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Kevin Spacey's Character Has Been Officially Killed Off In 'House Of Cards'

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 06 September 2018

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Netflix

A new teaser trailer for season six of 'House of Cards' makes it clear that Frank Underwood is officially dead.

Kevin Spacey’s ‘House of Cards’ character Frank Underwood is officially dead, as a trailer for the sixth and last series of the Netflix political drama has revealed.

A new teaser trailer for the series shows Robin Wright, who portrays Underwood’s wife Claire, speaking at Frank’s grave. It didn’t give any details as to how his character died, but the finale of the previous series showed Spacey’s character quitting the presidency as his wife took charge of the Oval Office in a cunning power move.

“I'll tell you this though, Francis,” she says. “When they bury me, it won't be in my backyard. When they pay their respects, they'll have to wait in line.”

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Robin Wright Fought Hard To Save 'House Of Cards' Following Kevin Spacey's Firing

By Daniel Falconer in Movies / TV / Theatre on 07 July 2018

Robin Wright

Robin Wright will move into the role of President of the United States in the upcoming final season of 'House of Cards'.

Kevin Spacey may have led five seasons of 'House of Cards' in the role of Frank Underwood, but the actor was dismissed from the Netflix original series after being accused of sexual misconduct by a number of different people following the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Many thought his leaving the show would be the first and final nail in the series' coffin, but Netflix decided they would go ahead with a conclusive season, allowing Robin Wright the lead as Claire Underwood.

Image caption Robin Wright makes her 'House of Cards' return later this year

Wright has for years been a fan-favourite character in the show, and with the news that she would be stepping into the Oval Office as the President of the United States in the final season, audiences were excited to see how everything would shake out.

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'House Of Cards' Extends Hiatus - But Will Resume Filming Eventually

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 27 November 2017

Kevin Spacey Netflix Robin Wright

The show suspended filming in the beginning of November following the sexual harassment allegations against star Kevin Spacey.

Filming of the sixth and final season of Netflix drama 'House of Cards' has been delayed for at least another two weeks - however producers do intend to resume filming soon.

Production was halted on the series in early November in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against star Kevin Spacey, who was subsequently dropped from the show.

In a letter to cast and crew signed by show producers Media Rights Capital the hiatus was extended until December 8 - however it was added that they were "continuing to work with Netflix with the hope of resuming production soon."

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Blade Runner 2049 Review


It's been 35 years since Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi classic, which was set in 2019. This sequel is once again a visual spectacle that mixes super-cool images with a jaggedly engaging noir-style mystery that grapples with issues of memory and identity. It's a staggeringly beautiful epic, as director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) invests intelligence and artistry into each imaginative setting. He also avoids falling into the standard structure of an action blockbuster, skipping hackneyed things like chase scenes for much deeper emotions.

In the past 30 years, earth's eco-system has collapsed, leaving people scrambling for resources in grimy mega-cities like Los Angeles. Human-like replicants have been refined, but blade runners like K (Ryan Gosling) are still on hand to hunt down old models that have gone rogue. Then K discovers a skeleton of a replicant that apparently gave birth, which should be impossible. So K's boss (Robin Wright) instructs him to hunt down the child and erase all evidence. But Wallace (Jared Leto), head of the monolithic corporation that controls all technology, wants to find the child himself. He sends his favourite sidekick Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) to follow K and his virtual girlfriend Joi (Ana de Armas) as they track down long-lost blade runner Deckerd (Harrison Ford), who is hiding in radioactive Las Vegas and might have some answers.

The plot is packed with implications that get K's mind spinning with possibilities, and the audience's as well. And Gosling is terrific as a guy who is cold on the surface, only barely concealing his conflicting feelings. His scenes with de Armas are superb, as she offers him some romantic hope amid the doom and gloom. Gosling and Ford also generate some terrific chemistry, exchanging physical and verbal blows. And as the villain and his henchwoman, Leto and Hoeks bring plenty of menace.

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Justice League Trailer

The planet is in turmoil. Superman is apparently dead and crime rates have surged around the world as a result. But there's more than just petty theft and random assaults out there; mankind are under threat from an alien general named Steppenwolf who, with his terrible army of Parademons, are causing devastation as they search far and wide for three mysterious Mother Boxes hidden on Earth. The people need help, and so Bruce Wayne brings back Gotham's hero - Batman - and enlists the assistance of Wonder Woman to form a new legion of heroes. They, along with Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash, must protect the world from total destruction at the hands of Steppenwolf and, ultimately, his boss Darkseid. They're all very different heroes, with very different ideas about fighting villains, but there's one thing they all have in common - a desire for justice.

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Robin Wright Thinks Netflix's "Freedom" Led To Its Huge Success

By Daniel Falconer in Movies / TV / Theatre on 15 August 2017

Robin Wright

The actress has seen huge success with her series 'House of Cards'.

You'd be forgiven for not knowing the history of Netflix. Whilst the streaming service seems to have crept up on most people within the past few years, the company was actually founded in California all the way back in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Now, in 2017 and with Hastings as Chairman and CEO along with Ted Sarandos as CCO, the platform has become one of the biggest entertainment hubs the world has ever seen.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as Frank and Claire Underwood in Netflix's 'House of Cards'

As of July of this year, Netflix reported having 103.95 million subscribers across the globe, with 51.92 million of those residing in the United States. To put that in perspective, that means that just under one in every seven people who live in the States have an active Netflix subscription; simply incredible when you then factor in youngsters and the like.

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Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

Officer K (Ryan Gosling) is an LAPD law enforcer and a new Blade Runner whose job it is to hunt down and destroy any replicants that find their way to Earth. Replicants are genetically engineered people with short lifespans who have been used solely for work on space colonies for the last few decades. However, when Officer K uncovers a terrifying secret about the replicants that threatens the future of the entire planet, he embarks on a search for a Blade Runner named Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) who has been missing for 30 years. It's here we uncover the truth behind Deckard's identity, after the original movie left it cloaked in mystery. Meanwhile, replicant manufacturer Wallace (Jared Leto) has nefarious intentions on his mind regarding his 'children'.

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Wonder Woman Review


Boldly optimistic, this action-packed adventure breathes fresh life into the DC universe with a welcome balance of comedy, flirtation and a sense of righteous justice. And at the centre, Gal Gadot is a hugely engaging hero with a refreshing moral clarity to her actions. So even if the movie dissolves into the usual murky digital mayhem in its final act, there's a bright light at the centre that holds us in its grip.

While the Great War rages in Europe, life carries on as usual on the secret island home of the Amazons, where Diana (Gadot) has been raised by her mother Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and trained by her aunt General Antiope (Robin Wright). When American spy Steve (Chris Pine) crash-lands there, Diana quickly agrees to return with him to war-torn Europe, track down God of War Aries and put an end to the fighting for good. Awed by her fighting prowess and skimpy outfit, Steve agrees to take her. They return to London to confront a smug politician (David Thewlis) and assemble a team so they can return to the front on a mission to take down the nefarious German General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and his chemical weapons scientist Maru (Elena Anaya). But Diana is still looking for Aries.

Director Patty Jenkins tells this story like an old-fashioned war epic, following a rag-tag group of good guys as they go through a series of battles on their way to the big confrontation. Along the way, there's plenty of comedy banter, dark emotion and even some lusty romance. Putting a woman at the centre of the action gives the movie a strongly resonant slant, especially because she's surrounded by men who always underestimate her.

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Robin Wright Reveals She Was Not Paid The Same As Her Male Co Star For House Of Cards

By Charlotte Court in Movies / TV / Theatre on 18 May 2017

Robin Wright Kevin Spacey

The actress is the female lead alongside Kevin Spacey in the Netflix series

The ongoing row about equal pay in Hollywood has erupted again - this time from the female lead of the incredibly successful Netflix show, House of Cards: Robin Wright. The acclaimed actress - who plays vindictive First Lady Claire Underwood - has revealed she has recently discovered she is not on the same pay as her male co-star, Kevin Spacey.

Robin Wright plays Claire Underwood in House of Cards

Speaking to NET-A-PORTER’s weekly digital magazine, The EDIT, mother-of-two Robin explained she had previously been told both her and Spacey were receiving the same amount of money.

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Wonder Woman Trailer

Diana Prince is one of the Amazon warriors of Themyscira, a tribe of women with extraordinary power. There is no-one quite as extraordinary, however, as Diana herself. After being shown the noble Sword of Athena as a young girl, our heroine becomes determined to be the one who wields it, training in all areas of combat. When her incredible powers start to shine through, her mother Hippolyta does not want to tell her the truth about her creation. As oblivious as she is to the secrets of her birthright, she becomes determined to save the world after rescuing a marooned military pilot named Steve Trevor. When he informs her of the danger that her kind faces, she insists on going with him to win the war and save the world. Of course, London is hardly the place she wants to be, but she finds new friendships in Steve and his quirky secretary Etta Candy.

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Robin Wright photographed by Peter Lindbergh for the 2017 Pirelli Calendar, the forty-fourth edition of the iconic calendar. - Tuesday 29th November 2016

Robin Wright seen on the red carpet at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Microsoft Theater Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 19th September 2016

Robin Wright seen on the red carpet at the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Microsoft Theater Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 18th September 2016