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  • 25 February 2005



Are Winona Ryder And Keanu Reeves Married? Exploring When Movies Got Way Too Real

By Holly Mosley in Movies / TV / Theatre on 20 August 2018

Winona Ryder Keanu Reeves Brad Pitt Brandon Lee Stanley Kubrick

Sometimes actors are not acting.

Sometimes acting on a movie gets way too real. Simulations can become real-life sitations - which can be both entertaining for the viewer and traumatic for the stars. Or just a big source of amusement for everyone involved. Winona Ryder recently confessed that she might genuinly be married to her 'Dracula' co-star Keanu Reeves.

Image caption Bram Stoker's Dracula

The pair wed as Mina Murray and Jonathan Harker in the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola movie 'Bram Stoker's Dracula', but Winona reckons there nuptials were valid because a real Romanian priest oversaw it at a Greek Orthodox church.

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Stanley Kubrick's Lost Screenplay 'Burning Secret' Finally Uncovered

By Holly Mosley in Movies / TV / Theatre on 16 July 2018

Stanley Kubrick

Film professor gets the chance to read a shelved Kubrick project.

A university professor got the surprise of a lifetime when he discovered a discarded screenplay written by none other than Stanley Kubrick at least sixty years ago. He had been researching the director's last project when he made the discovery at Kubrick's London archives.

Image caption 'Stanley Kubrick: New York Jewish Intellectual' by Nathan Abrams

Entitled 'Burning Secret', the script was uncovered by Nathan Abrams of Bangor University; a film professor who has recently been researching a book about Kubrick's last film 'Eyes Wide Shut'. He'd been shown the script by a relative of one of the filmmaker's would-be partners.

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Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Blasts Conspiracy He Helped Fake Moon Landing

By Holly Williams in Movies / TV / Theatre on 06 July 2016

Stanley Kubrick

She brands the theory a 'grotesque lie'.

The daughter of Stanley Kubrick, Vivian Kubrick, has spoken out to de-bunk the popular rumour that her father conspired with the US government to direct fake footage of the 1969 moon landing. After being hit with the suggestion for so many years, she's finally unveiled an open letter to settle her feelings on the matter once and for all.

Image caption Stanley Kubrick is best known for directing 'The Shining'

Everyone loves a conspiracy theory and the one where 'The Shining' director Stanley Kubrick directs some footage of the first moon mission after being employed by the governement has been a well-known theory for decades. However, someone who doesn't love it so much is his 55-year-old daughter Vivian Kubrick who branded the whole thing 'a grotesque lie' and claimed her father would have seen it as 'a terrible betrayal'.

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'Doctor Sleep' Released: 5 Of The Weirdest 'The Shining' Conspiracies

By Lauren James in Movies / TV / Theatre on 24 September 2013

Stephen King Jack Nicholson Stanley Kubrick

Because apparently Stanley Kubrick didn't make "just a film."

Fans of Stephen King will be excited to learn that he has finally penned a follow-up to his 1977 horror novel, The Shining. Entitled Doctor Sleep, the new book will return to the characters of The Shining and will focus on Dan Torrance, now a middle-aged man.

Image caption Cameron Diaz looking radiant at the LACMA Gala

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Full Metal Jacket Review

By Christopher Null


The best movie ever made about the American experience in Vietnam happens to have been filmed by an American expatriate living in Britain. Stanley Kubrick's war masterpiece is split into two parts, and it's the first that is laser-engraved into the psyche of any film fan. R. Lee Ermey has never (and will never) be able to shake the role of the uber-demanding sergeant, and Matthew Modine and Vincent D'Onofrio turn in career-making performances as well. Written tautly to the point where it's impossible to look away, this harrowing look at the war -- and what the experience was like for the troops before they ever set foot on foreign soil -- is unmatched in the genre.

The Shining Review

By Christopher Null

Very Good

One of the first scary movies I remember seeing as a kid, The Shining certainly has its flaws, but those twin girls and the blood coming out of the elevator... and boy oh boy that nasty woman in the bathtub... parts of The Shining just stay with you. Forever. Not Kubrick's greatest work (let's be honest: entire sections of this film make no sense at all), but hey, it's creepy as hell.

Heeeeere's Johnny!

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Eyes Wide Shut Review

By Christopher Null


Mr. Kubrick would have been upset. I take that back. He would have been totally pissed. I'll get it out up front: Our screening was interrupted by a fire alarm, which sent the entire San Francisco press constituency outside for a full hour, and ultimately forced us to miss about five minutes of the movie, right in the middle, where it was getting juicy. Not to mention that whole digital alteration thing. Ugh.That aside, this is one hell of a movie. A somewhat bizarre cross between A Clockwork Orange and The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut is the work of a meticulous craftsman -- a luscious and rich odyssey through the streets of New York, and into the minds of a couple of its residents.

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