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David Ayer Felt "Gun Shy" Directing 'Bright' Following Negative 'Suicide Squad' Reactions

By Daniel Falconer in Movies / TV / Theatre on 06 January 2018

David Ayer

The filmmaker made sure not to "repeat any mistakes."

David Ayer is a director who seems to have been through the mill when it comes to the entertainment industry. Creating pictures is something he was clearly born to do, but as of late, he's made two huge films that have been critically ripped to shreds by the majority of reviewers, in the form of DC Extended Universe entry 'Suicide Squad', and last year's Netflix original film release, 'Bright'. Fortunately for Ayer, the wider viewing public seem to enjoy his work.

Image caption David Ayer admits negative 'Suicide Squad' reviews affected his confidence

Though he clearly has a thick skin when it comes to reviews, Ayer recently admitted that he did let the negative response to 'Suicide Squad' get to him. It's something we can all imagine - being told your hard work and dedication wasn't enough over and over again isn't anything any of us would like. Magnifying that on a grand scale must have been a very strange experience indeed.

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10 Worst Films Of 2017

By Rich Cline in Movies / TV / Theatre on 02 January 2018

Michael Bay Dax Shepard David Ayer

Also known as, the biggest wastes of our time in 2017.

When it comes to the biggest flops of the year, most of these movies feature actors, actresses and filmmakers really should have known better. None of them are easy to watch, and unfortunately the list does not end here. Some were huge disappointments, while others went predictably downhill.

Image caption Mark Wahlberg in 'Transformers'

1. Transformers: The Last Knight - Even by the low standards of this franchise, this film is an incoherent mess, as Michael Bay flings $200 million at the screen but ignores plot and character. It's a two-and-a-half hour assault on the eyes and ears.

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David Ayer at the UK film premiere of Netflix fantasy-thriller 'Bright' held at the BFI Southbank on Belvedere Road. The film follows the adventures of two LAPD officers of different species who must put aside their differences to bring peace to the city amidst a huge wave of criminal activity - London, United Kingdom - Friday 15th December 2017

David Ayer Still Proud And "Grateful" For 'Suicide Squad'

By Daniel Falconer in Movies / TV / Theatre on 03 December 2017

David Ayer

The film may have been critically panned, but Ayer says it's gaining "cult status".

As one of the most divisive movies to come from the DC Extended Universe, it's fair to say 'Suicide Squad' has both its heavy critics and its heavily loyal fans. Bringing in a slew of new faces to take on some of DC's most recognisable villains and anti-heroes, the movie was set to serve as a launchpad for much of the DCEU, but failed to light a fire in the hearts of everybody watching.

Image caption Margot Robbie and Jared Leto in 'Suicide Squad'

One of the earlier disappointments for many from the DCEU was 'Suicide Squad'. Released in 2016, the film saw a roster of DC's most recognisable villains come together in the titular team, also known as Task Force X. Ran by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), they were forced to tackle some of the most dangerous missions to help save the world from a grim fate, in a less-than-ethical program that would see a bomb in their brains detonated if they refused to help.

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David Ayer Admits Regrets Over Joker's Lack Of 'Suicide Squad' Screen Time

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 23 January 2017

David Ayer Jared Leto Margot Robbie

The director says he wishes he had a time machine to go back and make The Joker the main villain.

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has admitted he holds some regrets over the finished movie.

The film had a critical mauling upon its release last August, with many complaining that Jared Leto’s Joker didn't have enough screen time. Now, responding to a fan on Twitter, the director said he wishes he had a time machine so he could treat Leto’s character differently.

David Ayer has shared his regrets over Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad Trailer

The Suicide Squad was formed by Amanda Waller, the head of Belle Reve Penitentiary and a high ranking government official. Wishing to protect the world from deadly threats, Waller formulates a plan to reform (by force) a number of her most special inmates who all possess unique abilities.

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David Ayer - Warner Bros. Presents "The Big Picture", An Exclusive Presentation Highlighting The Summer Of 2016 And Beyond held at The Colosseum Inside Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino In Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Wednesday 13th April 2016

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First Pics Of 'Suicide Squad' Cast Revealed

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 05 May 2015

David Ayer Will Smith Jared Leto Cara Delevingne Margot Robbie Adam Beach Joel Kinnaman Jai Courtney

'Suicide Squad' director David Ayer tweeted a couple of exclusive cast pics, featuring Will Smith and Cara Delevingne, in full costume.

DC Comics fans, stop what you’re doing and pay attention! Suicide Squad director David Ayers has shared the first official photographs of the main cast in full costume on Twitter, including Will Smith as Deadshot.

The movie, whose release is still fifteen months away, concerns a motley crew of supervillains who conduct covert operations on behalf of the US government in exchange for receiving cuts to the lengths of their prison sentences. Ayer's photos are the first opportunity for fans of the comic books to get a flavour of the visual aesthetics that the director will be bringing to the picture.

Image caption The full 'Suicide Squad' cast

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Photographs from the red carpet at the premiere of 'Fury' at the 58th British Film Institute London Film Festival

58th BFI LFF: Fury - photocall held at the Corinthia Hotel.