Green Day - Back In The USA Video

  • 23 November 2017

Green Day have long been known for having political undertones in their music, and their new song 'Back In The USA' is no different. With the video for the track, they reverse the concept of rose-tinted spectacles by inventing shades that help the world see clearly.

If only these sunglasses were real! In the video for 'Back In The USA' directed by Brendan Walter and Greg Yagolnitzer, it shows a seemingly perfect American neighbourhood in black and white, until Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong picks up some new shades from a door-to-door salesperson. They turn his TV to colour, but when he shows them to his friends, they realise they help them to see everything else for what it really is too.

With the newspaper headline changing from 'Presidential Address Tomorrow' to 'President To Lie To Nation Tomorrow Night', it's clear that the band are aiming their political agenda at President Donald Trump - something made even more clear when the sunglasses reveal the leader to be some kind of decaying zombie.

'Back In The USA' is a previously unreleased track that features on their new 'Best Of' compilation 'Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band'. It's actually the only new song in the collection, apart from a new version of 'Ordinary World' featuring Miranda Lambert, which originally featured on their last album 'Revolution Radio' (released in 2016).

The compilation contains tracks from all the trio's albums, apart from '39/Smooth', '¡Dos!' and '¡Tré!'.

'Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band' was released on November 17th 2017 through Reprise and Lookout Records.