Alessandra Ambrosio

  • 04 July 2008

Date of birth

11th April, 1981


Fashion Model


1st January, 1970



Alessandra Ambrosio at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards held at Brooklyn Museum. The Council of Fashion Designers of America honors the best that the fashion world has to offer, and this year honorees included Naomi Campbell and Donatella Versace - New York, New York, United States - Monday 4th June 2018

Daddy's Home 2 Review


Like the 2015 original, this comedy plays merrily with cliches to tell a silly story that's funny but never particularly clever. It's an enjoyable bit of escapist entertainment, mixing some sharp gags in between the more obvious jokes. But while the script makes a feeble attempt to poke fun at over-the-top machismo, it indulges in relentless gender stereotyping.

Now best buddies, co-dads Dusty and Brad (Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell) decide to combine their families to celebrate Christmas this year. Then Dusty's estranged tough-guy dad Kurt (Mel Gibson) turns up, as does Brad's more touchy-feely father Don (John Lithgow). This raises issues for both Dusty and Brad, who are clearly chips off the old blocks. They may be united in their love for their kids (Owen Vaccaro, Scarlett Estevez and Didi Costine), but old rivalries spark as they take the family to a huge mountain cabin with their wives (Alessandra Ambrosio and Linda Cardellini). What follows is a combination of wacky slapstick and various forms of sabotage as Dusty and Brad's bromance is put through the wringer.

None of this is remotely original, with elaborate set-pieces that feel like they've been lifted wholesale from other holiday comedies. And the plot is never remotely surprising either. But the actors have chemistry, and invest some sparkiness in their characters. Much of the antics centre on the clash between Gibson and Lithgow, who play up the aggression and sweetness, respectively. It's badly exaggerated, but the actors throw themselves into the roles, and the interaction between the three generations is nutty enough to keep the audience chuckling even through some rather stupid gags. The filmmakers seem to think that crazed conflict is hilarious, but actually the funniest moments are when Walhberg and Ferrell are working together to approach a problem.

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Alessandra Ambrosio in the press room at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2017 held at the Forum in Inglewood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 26th August 2017

Daddy's Home 2 Trailer

It’s part of modern life that divorce and separation is part of many families and a lot can't even form civil friendships. When Brad Whitaker met his wife Sara and her two children he thought that he'd been given the instant perfect family - for the most part, he had! Though Megan and Dylan were a little reluctant to take to Brad, with time and much persistence, both kids warmed to their mum's new husband.

Brad is kind, friendly and a real family man, just like his father. Megan and Dylan's birthfather, Dusty, on the other hand isn't quite as mild mannered as the latest addition to the family and when Dusty announces that he's going to come visit the family, Sara is far from impressed. What starts out as animosity toward one another soon develops into an admiration for both their strengths.

Though many wouldn't have guessed it, now Brad and Dusty are great friends! As the winter holidays come around, both Dusty with his partner, Karen and Brad and Sara decide that the family will all get together for one big holiday celebration. The kids are thrilled with the decision, as is the entire family, but the mood soon changes when Dusty receives a phone call from his dad, Kurt. The family unit has just got a little bit bigger and Dusty really isn't sure how his rough and ready father is going to appreciate the new Dusty or their larger family arrangement. If that wasn't enough, Brad's father also joins the team.

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Alessandra Ambrosio gets a cup of ice cream with her son Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur - Brentwood, California, United States - Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Alessandra Ambrosio seen at Coachella 2017 - Weekend 1 - Day 2 - Indio, California, United States - Sunday 16th April 2017

Alessandra Ambrosio at the Neon Carnival at Coachella - Indio, California, United States - Saturday 15th April 2017

Daddy's Home Trailer

Brad is a good-natured and very correct radio executive who has also wanted to have children of his own. Since marrying his beautiful new wife, his dream comes true when he becomes the stepfather to two delightful children named Megan and Dylan. As much as he tries to be a father to them, however, they are not entirely filled with respect for him; something that becomes a problem when their real father Dusty Mayron phones up out of the blue. He's everything Brad isn't; handsome, super cool and a total god in the eyes of his children. When Dusty moves back over to spend time with his children, he and Brad find themselves battling each other for the kids' affections, doing everything they can to out-do each other in parenting. Can these two completely different souls ever become friends? Or will they remain parental rivals forever?

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Video - Alessandra Ambrosio Co-Ordinates With Stylish Friends At Coachella 2015

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted arm in arm with four of her model friends at the first weekend of Coachella festival in Indio, California on Sunday, April 12th 2015. The group were laughing and chatting as they walked across the field at the Empire Polo Club, their long legs perfectly in step.

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Seductive And Sweet: Victoria's Secret Models Turn From Lingerie Angels To Fairies [Pictures]

By Holly Williams in Fashion / Beauty on 03 December 2014

Victorias Secret Behati Prinsloo Candice Swanepoel Doutzen Kroes Karlie Kloss Lily Aldridge Lindsay Ellingson Adriana Lima Alessandra Ambrosio Jasmine Tookes Jourdan Dunn Taylor Swift Ariana Grande Hozier Ed Sheeran

Not one but two Fantasy Bras were displayed at this year's London show.

The 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show finally hit London on Tuesday (December 2nd) at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre for it's UK debut which saw twice as much bedazzlement as last year and just as much exciting live music.

Image caption The Victoria's Secret girls arrive in London for the 2014 fashion show

Last year, only 40 models stole the runway when it took place at New York's Lexington Armory, but this week a further seven models joined the show for the biggest Victoria's Secret event yet. Not only that but the 19th Annual Fashion Show features a whopping 79 different looks, with this year's six categories including Angel Ball, Dream Girl, Exotic Traveler, Fairy Tale, Gilded Angels and University of Pink.

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Miranda Kerr Mistakenly Uploaded Photoshopped Picture On Instagram

By Elinor Cosgrave in Fashion / Beauty on 16 November 2013

Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom Doutzen Kroes Alessandra Ambrosio

Miranda Kerr was accused of using Photoshop to doctor an image she posted on Instagram, however she has laid these rumours to rest by posting the original photograph.

The use of Photoshop is one the most controversial aspects of fashion photography. Fashion magazines have long been using software to slim, smooth and tone their models. However, the tool is not usually used by models themselves, with the exception of Miranda Kerr, or so it initially seemed.

Image caption Miranda Kerr has apologised for using a manipulated image.

The Australian supermodel posted a photograph on her Instagram account from last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Kerr did not attend the event this year, which was held on Wednesday (13th November) in New York. She posted the photograph wishing all her fellow models luck at the event. The original caption read "Sending love and best wishes to the #vsangels from Japan."

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013, Taylor Swift Steals The Spotlight! [Pictures]

By Holly Williams in Fashion / Beauty on 14 November 2013

Victorias Secret Fall Out Boy Taylor Swift Candice Swanepoel Cara Delevingne Jourdan Dunn Doutzen Kroes Lindsay Ellingson Alessandra Ambrosio

Taylor Swift was without question among the best dressed at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Well, it came and went once again: the Victoria's Secret spectacular annual runway show, this time seeing musical performances from the likes of Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift.

Image caption Taylor Swift vs. Ginger Spice?

The Angels took to the catwalk once again to strut their stuff in the 2013 themed fashion show that saw each of them don the most elaborate underwear you've ever seen!

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Video - Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off $2.5 Million Victoria's Secret Bra At NY Event

Model Alessandra Ambrosio poses for photographers next to a display featuring the new $2.5 million Victoria's Secret Floral Fantasy bra by London Jewelers surrounded by other Victoria's Secret underwear designs. She also shows off the new Bombshell Fantasy Fragrance which features a similar design.

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Video - Alessandra Ambrosio Shows Off Legs In New York City

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio wanders around New York City with friends. She looks stunning in an outfit consisting of tiny denim shorts and heels that emphasise her long legs.

The leggy model recently appeared at the Olympic Games opening ceremony as the Rio 2016 Games representative. She participated in the handover of the Olympic Flag from London to Brazil, the country that will host the next Olympics event.

The busy Victoria's Secret model has also been promoting a new shoe collection which she designed for Brazilian designers Melissa who are known to have collaborated with the fashion royal Vivienne Westwood.

Video - Alessandra Ambrosio Queues For The Fair

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio is seen at the Malibu fair with her daughter and fiance. She walks past the photographers but does not stop to talk. She is then seen queuing up at a ticket stall by the entrance.

In addition to her modelling career, Alessandra has also guest starred in various TV shows, including HBO's super popular 'Entourage'; 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'The Tyra Banks Show'. She also had a small cameo in the 2006 James Bond outing, 'Casino Royale'