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  • 18 February 2005



Leslie Mann at the Los Angeles premiere of Universal Pictures' comedy 'Blockers' held at the Regency Village Theatre. Directed by Kay Cannon, the film stars Leslie Man, Ike Barinholtz and John Cena as three parents who band together to foil their daughters' plans to lose their virginity on prom night - Westwood, California, United States - Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann on the red carpet at the 90th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) 2018 held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. This year's winner of Best Picture was 'The Shape of Water', with director Guillermo del Toro winning Best Achievement in Directing - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 4th March 2018

Leslie Mann at the 2018 Producers' Guild Awards (PGA) where the coveted Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures went to Guillermo del Toro and J. Miles Dale for 'The Shape of Water' - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 21st January 2018

Leslie Mann seen at the 23rd Annual Critics' Choice Awards, held at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. The big winner of the night was Guillermo del Toro's fantasy romance 'The Shape of Water' with four awards in total - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 11th January 2018

Parents Become Virginity Vigilantes In Kay Cannon's 'Blockers'

The idea of children become functioning adults is often a terrifying thought for parents, especially when their innocence is at stake. 'Blockers' explores the hilarious results of when a group of parents become hellbent on preserving their teens' virginities in the run up to their prom night.

It only seems like yesterday when Lisa (Leslie Mann), Mitchell (John Cena) and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) waved goodbye to their young daughters on their first day of elementary school. Now, more than a decade later, those girls are still the best of friends - but everything else has sure changed.

Julie (Kathryn Newton), Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Sam (Gideon Adlon) are excited to celebrate a milestone in their teen lives: the high school prom. And just to make their parents' insecurities more profound, Julie carelessly leaves her laptop open for the grown-ups to find one day, where her and her friends' phone conversations are being stored.

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Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow seen on the red carpet at the 2017 Met Gala - New York, United States - Monday 1st May 2017

Vacation Review


Both the characters and the tone have been updated as a new generation of Grizwolds hits the road for a raucous holiday, eliminating the darker edges for a sillier, ruder romp. After the four madcap Vacation movies from 1983 to 1997, the focus moves from Chevy Chase's patriarch Clark to his now-grown son Rusty. As with the earlier films, there are so many jokes flying at the screen that some are bound to make us laugh.

Ed Helms is the fifth actor in five films to play Rusty, and now he's got a family of his own. So he decides to give them a holiday to remember, retracing his childhood trip from Chicago to Wally World in California. His wife Debbie (Christina Applegate) isn't so sure about this, but gamely goes along with it, while their bickering teen sons James and Kevin (Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins) settle into the back seat for the long drive. Along the road, they stop at Debbie's old university and learn a few things about her wild reputation. They also visit Rusty's sister Audrey (Leslie Mann) in Texas, where she's married to a swaggering rancher (Chris Hemsworth). And they drop in on Rusty's parents (Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo). In between, every stop brings a new moment of crazed mayhem.

The script is set up as an homage to the original movie, playfully riffing on the structure and set-pieces. Here, the comedy highlights include a dodgy natural hot springs and a death-defying bit of white-water rafting. All of this is infused with a surprisingly warm family dynamic amid constant gags about excrement and genitalia. Miraculously, writer-directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein never get cynical about the Grizwolds. Rusty and Debbie are still hot for each other, while James and Kevin's vicious rivalry only reveals how much they look out for each other. All four actors are solid, with terrific comical timing and likeable performances.

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Vacation - Full Trailer

What's more important than family? For the Griswold family, nothing. Rusty (Ed Helms) decides that it's time to spend a little more time with his family, and chooses to take his wife Debbie (Christina Applegate), and sons James (Skyler Gisondo) and Kevin (Steele Stebbins), on a road trip across the country. The destination? The Walley World fun park. As America's favourite fun park is set to close for ever, the road trip becomes a frantic dash, which the hopes of bringing the family more together. Because what's more important than family? Aside from amusement parks.

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The Griswolds Take Another Chaotic 'Vacation' To Walley World [Trailer + Pictures]

By Gary Roberts in Movies / TV / Theatre on 08 May 2015

Ed Helms Christina Applegate Chris Hemsworth Charlie Day Leslie Mann Chevy Chase Beverly D'Angelo John Francis Daley

The red-band trailer for the reboot of 'National Lampoon's Vacation' has just been released - and it's looking hilariously risqué.

Billed as a sequel to the 1983 cult classic National Lampoon's Vacation, this comedy adventure, simply titled Vacation, stars Ed Helms and Christina Applegate. It sees the Griswolds return to Walley World at last - only this time, they're led by the grown-up Rusty (Helms), who wants to relive his childhood and create some much-needed family bonding time with a fun-filled trip to the theme park.

Image caption Ed Helms is going to Walley World - what could go wrong?

But, this being a National Lampoon film, the road trip doesn't go without a bump, with plenty of chaos and risque comedy along the way, including a delightful family swim and underwear that leaves little to the imagination.

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Vacation - Red Band Teaser Trailer


The Griswolds return to Walley World - only this time, the family is led by young Rusty Griswold and his wife and kids. The grown up Rusty is determined to pull his family together with a family vacation to the Walley World theme park, hoping it will help him bond with his sons and improve his marriage. He wants to re-live the good times he had as a kid, though his own children are less than happy about the trip. As it turns out, this generation are about to face just as much mayhem on the second vacation as Rusty and his folks did on the first; including sewage springs, awkward questions and messy car journeys.

A sequel to the original 1983 film based on John Hughes' story 'Vacation '58' - famously first published by National Lampoon magazine - the new 'Vacation' sees Clark and Ellen Griswold's son re-visiting his childhood. The new film has been directed and written by 'Bones' star John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (screenwriters on 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone') in their directorial feature debut and also sees the return of original actors Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. The movie is scheduled for release in the UK on November 13th 2015.

Is 'The Other Woman' The Movie To See This Weekend? The Critics Say Find The Other Movie

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 26 April 2014

Cameron Diaz Leslie Mann Kate Upton

Is The Other Woman the movie you should go this this weekend? Probably not, even if you do love Leslie Mann.

If you’re thinking about what new movie to see this weekend, The Other Woman might just be topping your list. It looks fun, has two very likeable female leads (plus a Sports Illustrated model) and it’s directed by the man behind The Notebook. Also it might have you think that it holds some kind of great female empowerment message as the three unite against a cheating spouse. But the reality is it looks like The Other Woman might be best left alone this weekend, as the critics are indicating that this one might be a bit too much farce and not enough comedy.

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton star in The Other Woman

The plot of The Other Woman is actually pretty simple, Kate, played by Leslie Mann, finds out her husband Mark is cheating on her with Carly (Cameron Diaz). Rather than hate each other, the two women actually find out they have a surprising amount in common and become good friends. Then they learn that Mark has another woman, the 20 something Amber, played by Kate Upton. After the extent of his dastardliness is revealed all three women team up to plot their revenge on Mark with schemes such as putting Nair in his shampoo and adding female hormones to his juice.

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Is 'The Other Woman' The New 'Bridesmaids'?

By Rich Cline in Movies / TV / Theatre on 25 April 2014

Kate Upton Leslie Mann Cameron Diaz

The Other Woman follows in the footsteps of The First Wives Club, and Bridesmaids.

The 2011 breakout hit Bridesmaids seems to have made a permanent shift in gender dynamics of big Hollywood comedies. No longer happy to exist as idealised love interests, women are finally taking over. Bridesmaids scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy flexed her muscles further opposite Sandra Bullock in the buddy action-comedy The Heat.

Kate Upton [L], Cameron Diaz [Center] and Leslie Mann [R] in 'The Other Woman'

And now Cameron Diaz pushes boundaries with her new comedy The Other Woman, which lays to rest the usual bitch-slap storyline. In this film, when a woman (Leslie Mann) discovers that her husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is having an affair or two, instead of take on the other woman in a battle to the death, the wife teams up with his two mistresses (Diaz and Kate Upton) to get even.

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The Other Woman Review

By Rich Cline

Very Good

While the story isn't particularly original, and the movie tends to drift over the top into broad slapstick, this comedy wins us over due to the camaraderie between the characters. Most refreshingly, this is a film about women teaming up rather than scratching each others' eyes out. So it continually catches us off guard in all the right ways.

In Manhattan, lawyer Carly (Cameron Diaz) has finally met the perfect man in Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). But just as their relationship is about to shift into something much more serious, she discovers that he has a wife, Kate (Leslie Mann), in the suburbs. Shocked, Carly and Kate realise that Mark is the person they should be angry at, so they team up to get even. When they discover that he has another mistress, Amber (Kate Upton), they recruit her to their plan as well. And then they find evidence that his business dealings are more than a little dodgy.

While the plot lends itself to a blackly comical approach, director Nick Cassavetes instead keeps everything silly and simplistic, letting the actresses overplay their scenes. Sometimes this results in something rather hilarious, but it also undermines any credibility the story might have. Mann and Coster-Waldau are the most guilty in this sense, chomping madly on the scenery. Instead, it's the way each character works together that brings the situations to life and keeps us laughing. Although a more confident approach to the material would have made the film much stronger.

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Thinking Of Trying 'The Other Woman'? Maybe Try Another Film - Review Roundup

By Jack de Aguilar in Movies / TV / Theatre on 22 April 2014

Cameron Diaz Kate Upton Leslie Mann

The critics have their say on "The Other Woman", and it isn't pretty

In The Other Woman, there are three ‘other women. Cameron Diaz, a lawyer who finds out her ‘boyfriend’ has a wife. The wife (Leslie Mann). And then there’s Kate Upton, who is the girl Mark King is cheating on with the aforementioned woman. That’s The Other Woman.

Image caption Upton, Diaz and Mann set about their revenge in "The Other Woman"

The three combine their best assets (Diaz has the brains as she’s a lawyer and Mann’s anger comprises the second spike in a trident completed by Upton’s boobs) to take this piece of work down. It’s a film about empowering women, apparently.

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Leslie Mann's 'The Other Woman' Butt Grab Is Forgotten As Kate Upton Pulls The Paps Her Way

By Lauren James in Movies / TV / Theatre on 04 April 2014

Leslie Mann Kate Upton Cameron Diaz Nicki Minaj

Kate Upton dazzled at the Dutch premiere, leaving Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz's flirtation in the past.

Who knew that a simple, playful grab of a friend's derriere could generate so much gossip! This is what Leslie Mann has been finding out after said incident at the London premiere of revenge comedy _The Other Woman._ No one else got a look in apart from the three, blonde leading ladies Mann, Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz - especially when Leslie decided to display her fondness for Cameron's leather-clad backside in front of the paparazzi.

Kate Upton [L] Decided To Make Herself Centre Of Attention After THAT Butt Grab.

Seems like the ever-demure Kate Upton had had enough of her co-stars' flirtation and decided to pull a few classic glamour tricks out of her back to sway the press attention back her way at last night's Dutch premiere of the girls' night giggler. Channelling Marilyn Monroe, the 21 year-old model and actress wore her hair in classic Hollywood curls with a simple yet sexy white Christian Siriano number and nude stilettos.

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