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  • 06 April 2010



The Pass Trailer

The Pass is broken down into three different acts.

The first introduced us to Jason and Ade who have been friends since they were kids, they're both aspiring footballers on the verge of making names for themselves. Having both been picked to play on the first team on their potential Champions League debut, the two teenagers share a hotel room and find ways to occupy their over excited minds. They exercise, talk and laugh about their lives and then Jason makes a move on Ade.

The second starts after five years have passed; Jason is now a major league footballer whilst Ade was dropped from the squad. As Jason becomes more and more famous, the lack of girlfriends has been noticed by the press and he decides to quash rumours through any means necessary. Jason and his accomplice Lyndsey formulate a plan featuring some video footage.

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'My Mad Fat Diary' Series Two Finale: Has Rae Managed To Resolve All Her Problems? (Spoilers) [Pictures]

By Holly Williams in Movies / TV / Theatre on 01 April 2014

Sharon Rooney Jodie Comer Claire Rushbrook Nico Mirallegro Ian Hart

Rae Earl starts to understand that everyone's just as unhappy as each other.

The second series of 'My Mad Fat Diary' came to its eagerly awaited conclusion last night (March 31st 2014) with an assuredly and rather unbelievably happy ending, but has it set itself up for a third series?

The 90s comedy-drama was surprisingly well-received when the first series premiered on E4 in January 2013; a clever adaptation of the book of a similar name 'My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary' written by the real Rae Earl, with wonderfully imperfect characters and a relatable storyline. Perhaps the reason behind why it's such a good story is that it's based on the life of a real person - which makes the finale of series 2 even more heart-warming.

Image caption Rae has a struggle on her hands getting the gang back together

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Sharon Rooney and Nico Mirallegro - RTS Programme Awards 2014 held at Grosvenor House Hotel - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 18th March 2014

Spike Island Review

By Rich Cline


There's a terrific blast of nostalgia in this finely crafted film, which will probably make it a hit for Stone Roses fans, but it's so jaggedly edited that the plot is almost impenetrable. Without a real sense of who the characters are, it's very difficult to get involved in their adventure.

It's 1990, and a group of teens are overexcited about the upcoming Stone Roses concert on Spike Island in Widnes. Gary (Tittensor), known as "Tits", is the ostensible leader of the garage band Shadowcaster, along with his best pal Dodge (Mirallegro) and their friends Zippy, Gaz and Penfold (Murphy, Long and Heald). The problem is that they don't have tickets for the event, and Gary plans to meet there with his long-time crush Sally (Clarke). Meanwhile, he's distracted by the fact that his father (Evets) is ill and his mother is annoyed that he's spending all his time with his friends instead of being with her at the hospital.

Along with the various strands of Gary's story, there are also sideplots for several other characters, which diffuses the film away from the central narrative about five guys trying to get into a landmark concert staged by their idols. The film leaps around between all of these storylines without properly settling down, which means none of the relationships ever come to life. For example, we can see that Gary and Dodge have years of camaraderie, although we don't really understand why they're still friends now.

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Spike Island Trailer

Gary (aka Tits) and his friends Dodge, Zippy, Little Gaz and Penfold are an ambitious amateur indie band from Manchester with an unshakeable adoration for The Stone Roses. As a once in a lifetime major gig for the legendary group approaches, the friends are determined to watch musical history unfold as they set out to gatecrash the show on Spike Island. Their plan? Break into the venue without tickets and hand over their precious demo tape to the lead singer with the hope that it will shape their musical futures. However, things aren't as easy as they sound with school and girls as constant distractions, and no initial way of getting to the Island. Not to mention the swarming security and high fences they'll have to pass to get in. Their determined mission will no doubt test their friendship and the way they view the future as they are about to face hard facts about life and dreams.

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Will Mellor and Nico Mirallegro - Will Mellor and Nico Mirallegro Monday 14th May 2012 Manchester United Player Of The Season Awards held at Old Trafford - Arrivals

Nico Mirallegro Saturday 14th May 2011 Celebrities arrive back at their hotel after The British Soap Awards Manchester, England

Nico Mirallegro and Anthony Quinlan - Nico Mirallegro and Anthony Quinlan Manchester, England - arrive at the Lowery Theatre for the press night of 'Chorus' starring Jamie Lomas Friday 30th April 2010

Nico Mirallegro Saturday 9th May 2009 The British Soap Awards 2009 held at BBC Television Centre - Red carpet arrivals London, England