Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Not In Love We're Just High Music Video

  • 06 March 2018

Aussie four-piece Unknown Mortal Orchestra continue to promote their forthcoming album 'Sex & Food' with a brand new single entitled 'Not in Love We're Just High', complete with another quirky animated video.

The video, directed and animated by Greg Sharp, is a simple one; opening with an image of a fly, and then a grand piano being played, an empty dancefloor, and finally an abandoned piano covered in flies. It's much like the video for previous single 'American Guilt', also done by Greg Sharp.

The new album, 'Sex & Food', follows their 2015 fourth outing 'Multi-Love' which reached the top ten in the US Indie Chart. It was recorded in Vietnam, Mexico, South Korea, Iceland, New Zealand and Portland.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra will set out on tour in April, performing across North America before hitting Europe in May. They'll return to the US in the summer.

'Sex & Food' will be released on April 6th 2018 through Jagjaguwar.