Charlotte Church

  • 02 June 2005

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21st February, 1986




1st January, 1970

Charlotte Church Marries Partner In Secret Garden Wedding

By Holly Mosley in Music / Festivals on 05 October 2017

Charlotte Church

The singer is all smiles after tying the knot with Jonathan Powell.

She's had a year of highs and lows, but nothing can wipe the smile from Charlotte Church's face this week as it's revealed that she has secretly married her partner of seven years Jonathan Powell. It seems their special day couldn't have been more perfect.

Image caption Charlotte Church performs live at Union Chapel

The 31-year-old singer finally married her musician boyfriend in an intimate ceremony in Cardiff recently, exchanging vows in a glorious woodland setting at their home with a handful of family members and friends around them. They looked the picture of happiness in the photo that Charlotte shared on social media, herself in an off-the-shoulder lace gown with a wreath on her head and Jonathan in a patterned, hippy-esque suit.

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Singer Charlotte Church performs at the Union Chapel as part of The Flying Seagull Project's benefit concert for child refugees - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 3rd December 2016

Green Man 2016 - Live Review

By Dom Gourlay in Music Reviews on 24 August 2016

With August's festival calendar seemingly busier than any other month, those of us with a persuasion to stand in a field watching live music are spoilt for choice. While V Festival might be the most corporate and therefore populist, the more discerning fan of both music and the arts in general would probably be found elsewhere. Such as Green Man for instance. Situated on the Glanusk Park estate in Crickhowell to the eastern point of the Brecon Beacons, it prides itself on being one of the most unique festivals around. Having grown from a capacity of just 300 people when it started in 2003 to the 20,000 revellers here to party this weekend, it's become a festival season highlight even with such a saturated market.

What also sets it apart is the stellar line-up organisers Fiona Stewart and Ben Coleman regularly pull out of the bag, and this year's edition was no exception. With the "sold out" signs hoisted long before this weekend, its reputation for putting quality control first speaks for itself. While its picturesque setting and heavy focus on locally sourced organic produce also render it a cut above the standard festival fare of greasy burgers and warm Carling where daily nourishment is concerned.

Indeed, the only thing that cannot be guaranteed is the weather but then this is the British summer time, right? Right. So without further ado, having acquired our passes and pitched up, Contactmusic are immediately drawn to the impressive bill taking place on the Far Out Stage this Thursday evening. Flamingods experimental take on psychedelic world music and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's full throttle sonic assault prove to be particular highlights. So much in fact that headliners Wild Beasts actually seem unsure about following either act on stage and play a surprisingly muted set of material mostly lifted from new record 'Boy King' instead.

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Charlotte Church: 'Kim Kardashian's Naked Selfie Could Be Seen As A Feminist Move'

By Stephanie Chase in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 12 March 2016

Charlotte Church Kim Kardashian Miley Cyrus

The Welsh singer voiced her support for Kardashian’s selfie during a speech at Southbank Centre's Women of the World festival.

Singer Charlotte Church has defended Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie, saying it could be seen as 'quite a feminist' move. Earlier in the week Kardashian’s throwback pic was criticised by stars including Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz, but the reality star later insisted the pic was 'liberating' and it seems Church agrees.

Image caption Charlotte Church has weighed in on Kim Kardashian’s naked selfie.

Speaking at Southbank Centre's Women of the World festival, Church said "there are all different sorts of strands of feminism”, explaining that she’d become more ‘liberal’ in recent years.

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Under Milk Wood Trailer

Kevin Allen has dramatised and adapted Dylan Thomas's classic poem Under Milk Wood. The poem was initially created as a radio drama but was turned into a film by Andrew Sinclair in 1972, Now, director Kevin Allen updates the tale once more and offers viewers a 'radically surreal and erotic film'.

Instead of making a straight translation, the adaptation was written by Murray Lachlan Young, Michael Breen and Allen and takes more of an abstract look at the work.

The movie stars Welsh actor Rhys Ifans and singer - and recent political activist -Charlotte Church.

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Charlotte Church , Rhys Ifans - Premiere of 'Under Milk Wood' held at the Rio Cinema - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 25th October 2015

Charlotte Church - Charlotte Church leaves BBC Radio 1 - London, United Kingdom - Friday 23rd October 2015

Charlotte Church - The Roundhouse Gala held at The Roundhouse - Departures at The Roundhouse - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 19th March 2015

'Cash-Strapped' Charlotte Church: "I Will Have To Work For The Rest Of My Life"

By Elinor Cosgrave in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 09 July 2014

Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church has revealed she is not as wealthy as the papers make out. The 28-year-old Welsh singer revealed she will have to work for the rest of her life to maintain the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.

Charlotte Church has revealed the millions she made when just a teenager have completely disappeared but she is still facing investigation by HMRC. Church was interviewed by the BBC for an upcoming segment on BBC Wales, Charlotte Church In Her Own Words.

Image caption Charlotte Church has given an interview in which she details her financial struggles.

Read More: Charlotte Church Doesn't Own A TV.

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Robin Thicke's New Album Titled 'Paula': Ten More Cringe-Worthy Album Titles

By George Percival in Music / Festivals on 13 June 2014

Robin Thicke Paula Patton Limp Bizkit Kid Rock Crispin Glover Mariah Carey Will Smith Westlife Charlotte Church Cher Fall Out Boy

Calling an album after the name of an estranged wife is certainly weird but it pales in comparison to some of music's most horrific album titles.

In perhaps the most audacious and downright ridiculous move the music business has witnessed in the last few years, singer Robin Thicke has announced his new album will carry the title of Paula, which by some strange coincidence just happens to be the name of his estranged wife- actress Paula Patton.

Image caption Thicke and Paula in more happy circumstances.

To say such a public declaration of love is cringe-worthy would be an understatement, it is such a trite attempt at reconciling with his wife that is seems like something straight out of Spinal Tap. You can imagine the album title sitting quite comfortably alongside the likes of Smell The Glove and Shark Sandwich. As if that wasn’t irksome enough, Thicke’s debut single from the album is entitled "Get Her Back” and it sees the ageing crooner positively straining to exude as much heartfelt sincerity as he can before he gives himself a heart attack.

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Inherently Sexist Music Industry V Charlotte Church - Can She Make A Difference?

By Jack de Aguilar in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 16 October 2013

Charlotte Church Miley Cyrus Annie Lennox Sinead Oconnor

We know which side we're on...

Charlotte Church seems willing to take on one of the biggest businesses in the world as she denounces the "culture of demeaning women" in the contemporary music industry. The 27-year-old singer made her comments as she delivered the keynote speech for the John Peel Lecture.

Having suffered the very same fate she accuses the music industry of inflicting on young female artists, Church has emerged as a popular voice of reason in a spectrum clearly lacking reason and forethought.

Miley Cyrus’s increased sexualisation of herself, and inanimate objects like foam fingers and wrecking balls, has catalysed the concern regarding an underlying culture of sexism and exploitation.

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Charlotte Church Delivers Passionate Keynote Speech On Feminine Sexualisation

By Jack de Aguilar in Music / Festivals on 15 October 2013

Charlotte Church Miley Cyrus Annie Lennox John Peel

The Welsh singer supports Lennox, Bjork and Prince - denounces the influence of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna.

Once a puppet, with her own sexuality out of her control and a musical career that involved exploitation and sexism, Charlotte Church certainly speaks from experience when she talks of the dangers of hyper-sexualisation in contemporary pop music.

Image caption Charlotte Church's speech was eloquent and well recieved

The speech was broadcast at midnight on Tuesday 15th on BBC Radio 6, and was made as part of the John Peel Lecture on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. The eloquent address picked out modern phenomena and highlighted the perils of using sex to sell music, especially in a video medium.

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Charlotte Church Didn't Just Say No To The X-Factor, She Said NO!

By Jack de Aguilar in Movies / TV / Theatre on 12 August 2013

Charlotte Church The X Factor Simon Cowell

Charlotte Church said NO to the X-Factor in no uncertain terms

There are ways of saying no to doing something, then there are ways Charlotte Church says no to doing something. Her way involves violent imagery. We prefer her way. Check out how she said no to doing The X-Factor.

Image caption Charlotte Church performs at G.A.Y in London

“I got asked to do The X Factor job. I’d rather poke my eyes out with sticks than be a part of the machine that kills music,” she told Wales Online. “I had a meeting to ask about the level of involvement in the creative process I could have, and they basically said none unless it was in line with what was required.”

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John Partridge, Charlotte Church, Palladium, The The and Wizard Of Oz Tuesday 1st March 2011 John Partridge and Charlotte Church at the 'The Wizard of Oz' press night held at the Palladium Theatre - Arrivals London, England

Charlotte Church, Back to Scratch Album Review

By Nima Baniamer in Music Reviews on 12 October 2010

TV presenter, Opera star and pop singer - it seems like there is nothing this girl can't do. After five years, Charlotte Church returns to music; the result being a nice pop record that doesn't boast many qualities but is an easy listen. Slightly dragging to monotony, all tracks, whilst they are good pop songs, sound like they should be in the backing of adverts or popular melodramatic serials.

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