Goodbye Christopher Robin - Trailer

  • 16 June 2017

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Like most men and women of his time, Alan Alexander Milne - professionally known as A.A Milne -was recruited into the war and fought many battles, even though Britain won the war, many scars were clearly left on the nation. From a young age Milne always had an interest in writing, (after all, whilst at school he was taught by one of England's finest authors, H. G. Wells) and outside of the army, he created a career as a poet and screenwriter.

Cheer was at a low point for everyone yet Alan and his wife finally settled and made a life for themselves, the addition of their son Christopher Robin was the perfect third member to their little family. Living in the country outside of the city bustle created an all too needed sense of quietness for them.

As Daphne and Alan watched their son grow, his youthful innocence was impossible for them not to appreciate. Playing Poohsticks on the stream in the woods or just hearing imaginative tales about his little group of teddy bears, Christopher Robin was the centre of their lives and his life became the focal point of A.A. Milne's most popular body of work.

Big or small Pooh Bear and his best friends have a close place in the hearts of many people. Whether you're a fan of Tigger and his search for the land of milk and honey or if you're more of the type of person who relates to little Eeyore when he loses his tail - there's something for everyone in the stories surrounding these characters.

While Christopher really did have toys like Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, Alan made up the parts of Rabbit and Owl.

Goodbye Christopher Robin is the story of one family as told by Christopher's Nanny, Olive. The film is directed by Simon Curtis who produced and directed the 2015 movie Woman in Gold.