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Drake Says LeBron James Is His Inspiration

By Clive King in Music / Festivals on 24 January 2018

Drake Lebron James

Rap star Drake has hailed LeBron James, saying he is one of his biggest inspirations.

Drake says Lebron James is one of his biggest inspirations.

The chart-topping rap star has hailed the NBA star after he passed the 30,000 career points milestone, and Drake has admitted he regards LeBron to be one of his heroes.

He shared: ''Seems like every time we look up, you're setting another milestone or breaking another record and I always tell you that you're one of the most inspirational people in my life.''

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Yeti Or Not 'Smallfoot' Is Coming

The legend of Bigfoot is turned upside down in this animated adventure from Warner Bros, featuring the voice talents of Channing Tatum and James Corden. ‘Smallfoot’ hits theatres next fall.

Migo (Channing Tatum) is a bright young Yeti who one day stumbles across something he thought was only a fireside legend - the 'smallfoot', better known as a human.

Describing his terrifying find Migos tells the rest of his village: “It’s a terrifying creature with perfect white teeth and breath that just smells all minty fresh and the only hair it has on its entire body is on the top of its head!”

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LeBron James Is 'Humbled' By Rap Lyric References

By Holly Williams in Music / Festivals on 01 November 2017

Lebron James James Corden

He opens up about the experience to James Corden on Carpool Karaoke.

Lebron James is one of the more unusual guests on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment, but in a recently unveiled extended preview we see him opening up about getting mentions in rap songs, his good buddy Jay-Z and rapping along to a hip hop classic from the nineties.

Image caption LeBron James at Sports Illustrated Sports Person of the Year event

The 32-year-old basketball hero was quizzed by James Corden on how it feels to get constantly mentioned in rap lyrics from 'LeBron James' by Yo Gotti, Big Sean's 'Deserve It', 'Gotta Have It' by Jay-Z and Kanye West, and 'Can a Drummer Get Some' by Travis Barker among many others.

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LeBron James Humbled By Namechecks

By Clive King in Music / Festivals on 01 November 2017

Lebron James Jay Z Ice Cube

LeBron James finds it ''humbling'' to be referenced in so many songs and insists it always comes as a surprise.

Lebron James finds it ''humbling'' to be referenced in so many songs.

The basketball legend insists artists never ask his permission to use his name in their tracks, but he is always flattered whenever he suddenly hears a shout-out on the radio.

Appearing on 'Carpool Karaoke', host James Corden asked: ''You get referenced in a lot of hip-hop songs, rap songs -- do they have to call you up, or do you just hear it on the radio?''

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Michael Jordan’s ‘Space Jam’ Uniform To Be Auctioned Off Online, Bids Start At $10,000

By Elinor Cosgrave in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 30 August 2015

Michael Jordan Warner Brothers Lebron James

Michael Jordan’s ‘Tune Squad’ uniform from ‘Space Jam’ is up for auction.

The uniform Michael Jordan wore in Space Jam is being auctioned off and it’s certainly not going cheap. The ‘Tune Squad’ shirt and shorts basketball superstar Jordan wore during the scenes he shot for the animated game between the Looney Tunes and the Monstars in the film is being auctioned online in October.

Image caption Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto at the Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational in Las Vegas in March 2015.

Read More: The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Of All Time.

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Trainwreck Review


Amy Schumer makes her big screen debut with a script that feels like a much-extended sketch from her TV series. It's hilariously observant and refreshingly grown-up about sex, but the plot falls back on the usual cliches. Even with some clever twists and turns, the structure is oddly predictable. But the biggest surprise is that Schumer and director Judd Apatow ultimately cave in and take a traditional approach to romance.

As she does on her show, Schumer plays a sexually frank woman called Amy. Taught by her father (Colin Quinn) to distrust monogamy, she has indulged in a commitment-free life, rarely seeing a man more than once. And her one repeat male partner (John Cena) is a rather too self-obsessed bodybuilder. Then her boss, blithely demanding magazine editor Diana (Tilda Swinton), assigns her to interview Aaron (Bill Hader), a doctor who specialises in sports injuries. Amy can't help but seduce him; it's what she does! But in the process she realises that she actually quite likes him. This idea so rattles her that she sabotages her close relationship with her sister Kim (Brie Larson), who is expecting a child with husband Tom (Mike Birbiglia).

Schumer has impeccable comic timing, and she's hilarious all the way through this film, playing on her character's riotous way of being shockingly honest at all the wrong times. In other words, the character is entertaining but never very likeable because of the thoughtless things she does and says. So our sympathies lie with Hader, who gives an unusually layered turn as a smart, sensitive and very funny guy who just might be too good for Amy. Other characters are either here to provide emotion (Larson and Quinn) or to shamelessly steal scenes (Swinton). And Apatow brings in a usual stream of big-name cameos, including Daniel Radcliffe and Marisa Tomei in a clever pastiche of a New York indie movie.

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Trainwreck Trailer

Amy enjoys her life in the big city with her comfortable apartment, wacky friends and driven job as a reporter for a men's magazine. As a young girl, her parents sadly divorced, and her father wasted no time in drumming into her that a lifelong partnership with just one person left much to be desired. So she's certainly taking her father's words literally and seems to enjoy the company of a different man every night (though never the full night); it's a life that she has no plans to change any time soon. However, something shifts in her consciousness when she meets sports doctor Aaron Connors on whom she's been commissioned to write an article. The pair hit it off right away, but after their first night together, Amy's left wondering if ending it there is really the best thing to do. It feels weird to carry on seeing someone after she's slept with them, but at the same time, she can't remember the last time she had so much fun.

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Lebron James - Basketball NBA Super star LeBron James out and about in Beverly Hills - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 14th January 2015

LeBron James Joins Judd Apatow's Comedy 'Trainwreck'

By Nick Hill in Movies / TV / Theatre on 08 May 2014

Lebron James

The two-time NBA champion has officially joined the cast of the upcoming comedy, which includes Amy Schumer, who wrote the screenplay, Bill Hader and Tilda Swinton.

Lebron James is taking his talents to the big-screen.

The NBA all-star has joined the cast of Judd Apatow's upcoming comedy 'Trainwreck,' which will be released in the summer of 2015.

James will be starring alongside Amy Schumer, who also wrote the script, Bill Hader, Tilda Swinton and Method Man, plus several others.

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Including LeBron James, Samsung Has Many Celebrity Friends

By Stephanie Chase in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 14 March 2014

Lebron James Jay Z

Why do celebrities seem to be now all using Samsungs?

Oh dear Lebron James probably didn't make Samsung execs too happy on Wednesday when he took to Twitter to complain about his phone erasing itself. You see, James is being paid big money by Samsung to promote their products so his angry tweet wasn't very good publicity. Of course the tweet was then soon deleted. But James isn't the only celebrity Samsung has on speed dial, lately it seems many celebs have been all to keen to show off their Samsung products.

Image caption LeBron James was left unhappy when his phone got erased

Remember when Ellen DeGeneres took that famous selfie at this year’s Oscars? Well, whilst we were all looking to see just how many famous faces we could spot what we were really meant to be looking at was the phone Ellen used, it was a Samsung Galaxy 3 Note. Samsung were big sponsors at the Oscars and their cheeky bit of product placement with Ellen served them very well, the picture she tweeted was then retweeted 3 million times within 24 hours. With those retweets Samsung got an estimated 900 Samsung mentions a minute on social media. Not bad at all, until Ellen sent out her next tweet which happened to come from an iPhone, oops.

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LeBron James To Produce New Sitcom, 'Survivor's Remorse'

By Lauren James in Movies / TV / Theatre on 03 September 2013

Lebron James

The NBA star is turning his hand to making television.

World-famous basketball player, Lebron James is said to be planning his next big career move after this year's second NBA championship win this year: television. The 28 year-old sports star has announced that he will team up with cable network Starz to produce a brand new sitcom, entitled Survivor's Remorse, which will focus on two characters who make it big and have to adjust to their newfound fame as well as the guilt that they've made it whilst peers are still struggling, reports the AP via CBS Sports.

LeBron Is Giving TV Another Crack.

James has reportedly joined forces with his friend and business partner Maverick Carter as well as the man behind hits such as The Cosby Show and Roseanne; Tom Werner. However, this isn't the first time James has turned his attention to television: he and his crew produced two seasons of the The LeBrons cartoon show based on Nike characters James had created.

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Lebron James and Savannah Brinson - The 2013 ESPY Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 17th July 2013

Lebron James - Miami Heat celebrate their NBA championship winning season with a victory parade onboard an open top bus through the streets of Miami - Miami, FL, United States - Monday 24th June 2013

Lebron James and Savannah Brinson - Lebron James & Savannah Brinson Wednesday 5th December 2012 2012 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award presentation at Espace

Lebron James and Funky Buddha Wednesday 1st August 2012 Members of the U.S.A olympic basketball team enjoy a night out at Funky Buddha nightclub in Mayfair. The group arrived in a convoy of taxis at 2.30am...just 30 minutes before the club closes. Their security team escorted them inside the club, but forgot to pay one of the taxi drivers the £35 fare. The driver was left waiting outside the venue, but was refused entry to go and collect his fare. The players stayed until last orders, before perhaps sensibly opting to walk back to their hotel to avoid futher complications with taxi drivers!