Harry Styles - Kiwi Video

  • 10 November 2017

Harry Styles has dropped the video to his single 'Kiwi', and with it he ensures that he will no longer get kiwis thrown at him on stage, but cupcakes instead! Only marginally safer then...

The former One Direction singer topped the charts with his self-titled debut solo album in May, and again with his first single 'Sign of the Times'. 'Kiwi' is the latest track to land a video, which has been directed by filmmaking duo Us and stars child actress Beau Gadsdon ('Rogue One', 'The Crown').

It sees a bunch of kids stockpiling a collection of cupcakes and other sweet treats in a pile in the centre of their school hall, before beginning an all out food war. Through the cupcake carnage, Harry arrives - dressed in the same flamboyant suit as Beau - with a trail of adorable dogs behind him who proceed to eat the stray crumbs littering the floor.

In case you were worried about the health and safety aspects of this video, it contains the following disclaimer: 'No children or animals were harmed during the making of this film.'

We're hoping the same goes for Harry too; after his minor fall on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo caused by a fan throwing a kiwi on stage, we wouldn't want him to suffer a serious food-related injury.

'Harry Styles' is out now on Erskine Columbia Records.