Drake - God's Plan Music Video

  • 22 February 2018

Drake gives us all some faith in humanity with the tear-jerking video for his latest single 'God's Plan'. In it, he reveals that he donated the entire budget for the video to the needy, to students, and to lucky people that happened to be in his vicinity.

The video was created by Karena Evans and at the beginning we are told that the budget was almost one million dollars. Then we're told: 'We gave it all away. Don't tell the label'. Indeed, the rest of the clip shows Drake helping the poor and disadvantaged, including paying for shoppers' groceries, handing strangers wads of cash, and bringing mounds of gifts to children. That's our kind of Santa Claus.

'God's Plan' is the first single from the rapper's latest release 'Scary Hours'; his second ever EP which also included the single 'Diplomatic Immunity'. Released in January, the track has already gone to number one worldwide, breaking first-day streaming records for Apple Music and Spotify.