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  • 09 June 2004

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'X Factor's' Honey G Banned By David Bowie Estate From Rapping Over Classic Track

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 22 October 2016

David Bowie Sharon Osbourne Simon Cowell Vanilla Ice The X Factor

The ‘X Factor’ hopeful has been told she cannot put her own twist on Bowie classic ‘Under Pressure’.

x factor’ hopeful Honey G has reportedly been told by David Bowie's estate that she cannot do her own rap over a track by the late singer.

Honey is set to perform Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ on tonight’s live shows, which samples Bowie and Queen’s 1981 song ‘Under Pressure’.

But according to reports the London-born hopeful has been told she must stick to Vanilla Ice’s version and not make the track her own.

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Vanilla Ice - 'Today Show'- I Love the 90's concert - New York, New York, United States - Friday 29th April 2016

Jessie J, Jenny McCarthy, Vanilla Ice, Wiz Kalif, Carrie Underwood , Ryan Secreast - Celebrity at 2016 New Years Eve in Times Square at Times Square - Manhattan, New York, United States - Thursday 31st December 2015

Vanilla Ice Defends Adam Sandler Movie From Accusations Of Racism

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 28 April 2015

Vanilla Ice Adam Sandler

The ex-rap star, who features in the movie, defended the script after a mass walkout of Native American cast members last week.

In the wake of approximately a dozen cast members walking off set last week, Vanilla Ice has come to the defence of Adam Sandler’s new comedy western The Ridiculous Six.

The former rap star, who plays the role of Mark Twain in the movie, defended the content of the exclusive-to-Netflix project against accusations that the humour was offensive to Native American culture.

In an interview with TMZ, Ice said “It’s a comedy. I don’t think anybody really had any ill feeling or any intent or anything. This movie isn’t Dances With Wolves. It’s a comedy. They’re not there to showcase anything about anybody – they’re just making a funny movie, I think.”

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Mr. T To Host DIY Network Show, 'I Pity The Tool'

By Elinor Cosgrave in Movies / TV / Theatre on 20 March 2015

Mr T Vanilla Ice William Shatner Run Dmc

Mr. T to host renovation series for the DIY Network, 'I Pity the Tool'.

Mr. T will return to television with a new series, I Pity the Tool. The actor, whose real name is Laurence Tureaud, will be hosting the show for the DIY Network. The network announced the upcoming show on Thursday (19th March). I Pity the Tool, named in homage to Mr. T's famed catch-phrase, will see the 62-year-old actor and his crew remodelling family homes in his hometown of Chicago.

Image caption Mr. T will host the new DIY Network series.

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Vanilla Ice Took Some Stuff From A House. Says It Was "Misunderstanding"

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 19 February 2015

Vanilla Ice

Mr Van Winkle says the whole thing is a big misunderstanding.

Robert Van Winkle, better known to you guys as rapper Vanilla Ice, says his arrest on suspicion of burglary and theft in Florida was "a misunderstanding." The singer is suspected of stealing property in the town of Lantana after missing pieces of furniture and bicycles were found at his own home.

Image caption Vanilla Ice says his arrest has been "blown out of proportion"

Winkle was working on a nearby house for his renovation show - the Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY network - when arrested for the theft. Police say that items he allegedly stole have been returned to the owner of the home next door to where Winkle was working. The singer's legal team is yet to officially comment on the case though after leaving police custody the rapper said he was innocent.

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Vanilla Ice Arrested In Florida On Burglary & Grand Theft Auto Charges

By Elinor Cosgrave in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 18 February 2015

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice has been arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft auto charges. Ice allegedly stole property from a foreclosed house in Florida.

Vanilla Ice A.K.A. Robert Matthew Van Winkle has reportedly been arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft auto. Ice allegedly stole a number of objects including furniture, a pool heater and bicycle from a foreclosed home in Florida. The burglary took place earlier this month but Ice was only arrested in connection with the crime on Wednesday (18th February).

Image caption Vanilla Ice was arrested in Florida on Wednesday (18th February).

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Dusti Rain, Vanilla Ice and Keelee Breeze - Celebrities go to see One Direction in Miami - Miami, Florida, United States - Sunday 5th October 2014

Vanilla Ice Going Amish For DIY Network Reality Series

By Contributor in Movies / TV / Theatre on 24 April 2013

Vanilla Ice

Construction-based series beckons for hapless star

So there was only one natural direction for Vanilla Ice to make following his highly, um successful career as a musician (still waiting for that great follow-up second hit, Vanilla) – he’s going to become Amish! And not just become Amish – he’s going to become Amish on a reality TV show! That should put some butts on seats.

CBS News reports that the rapper – who hasn’t had a US Billboard Top 100 single since 1991’s ‘Cool As Ice (Everybody Get Loose)’ – will be appearing in a show in which he immerses himself in the Amish community, who famously don’t use electricity and reject all modernity, instead focusing on plain dress and customs. The show will appear on the DIY Network, which is already a home of sorts of Vanilla, given that he currently ‘stars’ on its renovation series The Vanilla Ice Project. In keeping with that show, the rapper will be helping the Amish in Ohio with their construction work. We’re sure they’ll be thrilled.

We can’t help but feel the network might be pinning their hopes on the wrong star here, given that the 45 year-old not only has a terrible music career but also a terrible film career behind him. Still, it’s their money so we suppose they can spend it on who they want. Vanilla Ice seems pretty stoked about the whole thing anyway, Tweeting "This show is going to be amazing, pure magical. Get in where you fit in, and I'm sitting in with the Amish. LOL."

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Rapper Vanilla Ice Launches His Own Line Of... Chandeliers And Lighting

By Lorna Greville in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 05 February 2013

Vanilla Ice

Chandeliers are often made of crystals. Crystals look like diamonds (kind of). Diamonds are sometimes referred to as ice. Vanilla Ice has a range of chandeliers and lighting. That's only four degrees of separation so we'll give Vanilla the benefit of the doubt on this one, even though it really is mighty strange.

American rapper Vanilla Ice is best known for his rap 'Ice Ice Baby', which he recently re-released with Jedward - okay, so maybe chandeliers isn't so weird. He has also hosted his own renovation show on TV called 'The Vanilla Ice Project', and for anyone (anyone?) that knew about that, this new project may come as less surprising. The website describes the range: "The transitional design and unique silk shades with crystal detail make this fixture truly an original, just like Vanilla Ice. Bling it on!"

He teamed up with New Jersey based lighting company, Capitol Lighting to design the range, which was unveiled at Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The range includes wall lights, ceiling lights plus two sizes of chandelier, reaching a top cost of around £900.

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Vanilla Ice - Vanilla Ice aka Robert Matthew Van Winkle Saturday 4th August 2012 Vanilla Ice hosts a pool party at the Flamingo GO Pool at Flamingo Las Vegas

That's My Boy Trailer

In his early teens, the immature and irresponsible Donny Berger struck up a brief romance with his school teacher resulting in her pregnancy. When she is jailed for having a sexual relationship with a minor, Donny is forced to raise the child (who he names Han Solo) until Hans' eighteenth birthday. Twelve years later, Donny owes $43,000 to the IRS which he must pay to avoid three years in jail. He recognises Han Solo in a magazine under the new name of Todd Peterson and reads that he is the one of the youngest hedge fund managers in the financial industry and is engaged to be married. Todd's world is turned upside down when his father (who he had attempted to erase from his life completely) turns up the day before his wedding wanting to spend quality time with his son, while really seeking help with his debt problem. The reunion forces Donny to accept the consequences of his terrible parenting.

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Vanilla Ice and Home Improvement - Vanilla Ice aka Robert Matthew Van Winkle Toronto, Canada - appearing on CTV's 'The Marilyn Denis Show' to promote his new album, 'WTF - Wisdom, Tenacity and Focus' and his home improvement show 'The Vanilla Ice Project' Tuesday 1st February 2011

The New Guy Review

By Rob Blackwelder


For its first 20 minutes or so, the big-geek-on-campus comedy "The New Guy" gets by on a semi-fresh twist of tiresome teen clique themes and a well-cast lead. DJ Qualls -- the 98-lb. walking weakling punchline from 2000's "Road Trip" -- plays a bottom-of-the-food-chain bully magnet who changes high schools and reinvents himself as a wiry, uber-cool bad ass.

But as soon as the kid gets comfortable with his new studly status (insert stock scenes of trampy cheerleaders here) and we've seen Qualls' entire comical cool-jerk repertoire, the movie plum runs out of ideas and putters along on fumes until the closing credits.

Lazy and simplistic, when "The New Guy" isn't beating long-dead genre horses (Qualls feels guilty, for about two minutes, about dissing his "real" friends for the in crowd), it's a blender-edited mish-mosh of abridged plot points. Our hero apparently teaches everyone in his new school to get along, but we don't see how he does it. Before long campus hotties are hanging off the arms of dorks, overweight guys and other former outcasts. No explanation there either. Qualls' dad (Lyle Lovett) and former school counselor (Illeana Douglas) think his new style and attitude are signs of a drug problem, but that story angle is abandoned after about 30 seconds.

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