Rooney Mara

  • 30 September 2009

Date of birth

17th April, 1985




1st January, 1970



Rooney Mara snapped at the 11th Annual Art of Elysium Black Tie event ahead of the Golden Globes. This year, their HEAVEN art installation experience has been curated by the 2018 Visionary John Legend - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 7th January 2018

A Ghost Story Review

Very Good

Filmmaker David Lowery reunites the stars from his offbeat Western Ain't Them Bodies Saints for an even more offbeat drama about the afterlife. A ghost story in which the lead character is a guy under a sheet feels like it should be funny, and yet this is a resolutely arthouse movie, inventive but pretentious and high-minded. Yes, the silly imagery makes us giggle, but Lowery strikes such a somber tone that we can't help but take it seriously.

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara reunite to play a couple whose happy life comes to an end when he is killed in a car crash. Now he wanders around their small house, watching his wife grieve, only able to communicate to another ghost who's haunting the house next door. After his wife packs up and moves on, this sheet-clad spirit sticks around, trying to communicate with a single mother (Sonia Acevedo), then a partying mob of ravers, including one guy (Will Oldham) who launches into a diatribe about the meaning of existence. But since he's dead, this ghost has only begun to experience his own journey through time and space.

Yes, as it goes along, the film spirals out into the kind of epic exploration of eternity that Terrence Malick keeps making (see The Tree of Life or To The Wonder). The central conceit of having Affleck performing under a white bedsheet is very clever, because it undercuts all preconceptions about ghost movies, offering a refreshingly earthbound approach that avoids swirly digital effects. But the fact is that, no matter how dark the film's tone is, it looks rather ridiculous. And Lowery only just barely gets away with walking this fine line between corny self-indulgence and meaningful drama.

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Rooney Mara disguises herself with sunglasses and a fedora at Gelson's Market on Independence Day - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 4th July 2017

Rooney Mara wears baggy dark clothes as she leaves pilates class - West Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 13th June 2017

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequel Is Coming But Without Rooney Mara

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 14 March 2017

Rooney Mara

The search for the new Lisbeth Salander is on.

Sony have announced that the long awaited sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, will hit theatres on October 5 2018.

However Rooney Mara, who won an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in the 2011 film, will not be returning to the role and instead the search for the new female lead is on.

Rooney Mara will not return for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel

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Rooney Mara Recruits Black Lips For Her On-Screen Band

By Holly Williams in Music / Festivals on 11 March 2017

Rooney Mara Black Lips

The Austin-based movie 'Song To Song' is more authentic than you realise.

It's always exciting when a film brings a real musical flavour into the mix and the effort filmmaker Terrence Malick has gone through to effect that on his latest project 'Song To Song' is singular. Even the people in Rooney Mara's band are real rock stars.

Rooney Mara plays with Black Lips in 'Song To Song'

Among the crowd of real life musicians the likes of Iggy Pop, Florence and the Machine, Big Freedia, Patti Smith, Die Antwoord, Neon Indian, Lykke Li, John Lydon and Red Hot Chili Peppers, we have a well known garage rock band from Atlanta, Black Lips.

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Rooney Mara at the SxSW world premiere of the Terrence Malick film 'Song To Song' held at Paramount Theater - Austin, Texas, United States - Friday 10th March 2017

'Song To Song' Returns To Austin With SXSW 2017 Premiere

By Holly Williams in Music / Festivals on 10 March 2017

South by Southwest Michael Fassbender Terrence Malick Rooney Mara Ryan Gosling Natalie Portman

The movie, shot at Austin City Limits, will make an impact at the city's other big event.

The new music drama from Terrence Malick, 'Song To Song' starring Michael Fassbender, is set to premiere on the opening night of the 2017 SXSW Festival this weekend, celebrating the Austin music aesthetic that the movie is all about and setting the course for a phenomenal event.

Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling star in 'Song to Song'

Austin, Texas is one of the greatest cities for music in the world, playing host to two major music festivals each year; SXSW and Austin City Limits. It so happens that filmmaker Terrence Malick shot his latest movie 'Song To Song' at the latter in 2012, and they are bringing it back to Austin with a screening at the 24th edition of SXSW today (March 10th 2017).

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Rooney Mara seen wearing a beanie hat heading to a hair salon at West Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 8th February 2017

Kubo And The Two Strings Trailer

Kubo is a young boy who lives with his mother. Kubo has always been influences by his vivid imagination and he's able to use magic spells to bring his stories to life to entertain the local towns folk. One night the winds change and Kubo finds himself being haunted by surrounding and characters that he's seen before - monsters, witches and devil like creatures from his stories.

With little other option, Kubo's mother casts a spell on Kubo and sends him on a mission to find his father's armour. She doesn't leave her son alone though, she also brings a protector to life whose sole purpose is to protect the little boy. The only thing is Kubo's protector doesn't look human, she's a monkey who won't take any nonsense from the young boy.

As they journey together, Kubo and Monkey meet another companion called Beetle. Monkey is reluctant to take in the new cohort but the boy is taken in by Beetles tales and knowledge of his father. Armed with his magical shamisen (a musical instrument) Kubo must battle demons and ancient gods to resolve the mystery of his father's life and death.

'Pan' Bombs At US Box Office, As 'The Martian' Holds Tight

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 11 October 2015

Hugh Jackman Matt Damon Rooney Mara Michael Fassbender

The retelling of the classic children’s tale has failed to find an audience this weekend at US cinemas.

Pan has failed to take flight at the box office this weekend, debuting with a disappointing estimated $15.5 million total and taking third place. Joe Wright’s retelling of the classic tale stars newcomer Levi Miller as Peter Pan and Hugh Jackman as Captain Blackbeard.

Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard in Pan.

Pan was rolled out in more than 3,500 US theatres this weekend, but studio Warner Bros will be hoping it does better when it hits more markets. The film, which cost over $150 million to make, had been scheduled to hit cinemas back in July, but was pushed back earlier this year.

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Pan Review


After several high-profile grown-up movies (from Atonement to Anna Karenina), director Joe Wright aims this Peter Pan origin story squarely at children. So while it's far too manic and broad for adults, this adventure will be the most exciting movie any 8-year-old has seen in years. It's colourful and fantastical, and it thankfully doesn't indulge in reworking the beloved J.M. Barrie stories. Instead, it imagines an action-packed prequel universe.

As German bombs fall on London during the Blitz, young Peter (Levi Miller) is up to all kinds of mischief in the grim orphanage overseen by Mother Barnabas (Kathy Burke), who sells bad boys to airborne pirates. Sure enough, one night Peter is taken, sailing into the sky to Neverland, where he is sent to work in the mines for the swaggering, heartless Captain Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). In the mines Peter is befriended by the adventurer Hook (Garrett Hedlund), and when Peter discovers that he can fly they make their escape. Blackbeard chases them out into the woods, where they take refuge with Princess Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara) and her tribe, which is convinced that Peter is the child of a prophecy that will lead the fairy kingdom to freedom. But just when Peter learns who his parents really were, Blackbeard catches up with them.

This is an old-school kids' movie, packed with larger-than-life characters and outrageously imaginative action sequences that make the most of the 3D cinematography. Yes, there's so much digital trickery going on that the movie is essentially a cartoon, but it's so vividly explosive that it's a lot of fun to watch. And many of the big set-pieces are genuinely thrilling. There's also quite a lot of fun to be had in the way the story twists the familiar characters around. Obviously, Hook couldn't have always been a bad guy; here he's one of the heroes, and he still has both hands, which hints that further prequel adventures may be on the cards.

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Hugh Jackman And The Cast Of 'Pan' Turn London Into Neverland For World Premiere [Pictures]

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 21 September 2015

Hugh Jackman Rooney Mara Levi Miller Cara Delevingne

Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara and Cara Delevingne were among the film’s star to hit the red carpet in London’s West End.

London’s Leicester Square was transformed into Neverland on Sunday (September 21st) for the world premiere of Joe Wright’s Pan. Stars Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara and Cara Delevingne all walked the blue carpet along with 12 year old newcomer Levi Miller who plays Peter Pan in the fantasy adventure.

Hugh Jackman and wife Deborra-lee Furnes at the world premiere of Pan.

Speaking at the premiere Jackman, who plays pirate Blackbeard, said, “The movie was so much fun. It was like nothing I had done before. We had the biggest set that's ever been built. You are playing a pirate and you are in Neverland. What's not to like? It was just awesome.”

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Carol Trailer

Therese Belivet is just starting out in life, bored by her simple job in a department store and even more so by her relationship with Richard. She dreams of bigger things; a career as a set designer and experiencing true love. Love has never found its way into Therese's life, that is until she meets a privileged and sophisticated older woman named Carol with whom she immediately bonds. While Carol's life is the opposite of Therese's in that she enjoys luxury on an everyday basis, she is equally dismayed by her love life; trapped in a marriage with a man she does not love, so that she may continue seeing her young daughter. As her relationship with Therese deepens, their attraction for each other becomes clear to everyone else, as well as Carol's intriguing friendship with close companion Abby, and she faces losing everything in her quest to discover herself once and for all.

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Bond Is Back, But Here Are Five Other Daniel Craig Films Worth Watching

By Gary Roberts in Movies / TV / Theatre on 22 July 2015

Daniel Craig Matthew Vaughn Sam Mendes Tom Hanks David Fincher Rooney Mara Toby Jones Liev Schreiber

He may be best known as 007, but Daniel Craig has been making movies for three decades. Here are five of our favourites.

As the latest 007 outing, Spectre, draws ever closer, we're taking a look back at five films from Daniel Craig's varied big-screen career - none of which involve the iconic superspy in a suit.

1. Layer Cake (2004)

Daniel Craig looking Bond-like in Layer Cake

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