Kathryn Newton

  • 01 March 2011



Kathryn Newton at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards held at Brooklyn Museum. The Council of Fashion Designers of America honors the best that the fashion world has to offer, and this year honorees included Naomi Campbell and Donatella Versace - New York, New York, United States - Monday 4th June 2018

Kathryn Newton at the European premiere of Disney's 'A Wrinkle in Time' held at the BFI in London. The eagerly anticipated fantasy adventure has been directed by Ava DuVernay and stars Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 13th March 2018

Kathryn Newton at the HBO Golden Globe After Party 2018. With 12 nominations, the network received the most of any TV network, including for one of the night's biggest winners: 'Big Little Lies' - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 8th January 2018

Parents Become Virginity Vigilantes In Kay Cannon's 'Blockers'

The idea of children become functioning adults is often a terrifying thought for parents, especially when their innocence is at stake. 'Blockers' explores the hilarious results of when a group of parents become hellbent on preserving their teens' virginities in the run up to their prom night.

It only seems like yesterday when Lisa (Leslie Mann), Mitchell (John Cena) and Hunter (Ike Barinholtz) waved goodbye to their young daughters on their first day of elementary school. Now, more than a decade later, those girls are still the best of friends - but everything else has sure changed.

Julie (Kathryn Newton), Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Sam (Gideon Adlon) are excited to celebrate a milestone in their teen lives: the high school prom. And just to make their parents' insecurities more profound, Julie carelessly leaves her laptop open for the grown-ups to find one day, where her and her friends' phone conversations are being stored.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri Trailer

Somebody messed with the wrong mother when they murdered her daughter Angela Hayes (Kathryn Newton). Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) will stop at nothing to make sure that her child's killer is caught and after several months of still no arrests, she decides to take drastic action. She forks out for three enormous billboards to go up in her Missouri town with a message to the highly respected Police Sheriff Bill Willoughby (Woody Harrelson). An embarrassed Willoughby visits her to encourage her to take the billboards down, but she's standing firm and will certainly not be intimidated by police involvement - or, indeed, anyone who dares complain about them. She assaults her dentist with his own drill after discovering that he made a complaint and attacks two local high school kids who try to mock her. Even the local vicar is trying to appeal to her sanity at this point, but when she torches the local police station, it becomes clear that she's quickly becoming way out of control.

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Reese Witherspoon at the 'The Big Little Lies' Film premiere - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 8th February 2017

Kathryn Newton at the 2017 HBO Golden Globe After Party - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 9th January 2017

Paranormal Activity 4 To Haunt Box Office Competition Into Submission This Weekend

By Michael West on 19 October 2012

Kathryn Newton

Paranormal 4 should have little trouble this weekend when it comes to battling off competition for the top spot in the US Box Office Chart, however studio insiders are predicting that the fourth instalment of the horror campaign might have a little more trouble than it's predecessors in the race for the top spot, with a handful of films already in the box office still over-performing.

The better than expected outings from films Argi, Taken 2, Sinister and Hotel Transylvania might inflict a fair amount of damage to the extended franchise's latest offering, reflecting poorly on the overall box office impact the film makes. Still, these titles are unlikely to stand in the way of the horror film's rise to the top of the charts when it opens this weekend, with analysts predicting an impressive return for the horror franchise.

Tracking suggests that Paranormal 4 will open with takings around the $30 million point, perhaps higher, which would be a good start for a horror film but no where near as good as the last outing. When Paranormal Activity 3 opened last October it took in an ample $52.6 million, not only a record for the franchise, but a record for any horror film. When Paranormal 2 opened two years ago this month, its takings were also fairly impressive, coming in at $40.7 million on the opening weekend. It is around this mark too that the more optimistic box office observers are predicting number four to come in at.

New 'Paranormal Activity 4' Clip Revealed Ahead Of Release

By Contributor in Movies / TV / Theatre on 18 October 2012

Kathryn Newton

Oh no, someone's left the garage door open, and you know what that means. No, not that all those old copies of TV Guide that you've kept for no apparent reason in boxes have been ruined by the rain, or that someone's stolen your spare set of garden shears. No, because this is 'Paranormal Activity 4' and it means that untold terror is about to afflict those who own said garage.

That's what happens in the latest preview clip for the horror film that's made its makers Paramount a hearty amount of money over its previous three instalments. The female lead character Alex (Kathryn Newton) queries the fact that the garage is open (a garage? Open? Madness!) and with a now typical wobbly camera focused on her face she clearly starts seeing something out of shot from the rest of us (of course) and starts screaming and so forth. Switching up with this is a video showing a woman getting up off a couch, quite a normal occurrence really, but not when the footage of it's really grainy - that's when it takes on pant-soiling qualities, friends.

The film actually opens tomorrow (October 19, 2012) so you won't have long to find out what happens to Alex. The film is set five years after the original, and sees Alex and her mother experience strange goings on when new neighbours move in next to them. I'd take strange goings on over our neighbours not returning our vacuum cleaner for over a year to be honest.

Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer

'Paranormal Activity 4' is the chilling fourth instalment of the popular horror series though little has been revealed about the main plot. We do know that the sequel will feature Katie who winded up succumbing to demonic possession at the end of the first two films and subsequently butchered her boyfriend, her sister Kristi and Kristi's husband Daniel as well as kidnapping their baby son Hunter who also appeared to become possessed. She is set to bring the malevolent evil that has stalked her family to terrorize another group of victims. When Katie and Hunter show up outside the house of Alice and her family, they start to suspect that there is a connection between Katie and their new next door neighbours.

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Bad Teacher Review

By Rich Cline


This film strains so badly to be a black comedy that it does itself an injury. Aside from the general lack of funny gags, miscasting is the major problem.

There's also an unwillingness to commit to the characters' dark sides, opting instead for gross-out silliness.

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Bad Teacher Trailer

Elizabeth should never have become a teacher, her teaching technique is somewhat 'hands off'; she swears, drinks, smokes pot and is generally a terrible influence on the children. Stuck in a job she hates, she's just waiting for the day when a rich man asks her to marry him and once and for all she can put this daily nightmare behind her.

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