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Jon Favreau at the Los Angeles premiere for 'Avengers: Infinity War'. Following 2015's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', 'Infinity War' is the third film in the series and the nineteenth film in the Marvel film franchise altogether - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 24th April 2018

Jon Favreau Officially On Board For 'Star Wars' Series

By Holly Mosley in Movies / TV / Theatre on 08 March 2018

Jon Favreau Star Wars

Disney announce the filmmaker as the screenwriter.

Action producer Jon Favreau has been chosen to write the script for the forthcoming live action 'Star Wars' series in a move that happens to be a dream come true for the filmmaker. It comes after a long-standing working relationship with Disney, and years of being a huge fan.

Image caption Jon Favreau at the Directors Guild Awards

The Marvel producer was the voice of Pre Vizsla in 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' and also has a role in the forthcoming Han Solo spin-off, but now he's doing what he's always wanted to do and writing some 'Star Wars' stories for the brand new direct-to-consumer series.

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Jon Favreau at the world premiere of Marvel Studios' 'Black Panther', held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The movie is the second to feature Chadwick Boseman as the titular superhero, following 2016's 'Captain America: Civil War' - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 30th January 2018

The Avengers Must Unite For Their Biggest Battle Yet In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepares to come to a climax as ‘The Avengers’ unite with ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ to stop the evil Thanos. Directed by The Russo Brothers, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ hits cinemas this spring.

After the events of ‘Captain America: Civil War’, ‘Infinity War’ sees The Avengers left broken and divided. Some of them even look different, with Captain America (Chris Evans) sporting a beard and the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) with newly blonde hair.

The Avengers face their biggest threat year in ‘Infinity War’

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review


This may be the third reboot of this franchise in 15 years, risking audience exhaustion, but there are plenty of reasons not to miss this one. Most notably, this is the first Spider-Man movie that's part of Marvel's Avengers franchise, which places it in a larger story with lots of cameo possibilities. But more importantly, young British actor Tom Holland seems to have been born to play the role, infusing the entire film with cheeky teenage energy. And it's also one of the funniest, most complex blockbusters of the year.

The film opens with overexcited home videos Peter Parker (Holland) made of his adventure with the Avengers in Civil War. Now he's plunged back to the dull reality of being a high school student living with his sparky Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). He has a crush on classmate Liz (Laura Harrier), but faces rivalry from the school's alpha male Flash (Tony Revolori). And after a night out playing superhero in his Spider-Man costume, his nerdy best pal Ned (Jacob Batalon) is a bit too thrilled to discover his secret alter-ego. Meanwhile, Peter is annoyed that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and his assistant Happy (Jon Favreau) are ignoring his calls, especially after he warns them that he has seen winged bad guy Toomes (Michael Keaton) dealing illegal alien weapons around New York while plotting something nefarious.

Director Jon Watts (Cop Car) cleverly maintains a nimble teen perspective throughout the film, which makes it feel more like a comedy than an action movie. And instead of snarky one-liners, the laughs come from character-based humour, most notably Holland's brilliant reactions to everything that comes along. One memorable sequence, which kicks off the final onslaught of action, is both hilarious and terrifying at the same time, perfectly balanced thanks to a knowing revelation, Watts' subtle direction and Holland's hugely engaging performance. And each breathtaking action set-piece pushes the character forward in positive ways.

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The Jungle Book - First Look Trailer

Mowgli is a human boy known as a man-cub to his peers, among which are an array of jungle beasts. Left in the jungle as a baby, he was taken in by a family of wolves who raised him as their own. However, the older he grows, the more of a threat he becomes to a formidable villain named Shere Khan; a Bengal tiger with a deep fear of fire and loathing of man. Led by an impatient black panther named Bagheera, he is sent away from his jungle home to the safety of a nearby man village, though the journey becomes less straight-forward the further they stray. Mowgli befriends a fun-loving bear named Baloo, but finds Khan is not the only jungle menace as he is set upon by a gang of monkeys led by the orangutan King Louie, and hypnotised by a vicious snake named Kaa.

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Bill Murray Signs On To Voice Baloo In Jon Favreau’s Star Studded ‘Jungle Book’ Remake

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 02 August 2014

Bill Murray Scarlett Johansson Jon Favreau

The live action remake just keeps on sounding better .

Bill Murray has become the latest addition to the already star studded voice cast of Disney's upcoming Jungle Book remake. Murray will reportedly be lending his voice to Baloo, the fun loving bear who befriends Mowgli and teaches him the ways of the jungle.

Bill Murray soon to be the voice of Baloo

Murray will be joining an already impressive cast, which just last week added Christopher Walken, who was announced as voicing King Louie. Scarlett Johansson has also signed on as the python Kaa, while Lupita Nyong'o will be heard as Raksha.

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Chef Review

By Rich Cline

Very Good

Like comfort food, this movie has very little nutritional value, but it sure goes down smoothly. This is one of those shamelessly delicious-looking films that makes our mouths water at the tasty dishes that are lovingly created on-camera. And it also has an array of deeply likeable characters, witty cameos and sparkling dialogue to keep us smiling. So who cares that nothing unexpected happens from start to finish? This is a movie we sit back and enjoy without worrying about the appearance of a plot twist.

The title character is Carl (played by writer-director Jon Favreau), the chef at a top Los Angeles restaurant that is stuck in a rut because the owner (Dustin Hoffman) refuses to change anything on the menu. When a snooty food critic (Oliver Platt) criticises Carl for his tired and predictable cuisine, Carl's reaction sparks an angry Twitter war. In a fit of anger, Carl quits his job then hatches a plan to get back to his roots while bonding with Percy (Emjay Anthony), his pre-teen son with spicy ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara). So Carl and his sidekick Martin (John Leguizamo) take Percy to Miami to refurbish food truck and drive back to California, along the way building a reputation and perfecting their Latin-infused menu.

Since a complex plot would just be distracting, this film coasts on the charisma of its likeable cast, throwing in lively side roles for the likes of Scarlett Johansson as a restaurant colleague, Bobby Cannavale as a fellow chef and most memorably Robert Downey Jr. as Inez's hilariously nutty ex. Everyone is relaxed and effortlessly funny, which makes the interaction feel amusing and never remotely forced. While this is easily Favreau's most assured work as a director (that's including the first two Iron Man movies), this is also his most generous performance too. He infuses the whole film with easy-going charm.

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Jon Favreau Donates Tribeca Film Festival Prize Money To Food Rescue Charity

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 28 April 2014

Jon Favreau Scarlett Johansson Sofia Vergara John Leguizamo

Jon Favreau's 'Chef' won a major award at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday.

Jon Favreau is planning to donate his $26,000 cash prize from the Tribeca Film Festival to a New York City food rescue charity. The actor-director won the Heineken Audience Award for Best Narrative Film on Saturday (April 26, 2014), for his food truck movie Chef.

Image caption Jon Favreau [center] on the set of 'Chef'

We thought Chef would turn out to be really, really good on the strength of the excellent trailer and the critics piled in with the positive reviews.

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Life Lessons From The Kitchen Or How Many Potatoes Jon Favreau Had To Peel Before Making "Chef"

By Victoria Pavlova in Movies / TV / Theatre on 27 April 2014

Jon Favreau

What director Jon Favreau learned during his time preparing for "Chef".

While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to have the blockbuster shtick covered this weekend, Jon Favreau’s Chef seems to be gaining some buzz in the “well-loved indie” category. Chef will be out in theaters May 9 and Favreau is currently doing the press song and dance to promote the film. During his press rounds, Favreau spoke to the LA Times, explaining his unusual process of preparing for the film. Spoiler: it included actually graduating from cooking school, in order to be as faithful as possible to the real experience of life in the kitchen.

Image caption An ode to food and the people, who make it.

In "Chef," which he wrote, directed and stars in, Favreau plays Carl Casper, a talented cook who has settled into turning out mediocre food that is no more daring than French onion soup, lobster risotto, frisée salad and chocolate lava cake. After a major falling out with the owner of his restaurant, Casper decides to start a reinvention – in the culinary and spiritual sense. He takes his son on a foodie road trip and makes a plan to with a loyal assistant (John Leguizamo) to launch a food truck specializing in pressed Cuban pork sandwiches.

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'Chef' Trailer: Do Not Watch While Hungry [Trailer + Pictures]

By Jack de Aguilar in Movies / TV / Theatre on 09 April 2014

Jon Favreau Scarlett Johansson Dustin Hoffman Sofia Vergara

You've had your warning, now watch the trailer below

You know the supermarket rule – don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry? Well the same applies to watching the trailer for Jon Favreau’s Chef. The beautifully shot, beautifully prepared food will have you attempting a rare venison sandwich with horseradish foam and wild rocket puree, and we all know that can’t happen.

Image caption It's all about the food in 'Chef'

The story for ‘Chef’ sees Carl Casper (Favreau) given an ultimatum: cook Dustin Hoffman’s menu or don’t cook in his restaurant. Of course, the film would be pretty boring if he went ahead gave in to his mean boss, so instead he decides to fall off the wagon somewhat, become the laughing stock of an already snobbish culinary zeitgeist, and win back his respect and friends through an intrepid street food venture.

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Chef Trailer

Carl Casper is a chef working at one of the top restaurants of Miami. Food is his ultimate passion in life and so he is utterly heartbroken when his boss forces him to cook a 'safer' menu, bypassing his usually ambitious creations. The change came about when it was found that a formidable food critic would be visiting the establishment, but, as it turns out, the menu switch was a bad idea and Carl doesn't take his subsequent criticism very well at all. After reading his bad review and going viral, he sends out a badly judged post over Twitter and is thus forced to leave his post at the eatery. Instead, he sets up his own food truck, delivering his food on wheels to anyone willing to try a new culinary experience, and along the way uses it to reconnect with his young son and ex-wife.

'Chef' is brilliant comedy about self-discovery, passion and drive. The movie's main star, Primetime Emmy nominated Jon Favreau ('Cowboys & Aliens', 'Iron Man', 'Elf', 'Zathura: A Space Adventure'), was also responsible for the direction, production and screenplay and it made its premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in March. It is due for UK release on June 18th 2014.

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Jon Favreau - The 66th Annual DGA Awards 2014 Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 26th January 2014

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