Jonathan Banks

  • 31 October 2005



The Commuter Trailer

Every working day for the last ten years, insurance salesman Michael MacCauley has gotten the same commuter train. By now he's become quite familiar with his fellow passengers; the same faces, the same conversations, the same routine. Only the journey he's about to take is going to be far from the monotonous trip he's used to.

A new face shows up, taking her seat opposite Michael. She introduces herself as Joanna; an expert in the study of human behaviour, which she describes as primarily answering the question: What kind of person are you?

To the bewilderment of Michael, she proposes an experiment. Michael gets $75,000 in cash if he can locate the person on the train who doesn't belong there. She appears to know a lot more about him than any other stranger might and in the end he accepts her proposition.

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Mudbound Review


Director-cowriter Dee Rees (Bessie) gives this 1940s drama such an epic scale that it might have played out better as a TV miniseries, with more time to flesh out the characters and complex situations. But the themes are so vivid that it still gets under the skin, and the nonstop voiceover from a variety of characters adds plenty of thoughtful insight. If only there were fewer plot details brought over from Hillary Jordan's source novel, it might be an easier film to identify with.

It's set just as the US enters World War II, and Henry (Jason Clarke) buys a farm in Mississippi. His wife Laura (Carey Mulligan) isn't thrilled about leaving her comfortable home in the city to raise their two daughters in the muddy fields, accompanied by Henry's racist father (Jonathan Banks). She gets some support from their black tenant Florence (Mary J. Blige), wife of sharecropper Hap (Rob Morgan), who hopes one day to have a farm of his own. Florence and Hap's son Ronsel (Jason Mitchell) is fighting in Europe, as is Henry's charmer of a brother Jamie (Garrett Hedlund). And when these two soldiers return, their friendship stirs resentment among the bigots in the surrounding community.

The film's approach to segregation in the Deep South is riveting, and makes it important to see, especially as it so vividly depicts how this kind of racial division degrades everyone in ways that are both brutal and eerily subtle. And as the story progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that something horrific is going to happen. Rees gives the film a soulfulness that makes it thoroughly involving, even if she gives away a couple of key plot points in the prologue. She also creates a strikingly realistic atmosphere, with a rainsoaked landscape so vivid we feel damp closing in around us.

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Jonathan Banks at the premiere of AMC's 'Better Call Saul' Season 3 held at ArcLight Cinemas - Culver City, California, United States - Tuesday 28th March 2017

Term Life Trailer

Nick Barrow designs high target crimes for a living, he studies and surveys banks and high value locations and comes up with a plan to carry out successful heists which he then sells to the person willing to pay the most for his scheme.

Nick sells his latest project to the son of a cartel boss called Alejandro. Nick walks through every aspect of how the robbers will infiltrate and escape from the location. Wishing to go ahead with the project, Alejandro and his team carryout a successful heist, that is until the entire team of robbers are all shot dead. Nick finds himself on the wrong side of Alejandro's father and is suddenly thrown into a world he's not used to.

Out for revenge after the death of his son, Viktor Vasquez is out to hunt down the person he sees responsible for his son's death and wishes to put him through the same pain that he's currently going through by killing his daughter, Cate.

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Jonathan Banks - Television Academy's celebration for the 67th Emmy Award nominees for outstanding performances at Pacific Design Center - Arrivals at Pacific Design Center - West Hollywood, California, United States - Saturday 19th September 2015

Jonathan Banks - BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2015 held at SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills at SLS Hotel - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 19th September 2015

Jonathan Banks - BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea 2015 at the SLS Hotel - Arrivals at SLS Hotel - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Saturday 19th September 2015

Jonathan Banks - Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament at Brookside Golf Club - Pasadena, California, United States - Saturday 20th June 2015

'Better Call Saul' Has Strong Debut, Breaking Ratings Records And Impressing The Critics

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 11 February 2015

Bob Odenkirk Vince Gilligan Jonathan Banks Julie Ann Emery

The ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off appears to be doing a good job of living up to the hype early.

Traditionally, spin-off series either fall into the disastrous ‘Joey’ category, or the 'perhaps better than its predecessor' group which is headed by 'Frasier'. So it’s no surprise that ‘Breaking Bad’ fans where anxious ahead of ‘Better Call Saul’s’ premiere. But if the series’ debut episodes are anything to go by fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, as ‘Better Call Saul’ seems to hit all the right ‘Breaking Bad’ spots.

Image caption Jonathan Banks is back for more Breaking Bad action

No doubt we'll see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul pop up as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman at some point in the new spin off, and of course Bob Odenkirk will be playing Saul again. We get the feeling Banks is going to play a far more important role.

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No Half Measures: Mike's Back For 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off 'Better Call Saul'

By Victoria Pavlova in Movies / TV / Theatre on 28 January 2014

Jonathan Banks Bob Odenkirk Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

Another Breaking Bad actor has joined the cast of the spinoff Better Call Saul

The Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul will feature at least two familiar faces on its cast, as Jonathan Banks has been announced to join the production. On Breaking Bad, Banks played everyone’s favorite serial killer for hire, Mike Ehrmantraut and he is going to reprise the role in the Albuquerque-set prequel, The Hollywood Reporter confirms, based on statements from AMC and Sony reps.

Image caption Banks will reprise his role as killer-for-hire Mike Ehrmantraut.

Banks himself is yet to comment on the news. On the inevitable danger of sequel fatigue, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan had this to say back in October: "There's obviously a danger inherent in doing a spinoff, but I just love the character of Saul Goodman [Odenkirk] so much, and part of me doesn't want to say no to this world."

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Trailer For 'Community' Season Five Hits The Web [Video]

By Joe Wilde in Movies / TV / Theatre on 10 December 2013

Dan Harmon Joel McHale Danny Pudi Donald Glover Alison Brie Jonathan Banks John Oliver Vince Gilligan

Our first look at season five of the NBC sitcom shows life after Greendale

Community will at last be back on our screens in the new year and to celebrate the long-awaited return of the Greendale Seven (whose numbers have admittedly declined since the start of the show) an all-new trailer has been released by NBC. Marking the return of series creator Dan Harmon to the helm, the new trailer is a cinematic feast, coming across more as a movie trailer than a promo for a television series.

Dan Harmon and Joel McHale both make their welcome returns to Greendale Community College

It seems as though Joel McHale's Jeff Winger has finally been able to reignite his law career after spending four years at the community college, only for it all to come crashing down as soon as he could get things moving again. The pop culture references are right here just as you would expect, with Abed (Danny Pudi) comparing Winger's return to Greendale with season nine of Scrubs, posing, "It could be like Scrubs season nine - a revamp, a do-over."

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Downward Angel Review

By Christopher Null


Moody kid seeks vengeance for the death of his parents... by infiltrating the "Guild" which had them assassinated... as an assassin himself! See, he has to kill people in order to find justice. Things get more complicated when he's ordered to kill his new girlfriend, who happens to be one of the boss's sisters. And then it turns out that she's robbing the Guild blind. So kid and girl go on the run, with disastrous consequences (and not just for the viewer).