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  • 09 June 2004



Isle Of Dogs Trailer

Imagine a world without dogs. It hardly bears thinking about, but in this dystopian look at Japan twenty years into the future, all canines have been banned from society after a bout of a dangerous illness called canine flu. Rather than being euthanised, the pooches are being quarantined and moved to Trash Island where they are left to fend for themselves. One group of four-legged friends includes Chief (Bryan Cranston), Rex (Edward Norton), Boss (Bill Murray), Duke (Jeff Goldblum) and King (Bob Balaban), and they are seriously missing life amongst humankind - not to mention food that isn't mouldy and maggot-infested.

Then one day, a young boy named Atari Kobayashi (Koyu Rankin) shows up on the island with a stolen Junior-Turbo Prop XJ750 aircraft searching for his own long lost pet, Spots. It doesn't take him long to win the trust of the island's residents, who agree to help him search for the dog. Of course, back home, he is noticeably missing and his family inform the authorities. Soon they arrive at the island preparing to take him home, but Atari doesn't want to leave without Spots - and his newfound friends won't let him either. As Atari's search takes them further afield, it becomes clear that there is a much darker conspiracy happening in the nation - and that his dog may be being held prisoner somewhere.

The Oscar nominated Wes Anderson ('The Grand Budapest Hotel', 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', 'The Darjeeling Limited') returns as the director and writer of a new stop-motion animation 'Isle of Dogs'. His previous collaborators Kunichi Nomura, and Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman ('Mozart in the Jungle') also helped write the story. The film, which features an all-star cast, was originally teased by the filmmaker back in December 2016 when he unveiled the briefest of clips from the movie showing Edward Norton's character Rex.

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Yoko Ono To Receive Songwriting Credit For John Lennon's 'Imagine'

By Ed Biggs in Music / Festivals on 15 June 2017

Yoko Ono John Lennon

Ono is to receive a credit for co-writing 'Imagine', 46 years after it was released.

46 years after it first became a hit, Yoko Ono is set to be given a songwriting credit on her late husband John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’.

The move was apparently announced at an event for the National Publishers Association in New York City on Wednesday (June 14th), according to Variety. The association’s CEO, David Israelite, played an audio recording of Lennon arguing that Yoko should receive such a credit because of her influence in writing the 1971 track. The process to make the credit official is under way but has not yet been completed.

Image caption Yoko Ono is to get a songwriting credit for John Lennon's 'Imagine'

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Ono And Bono Unveil Tapestry In New York Honouring John Lennon

By Ed Biggs in Music / Festivals on 30 July 2015

John Lennon Yoko Ono Bono The Edge U2 [Beatles](http://www.contactmusic.com/Beatles)

The artwork was unveiled to remember Lennon, who was assassinated in New York in 1980, his struggles to gain citizenship, and the money his music has raised for Amnesty International since 2004.

A tribute to the late John Lennon was unveiled in New York on Wednesday, with a tapestry unveiled in a ceremony attended by a number of stars including Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono and U2 stars Bono and The Edge.

The cheeky artwork, which depicts Manhattan as a yellow submarine in a sea of blue, is on display at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. Lennon himself appears on the tapestry as the captain of the submarine and giving the peace sign. The piece was commissioned by an organisation called Art For Amnesty to thank Ono for diverting more than $5 million in royalties from the singer’s post-Beatles music to Amnesty International since 2004.

Image caption Yoko Ono unveiled the tapestry honouring her late husband John Lennon

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Artist Cynthia Lennon, Former Wife Of John Lennon Dies Aged 75

By Stephanie Chase in Music / Festivals on 01 April 2015

John Lennon Julian Lennon Yoko Ono

Cynthia Lennon was married to the formed beatle from 1962-1968.

Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of late Beatle John Lennon, has died aged 75 at her home in Mallorca. According to a statement released by her family, Cynthia’s only child Julian was at her beside when she passed away, following a short battle with cancer.

Image caption Cynthia Lennon has died aged 75.

"Cynthia Lennon passed away today at her home in Mallorca, Spain following a short but brave battle with cancer,” the statement on Julian Lennon’s website reads. “Her son Julian Lennon was at her bedside throughout. The family are thankful for your prayers. Please respect their privacy at this difficult time.”

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Widow and second wife of Beatle John Lennon, Yoko Ono was seen out walking in TriBeCa, Manhattan, New York, United States - Thursday 29th January 2015

10 Acts You Had No Idea Were Playing Glastonbury

By George Percival in Music / Festivals on 23 June 2014

Glastonbury Festival Sophie Ellis-Bextor Speech Debelle Fatboy Slim Keith Allen Blondie Yoko Ono The Brian Jonestown Massacre MGMT

We root around the line-up and take a look at the acts that may not have stood out on first view.

Part of Glastonbury’s enduring reputation is its propensity for composing a line-up that is extensive that a wealth of acts will pass by unnoticed. We’ve sieved through the thousands of acts who will be making the trip to Worthy Farm to highlight ten acts whose inclusion in the festival bill may surprise many. Sifting through the lower rungs of the bill uncovers a slew of rising stars and forgotten flames, those who are on the ascension to the upper levels of cultural recognition as well as those whose days of glory are far behind them.

Image caption Metallica will be this years most controversial performers. Photo: Getty Images, Credit: Frazer Harrison

Beyond the endless stretch of humans eyeing up the pyramid stage with binoculars are copious tents and smaller stages which host a myriad of curiosities, from fading pop stars regurgitating their hit songs for the umpteenth time to all manner of odd theatrics, spoken word performances, comedians, circus performances and Happy Monday’s hype-man Bez, who has this year been granted his very own ‘Acid House’ stage. Here then, are ten acts who to varying degrees will surprise festival goers with their very presence at the culturally sacred Somerset site:

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Yoko Ono - Yoko Ono seen in Nolita in New York City - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 1st May 2014

Beatles Mania Sweeps Grammys As Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr Reunite To Perform

By Lauren James in Music / Festivals on 27 January 2014

Sir Paul McCartney Ringo Starr Yoko Ono Olivia Harrison Dave Grohl

The former Beatles reunited to perform together at this year's Grammy Awards.

Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited at last night's Grammy Awards in LA with their first joint public performance in over three years. The former Beatles and only surviving members of the sixties pop sensations joined forces once again for a rendition of McCartney's new single, 'Queenie Eye' and a long-awaited reunion.

Paul McCartney Enjoyed A Triumphant Run At Last Night's Grammy Awards.

Beatles fans may have preferred McCartney and Starr to perform one of their former band's classic hits but few were disappointed when Paul took his seat behind a psychedelically-decorated piano and Ringo got comfy behind his drumkit to play the track from Paul's new album, New. The duo's performance marked the 50th anniversary of the TV appearance that secured them fame in the US with The Beatles. __

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Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon - 56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 26th January 2014

Yoko Ono & Paul McCartney- Best Pals: They Can Drink Coffee And Watch Breaking Bad Together

By Jack de Aguilar in Movies / TV / Theatre on 01 November 2013

Yoko Ono Sir Paul McCartney

What else can they do? Go for a hot sandwich? You bet.

Oh man – mates. Mates are great. I’ve got some mates, and I drink coffee with them and talk about Breaking Bad. But for the past million decades, or however long ago when people thought the Beatles were good, Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney haven’t been mates.

Image caption Paul McCartney holding a guitar

In fact, it’s been one of the most enduring public shoulder-chips to remain lodged firmly in place. The chip on Macca’s shoulder was always bigger, but now both of them seem to have shrunk, and the pair might even be seen in a north London café grabbing a fry up, or watching Thor: The Dark World in the cinema.

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Video - Yoko Ono Blows A Kiss To Paparazzi Outside 'Letterman'

Musician and peace activist Yoko Ono blows a kiss and waves at paparazzi as she arrives outside the New York studios for 'The Late Show With David Letterman'. She is wearing her trademark round sunglasses and a royal blue fedora hat.

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Yoko Ono Tops The Dance Chart With Remixes Of 1981's Electro-Pop Hit, 'Walking On Thin Ice'

By Lauren James in Music / Festivals on 27 September 2013

Yoko Ono John Lennon

John Lennon's former love sees the No.1 spot on the dance charts with a new release.

Yoko Ono's re-envisaged single album, 'Walking On Thin Ice 2013' has become the pop culture icon's 11th chart topper after it rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Dance Club Play chart to snatch victory from the likes of Avicii, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Daft Punk and Selena Gomez.

Yoko Ono's Not Letting The Dance World Forget Her.

"Walking On Thin Ice" was originally recorded during the 'Double Fantasy' sessions with John Lennon and would be the last recording by John and Yoko - recorded on that fateful night of December 8, 1980. Upon its release in January 1981, the single drew attention from tastemakers and DJs for its pioneering electronic dance / post-disco / nu-wave hybrid sound.

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Yoko Ono, John Lennon, George Harrison, look-a-likes and Lauren Atkins - Yoko Ono, John Lennon and George Harrison look-alikes pose with Lauren Atkins, MD of The Malins Group - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 1st August 2013

Yoko Ono - Yoko Ono at the Launch of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus at the Museum of Liverpool - Pier Head - - Liverpool, United Kingdom - Wednesday 8th May 2013

Yoko Ono's Meltdown Performers Include Boy George, Patti Smith And Thurston Moore

By Contributor in Music / Festivals on 04 April 2013

Yoko Ono Boy George Patti Smith Thurston Moore

A mix of old and new to perform in London over June

Yoko Ono has announced the bulk of the names for her Meltdown Festival line-up to take place in London this year, with the former wife of John Lennon staying true to her vision to create a line-up based on concept and not going all out for big names for the sake of it.

Names announced for the event, which takes place at London’s Southbank Centre for a week and a half in June, include Patti Smith, Boy George, Siouxsie Sioux and Iggy and The Stooges. Back in November, upon the announcement that Ono would be taking on the curator’s role, she commented "I'm not pursuing big names for the sake of big names. I'm thinking along the lines of a concept, which is more refreshing. There will definitely be an element of feminism and the plight of women … [and] I am thinking of having one or two events where I ask men to say something strong about themselves too."

That’s certainly a concept she’s stuck too with the line-up announced so far. Alongside these more established names, Ono also has the likes of up and coming post-punk group Savages, as well as the likes of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, formerly of Sonic Youth, Peaches and comedian Reggie Watts. Ono herself will perform with the Plastic Ono Band. Additionally there will be various talks, panels and film screenings over the event. "It's not only a great honour to curate Meltdown in its 20th year," Ono said in a press release, according to The Guardian "it's also a lot of fun."

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