Dermot Crowley

  • 10 September 2015

Date of birth

19th March, 1947





The Death Of Stalin Trailer

It's 1953 and our story takes place in Russia - then known as the Soviet Union - a nation terrorised by their communist leader Joseph Stalin (Adrian McLoughlin). But this is not a story about the inhumane acts of oppression and cruelty in his regime that resulted in the death of millions, it's about the events that occurred both immediately prior and following his shocking death from an apparent stroke at the age of 74.

Of course, this movie is as loosely based on the real events as it possibly could be - but it's certainly how we'd want to imagine events transpiring. There becomes an intense power struggle between several members of the Council of Ministers including Nikita Khrushchev (Steve Buscemi) - who would later go on to be the First Secretary of the Communist Party - Georgy Malenkov (Jeffrey Tambor), Lavrentiy Beria (Simon Russell Beale), Vyacheslav Molotov (Michael Palin), Lazar Kaganovich (Dermot Crowley), Anastas Mikoyan (Paul Whitehouse) and Nicolai Bulganin (Paul Chahidi).

Meanwhile, Marshal Georgy Zhukov (Jason Isaacs) is throwing a spanner in the works - not being the best of friends with Malenkov - and of course Joseph Stalin's renegade son Vasily (Rupert Friend) needs to be kept a close eye on. But nothing compares the chaos that they face from the public when they find out that their 'great' leader is dead.

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The Foreigner Trailer

Quan seems like just a meek old businessman from Hong Kong, but when his teenage daughter is killed during a terrorist bombing on a regular London street just moments after leaving his car, he is overwhelmed with a desire for revenge. With nothing else in his life to lose, he tracks down a government official named Liam Hennessy who he believes knows the identity of the terrorists involved. Quan bombards Hennessy with phone calls and visits to his office, even offering him money to spill inside information, but pretty soon he begins to run out of patience. Hennessy insists he knows nothing about the motives behind the attack not the criminals behind it, but Quan isn't the only one who is not convinced by his denial. He will stop at nothing to take justice for his daughter, and sure enough he transforms from a humble expat to a dangerous killing machine.

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Lady In The Van - Alternative Trailer

Miss Shepherd is a highly educated elderly woman living off barely anything in a small dilapidated van. She asks for nothing from her community, other than to be allowed her peace and to have a place to park her van. Constantly being moved by authorities, she finds herself taking up residence on Alan Bennett's road, much to the displeasure of his house proud neighbours. Despite her prickly disposition and shameless boldness, Bennett - a man of more timid and awkward nature - takes an immediate shine to Miss Shepherd, offering her his driveway to park her vehicle on a temporary basis. Soon, though, just a few weeks turns into fifteen long years as this impoverished musical scholar and this lowly gentleman of humble background become unlikely yet inseparable friends - a friendship rocked by Miss Shepherd's eventual ill health which soon strikes a sadness in the heart of the whole town.

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Lady In The Van Trailer

Once upon a time, a normal man lived in a normal house on a normal street. Then, something extraordinary happened. An educated woman - a scholar of both music and art - who lives in a van, takes up residence on the road. Miss Shepard (Maggie Smith) is insistent on staying in her van on the street, and the man (Alan Bennett), invites her to park her mobile home in his driveway in order to relieve his neighbours of the site. They agree she will stay for three weeks; she ends up staying for fifteen years.

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Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie Trailer

Tough-talking, loud-mouth mother and grandmother Agnes Brown enjoys her job selling fruit and vegetables on a town market stall; not only that, but it's her only real source of income. But when a vicious land developer selects her stall as the next on his hit list to be removed and replaced, she faces serious livelihood problems ahead. In a bid to keep it up and running, she takes the developer to court in a campaign backed by an extraordinary amount of locals (and die hard fans). With her six children behind her in her plans to thwart these rather criminal businessmen, she enlists the help of an alcohol dependent lawyer and a barrister with an unfortunate case of Tourettes syndrome. Will this mouthy matriarch maintain her Moore Street business? Or has the legendary Mrs Brown finally met her match?

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