MGMT - Me And Michael Music Video

  • 08 February 2018

MGMT appear to take a swipe at all those musicians out there who have ever been forced to shell out millions because they stole music from another artist in the new video for their song 'Me and Michael'. Or are they doing the opposite?

The video begins with MGMT's Afghan Hound-obsessed Benjamin Goldwasser, who sends along a video to bandmate Andrew VanWyngarden's interesting looking phone featuring a song that really tugs at their heartstrings. It's by a Manila band called True Faith, but they procede to steal the song and re-record it as their own.

After making a stupid amount of money from it, they are finally called out for their actions. Their response? They didn't know 'taking things from the internet was bad'. It ends with them sending an apology to True Faith, only for the band to assure them that 'Michael doesn't belong to anyone'. The video also features a cameo appearance from Michael Buscemi - yes, that is Steve Buscemi's brother.

'Me and Michael' has been made available as an instant download to all who pre-ordered their new album 'Little Dark Age'. The album also features the singles 'When You Die' and 'Hand It Over'.