released in 2003 and starred Naomi Watts along with Kate Hudson and Glenn Close. Building on her success, Watts went on to feature in 21 Grams, along with Benicio Del Toro and Sean Penn. Her role in 21 Grams led to Watts being nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award, though she lost out to Charlize Theron.

In 2004, Watts produced the independent film We Don't Live Here Anymore, as well as appearing in it, alongside Mark Ruffalo, Laura Dern and Peter Krause. In The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Watts was reunited with Sean Penn and Don Cheadle, before teaming up with Jude Law and Dustin Hoffman in I Heart Huckabees. She also starred in the sequel to The Ring: The Ring Two.

Another successful turning point in Naomi Watts' acting career came in 2005 when she starred in the remake of King Kong, playing the role of Ann Darrow, with Adrien Brody and Jack Black filling the film's starring roles. With Peter Jackson at the helm, the film was a massive success, both in the USA and around the world.

The following year, Naomi Watts starred along with Ed Norton and Liev Schreiber in The Painted Veil. She also starred in a remake of the 1997 Austrian film Funny Games, along with Tim Roth. As the latest in a string of remakes, Naomi watts began to earn herself a reputation as 'queen of the remake'. She also appeared alongside Viggo Mortensen in David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises.

Jim Sheridan cast Naomi Watts in the thriller Dream House in 2010, to work alongside Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.

Personal Life: Naomi Watts is engaged to Liev Schreiber and they have two children together.

Naomi Watts Cast As Lead In 'Game Of Thrones' Prequel Series

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 31 October 2018

Naomi Watts

George RR Martin also confirmed the prequel series, set for 2020 at the earliest, will be titled 'The Long Night'.

Naomi Watts has been cast in one of the lead roles in the upcoming prequel series for ‘Game of Thrones’ – and the series’ original creator George RR Martin confirmed the series’ title.

70 year old Martin, who has still not finished his original ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series of novels upon which ‘Game of Thrones’ are based, was reacting to the news that the Oscar-winning Watts had been cast in the upcoming HBO prequel series, which is apparently called ‘The Long Night’.

“Casting is now underway for THE LONG NIGHT, the first of the GAME OF THRONES successor series to ordered to film,” he tweeted, adding later on his blog: “I could not be more excited. Welcome to Westeros, Naomi.”

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The Glass Castle Review

Very Good

There are quite a few terrific moments in this true story, based on the memoir by journalist Jeannette Walls. It's an account of a seriously mind-boggling childhood that sees years of mayhem through a remarkably clear perspective, only occasionally dipping into sentimentality. But the actors are terrific, bringing an earthy realism to their roles, including a stand-out turn from Woody Harrelson.

It opens in 1989 New York, as Jeannette (Brie Larson) lies to her prospective in-laws about her parents, with her nice-guy fiance (Max Greenfield) helping her create a story that obscures the truth: Rex and Rose Mary Walls (Harrelson and Naomi Watts) are essentially homeless, living a life deliberately off the grid in defiance of meddling governments and too-powerful businesses. Indeed, Jeannette was raised in a free-form way, and her siblings (Sarah Snook, Josh Caras and Brigette Lundy-Paine) understand why she tries to hide them from her high-flying Manhattan life. But they are determined to be involved with her, and after another of Rex's impulsively violent outbursts, Jeannette thinks it might be time to get away from them for good.

This story is interspersed with extensive flashbacks of Jeannette's childhood (in which she's played by Chandler Head and the excellent Ella Anderson), exploring Rex's lifelong desire to build his dream "glass castle" for the family to live in. But this strikingly intelligent man is undone by his hot temper and antagonistic approach to society, creating problems with his wife and children. Harrelson and Watts are terrific in their colourful roles as these brightly artistic people trying to make sure their kids are smart and free. By comparison, Larson can't help but seem a bit bland, especially in her puffy 80s suits and hairdos. So some of her emotional reactions to the people around her feel strangely abrupt.

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The Glass Castle Trailer

Jeanette Walls is raised with the idea that city life is not something to be desired. Her parents put themselves across to her and her siblings Lori, Brian and Maureen as adventurous travellers who believe that they don't need a proper education or a house with all the usual amenities - all they need is the open road and the stars. The reality is that her father Rex is an alcoholic and her mother Rose Mary is a failed artist and occasional teacher. They are constantly uprooting the kids and moving them around as they escape the FBI and their mounting debts, compromising their future as they disrupt their schooling. Eventually Jeannette and the others escape their parents for a life the complete opposite of what they grew up with, and have to find it within themelves to forgive them and show them that they are truly happy.

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The Book Of Henry Review


Apparently, this offbeat script had been making the rounds in Hollywood for some 20 years as filmmakers struggled to work out how to blend its inventive mismatch of genres. Enter Colin Trevorrow, who's first film Safety Not Included was a mix of comedy, drama and time-travel adventure. In between making blockbusters for the Jurassic and Star Wars franchises, Trevorrow invests this unconventional drama-cum-thriller with plenty of heart, eliciting terrific performances from his central cast. But it never feels very authentic.

The story centres on single mother Susan (Naomi Watts), whose complex life is managed by her genius 11-year-old son Henry (Jaeden Lieberher). Adorable younger brother Peter (Room's Jacob Tremblay) offers plenty of support, but it's Henry who keeps everything running and supports the family with his savvy investments. Then he begins to suspect that his classmate Christina (Maggie Ziegler), who lives next door, is being abused by her stepdad Glenn (Breaking Bad's Dean Norris). But Glenn is the police commissioner, so Henry knows that calling the cops is useless. Instead, he makes an elaborate plan and writes it down in his notebook so his mother can take action.

The film's first half is a fascinating drama about the delicate balance in this unusual family. Beautifully played with layers of resonance by Watts, Lieberher and Tremblay, these are people we would like to know a lot more about, and we settle in to discover their secrets. All three are excellent, continually surprising the audience with insightful character touches that make each person vivid and likeable, even with their flaws. And then the Hitchockian plot kicks in, the suspense gurgles over and everything begins to turn rather implausible. This is kind of the point of the story - that experience is perhaps more important than intelligence - but it's much more difficult to engage with.

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The Book Of Henry - Trailer and Clips

Henry Carpenter (Jaeden Lieberher) is a genius for his meagre 11 years and the reason why his single mother Susan (Naomi Watts) copes so well taking care of him and her younger son Peter (Jacob Tremblay). He helps her out with all her financial problems, and does his best to keep Peter in line at the same time. But there are more pressing matters on Henry's mind. His next door neighbour and classmate Christina (Maddie Ziegler) is in trouble. She lives with her abusive stepfather Glenn Sickleman (Dean Norris) who also happens to be the police commissioner, make it impossible for Susan and Henry to go to the police about their concerns. However, Henry has it all worked out and has documented an elaborate and inventive plan to rescue Christina in his notebook. Having always put all of her trust in her son, Susan agrees to help him execute the plan.

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Naomi Watts out and about with her children Samuel Kai Schreiber and Alexander Pete Schreiber - Manhattan, New York, United States - Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts and Stella Mccartney pose on the red carpet at The Met Gala 2017 - New York, United States - Monday 1st May 2017

Naomi Watts at the 2017 Tribeca Ball - New York, United States - Monday 3rd April 2017

Naomi Watts at CinemaCon 2017 Big Screen Achievement Awards at Caesars Palace - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Thursday 30th March 2017

Naomi Watts at a Virtual Tour Of Australia event held at Hudson Mercantile - New York, United States - Monday 23rd January 2017

'Mulholland Drive' Named By Critics As Greatest Movie Of The 21st Century

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 24 August 2016

David Lynch Naomi Watts Richard Linklater

Critics from all over the world were asked to name the best movie of the past 16 years.

Mulholland Drive has been named the greatest film of the 21st century in a list of the 100 best, compiled by the BBC. Critics from all over the world were asked to vote for their favourite movie of the past 16 years in the poll, in a bid to prove that great films are still being made.

Image caption Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts at the 2016 SAG Awards

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About Ray Trailer

Ray is, in many ways, a regular New York teenager who enjoys skating, goes to school and is being raised by a single mother. The only unusual thing about him is that he was born female. Now he's hit puberty, he wants to under-go hormone replacement therapy and his mother Maggie is behind him one-hundred per cent. She may be grieving for the daughter that she's lost, but all she wants is for Ray to be happy and feel whole. The news that Ray wants to become a boy doesn't sit well with everyone, however. Her lesbian grandmother Dolly, for example, with whom he and his mother lives is dismissive of the idea of transitioning, and when the time comes to sign the parental consent form from the doctor, Maggie struggles to get her estranged husband to agree too. Ray isn't backing down without a fight; he refuses to go to school until he can start afresh in a boyish body, having undergone years of bullying. But it's going to take some serious discussion for him to be accepted for he is by the people around him.

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Demolition Trailer

Davis Mitchell is very successful in what he does for a living, though he's not as productive when it comes to his marriage. He's an investment banker stuck in the same old daily routine and he tends not to ever think about anything else. However, he is forced to re-evaluate himself and the way he lives his life when his wife Julia dies suddenly in a car accident. His father-in-law and boss Phil doesn't think much of Davis, but encourages him to pick himself up off the ground and start appreciating the world around him. After deciding to file a complaint to a vending machine company, Davis ends up writing numerous letters about his personal struggles and confessions. When they are discovered by a woman named Karen whose struggling to overcome problems of her own, they start a friendship that will encourage Davis to take apart his life, and re-build.

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Nicole Kidman And Naomi Watts Are Not Afraid To Smooch For Females

By Charlotte Court in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 17 June 2015

Nicole Kidman Naomi Watts

The acting pals took to the stage for a snog in a shower cap

If it’s good enough for Britney and Madonna, Sandra and Scarlett and Amy and Tina, it's good enough for Austalian best friends Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, who went down the familiar celebrity route of ‘locking lips’ in public at a recent Women In Film event.

Image caption Nicole Kidman made a speech about female empowerment at a Women In Film event

With Kidman on the stage giving a speech about female empowerment, Watts joined her long-time pal and they went in for a big smooch both wearing, strangely, floral shower caps.

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