LANY - Thru These Tears Music Video

  • 06 August 2018

LANY have just dropped a heartbreaking new video for their single 'Thru These Tears'; their first song of 2018 which is set to appear on their forthcoming second album.

The video sees the band's Paul Jason Klein getting rushed into the emergency room as his friends and bandmates await the doctors' verdict in fear. He is ultimately declared deceased, but later awakens in his bed and leaves the hospital. He miserably gets into a cab which drives away.

It's a tear-jerking break-up ballad and the lead single on their upcoming sophomore release 'Malibu Nights'. They plan to drop the album later this year on Polydor, but they've yet to announce an actual date yet.

The album follows their self-titled debut release which came out last summer and featured the singles 'It Was Love' and '13'. The LA indie band have at a stand-alone gig coming up at the Forum in London on October 8th.