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  • 26 June 2014



Maze Runner: The Death Cure Trailer

Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) and his fellow Gladers have fought their way out of a Griever-infested labyrinth, abandoned streets filled with Flare-infected Cranks and avoided kidnap by nefarious WCKD troops. But now comes their biggest challenge of them all. They can no longer run and hide from their fate. They must band together to take down WCKD and save their friends, and the rest of civilisation, once and for all.

It's time to get the answers that they have been looking for, and along the way uncover the secret behind the cure for the deadly Flare pandemic - a secret that they know lies within the Immunes. Do to this they must tackle yet another maze; bigger and more terrifying than that which circled the Glade.

On the other side is a legendary city that could answer their prayers, but it's unlikely that they'll all make it out alive. With Ava Paige (Patricia Clarkson) and WCKD still on their backs, their mission seems futile, but Thomas is determined to fight until the very end.

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Dexter Darden - Grand opening of the Jabbawockeez dance crew's show 'JREAMZ' at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino - Arrivals - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Friday 19th February 2016

Dexter Darden - Ubisoft's 'Rainbow Six Siege' launch party at Exchange LA - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 23rd November 2015

Katherine McNamara , Dexter Darden - New York premiere of 'Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials' held at Regal E-Walk - Arrivals - New York, New York, United States - Tuesday 15th September 2015

Dexter Darden - 17th Annual DesignCare Gala held at The LOT Studios - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 8th August 2015

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Trailer

Having overcome a series of deadly encounters in the box-office smash The Maze Runner, this much-anticipated second chapter in the dystopian young-adult series finds Thomas and his fellow Gladers facing their greatest challenge yet, as they search for clues about the sinister organisation known as WCKD. Their mission takes them to a desolate landscape called the Scorch, where they face new dangers at every turn. Teaming up with resistance fighters, they must take on WCKD's powerful forces in an attempt to uncover the organisation's shocking plans for these young heroes.

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - Teaser Trailer

Following their supposed escape from the monster infested maze, the surviving Gladers led by Thomas are taken to an underground facility in the wake of a devastating solar flare known as The Scorch that has left the vast majority of the population infected with a disease called the Flare, but little do they know they are about to enter Phase Two. Soon they begin to realise that they're still part of WCKD's dastardly experiment and they must find a way to escape once and for all or risk more of them dying untimely deaths. They are warned about the dangers of entering the barren wasteland that has become the rest of the world, but they have no choice if they want freedom. Cities have been overtaken by sand dunes, but they soon about to discover yet more unfathomable horrors that lie before them.

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Dexter Darden - A variety of stars were snapped as they attended the NYLON Magazine And BCB Generation Annual May Young Hollywood Issue Party which was held at the HYDE Sunset: Kitchen + Cocktails in West Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 7th May 2015

The Maze Runner - Alternative Trailer

After awakening in a rising elevator with no memory of who he is or what his life was, Thomas finds himself deposited in a strange clearing surrounded by high walls. He is greeted by around 60 other boys, all teenagers, who inform him about their life in The Glade where they are forced to fend for themselves in order to survive. The only escape is a colossal surrounding maze that is frequented everyday by the runners who map out the labyrinth in a bid to find their way out. However, of course nothing is that simple and the boys are not alone in there. Infesting the twists and turns are brutal creatures known as Grievers who will stop at nothing to wipe out the Glade inhabitants. Things get more complicated when the first girl arrives in their midst; the boys are reluctant to trust her especially with the unusual message she presents to them.

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The Maze Runner Trailer

Thomas is a young teenager who suddenly awakens to find himself ascending in an elevator to an unknown destination. He has no memory of his life and arrives into a mysterious clearing surrounded by walls filled with around 60 other boys around his age. The clearing is known as The Glade and the inhabitants spend their days trying to survive on minimal resources while periodically venturing into the surrounding maze to look for an escape. Unfortunately, things aren't that simple as they discover that the maze is inhabited by deadly creatures known as Grievers, who are hellbent on destruction. Soon after Thomas' arrival, an unconscious girl is found in the elevator - the first girl to have ever been sent to the The Glade - with an unusual message, and it seems since both their arrivals, everyone's memories are getting a little clearer.

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Joyful Noise Review

By Rich Cline


Life-affirming to the point of distraction, this comedy is so warm and cosy that it never even approaches believability. If only writer-director Graff had injected the film with half as much earthy energy as he puts into the terrific musical numbers. And let the cast out of the box.

At a down-home church in Pacashau, Georgia, GG (Parton) is peeved when she's not offered the job after her choir-director father (a brief Kris Kristofferson cameo) dies. The new leader is her rival Vi Rose (Latifah), who plans to win the upcoming regional competition with pure gospel. To further stir things up, GG's bad-boy grandson Randy (Jordan) is back in town, and he's smitten with Vi Rose's 16-year-old daughter Olivia (Palmer).

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