30 Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water Video

  • 10 November 2017

With the help of a nation, 30 Seconds to Mars have been putting together a highly researched documentary about America as a country, and they preview the film with a montage of clips as the music video for their new single 'Walk On Water'.

Directed by frontman Jared Leto - only their second music video to be helmed by him - 'Walk On Water' features scenes from their upcoming documentary movie 'A Day In The Life Of America' which is set to be released in 2018. There are also news broadcasts talking about the project, which explores what the nation means to individual citizens.

Much of the footage centres on this year's Independence Day, but there are also a bunch of facts and statistics regarding immigrants, natural phenomena, different religions and different languages spoken within the US among other things.

For example, did you know that 99% of Americans are immigrants or descended from immigrants? Trump lovers wouldn't like to admit it, but the US is a country built on immigration with very few natives left there. The country also accounts for 25% of the world's prison population, and the average American checks their phone 150 times in a day.

Meanwhile. 'Walk On Water' is the band's first single in four years, following 'City of Angels' from their previous album 'Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams'. It's set to be the lead single from their upcoming fifth studio album, the details of which are yet to be released.

Recorded at the International Centre for the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences of Sound in Los Angeles, the song dropped on August 22nd 2017 through Interscope Records.