The Boss Baby - Trailer

  • 23 November 2016

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What happens when a baby takes the top position? Seven-year-old Tim Templeton was doing just fine until his parents brought home his new baby brother, who seemed determined to attract as much attention as possible and steer their parents' sights away from poor Tim. Sibling rivalry is a natural thing, but Tim is exasperated by his mom and dad's blindness towards the baby, who happens to be constantly dressed in a business suit and carries a mini briefcase. It seemed inevitable that the baby would grow up to be a boss someday, though everyone expected him to actually grow up first. One day, Tim discovers that the baby can talk, though it's less 'goo goo ga ga' and more 'let's strike a deal'. As much as this news rocks Tim's world, he must team up with his bossy little brother when they discover that the CEO of Puppy Co., Francis E. Francis, wants to take over the world.

'The Boss Baby' is loosely based on the children's picture book by Marla Frazee, published in 2010. Directed by Tom McGrath ('Megamind', 'Madagascar') with a screenplay by Michael McCullers ('Austin Powers', 'Thunderbirds'), the movie will be released in US theaters on March 31st 2017.