Pink - Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken Music Video

  • 31 January 2018

Pink shows some truly raw emotion in the video for her heartfelt song 'Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken', taken from her latest album 'Beautiful Trauma'. It's released as part of her partnership with the children's charity UNICEF, and features a very special cameo.

The popstar uses her body and expression to convey the strength of her heart in the video for this orchestral ballad. It's not a single from the album, but it's the penultimate track and one of her most empowering tunes ever. Plus, at the end of the video we even get a glimpse of P!nk's 6-year-old daughter Willow Sage Hart.

With the video comes an appeal to donate to UNICEF and aid them in their mission to provide healthcare, clean water and education to children and families in the poorest places on earth.

'All children should be able to grow up strong and healthy, with the opportunity to reach their full potential', says P!nk, who witnessed the effects of poverty in Haiti only recently when she visited as part of her duties as UNICEF ambassador.

P!nk is touring across North America from March, with Australian and New Zealand dates planned to start in the summer.