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  • 28 May 2013

Suburbicon Review


This film feels kind of like what you'd expect from a collision between George Clooney and the Coen brothers: a comical noir thriller with a hefty dose of social commentary. Essentially two films mashed together, it paints a clever portrait of America in the 1950s with repressed rage, racial unrest and deep-seated greed. But the film's most powerful angle is its story of a young boy's rather nightmarish coming of age.

It's set in 1959 middle America, where Suburbicon is the town of the future, an idyllic place to raise a family. Then the Meyers family moves in, the first black family, and the community blames them when the Lodges - dad Gardner (Matt Damon), mom Rose (Julianne Moore), son Nicky (Noah Jupe) and aunt Maggie (also Moore) - are violently attacked. But an insurance inspector (Oscar Isaac) suspects that Gardner knows more about his attackers (Glenn Fleshler and Alex Hassell) than he's letting on. And Nicky knows he does. So as the neighbourhood descends into chaos to protest the Meyers' presence, Nicky quietly befriends their son Andy (Tony Espinosa).

Clooney directs this in a colourful 1950s style, with jaunty music by Alexandre Desplat and vivid production design by James Bissell. This is a community that looks perfect on the surface, but more than a little rotten underneath. And the script lures the audience in with some clever twists and turns that shift perspectives and tones, playing with the way these people are interconnected. Much of this is observed through Nicky's eyes, and he sees everything even if he can't explain why something is happening. All of this builds to a properly intense final act that's laced with wicked humour to gleefully keep the audience off balance. So even as it turns increasingly violent, the suspense and irony keep us entertained.

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Suburbicon Trailer

In the quiet, seemingly perfect land of suburbia, a businessman named Gardner Lodge (Matt Damon) has everything. A high-flying career, a beautiful home, a wife and a young son, but when his house gets broken into by thugs who kill his wife, he starts to begin to understand the immensity of some of the mistakes he's made in his life. He's being hunted by loan sharks who happen to have connections to the mob, and they intend to get their money back no matter what the costs. When it starts to become clear that everything he has left is at stake, he decides to take matters into his own hands and give those mobsters as good as they give. Soon the neighbourhood transforms into one of the bloodiest in the area, and even his sister Margaret (Julianne Moore) gets dragged into her brother's vengeful scheme.

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Some people are far more important than you might think. For one lowly cobbler, things are about to change. After a lifetime of fixing other people's shoes, the cobbler, Max Simkin (Adam Sandler) one day dares to try on a pair, discovering that if he walks in a man (or woman)'s shoes, he will become that person. After becoming the wrong person and coming into some money that doesn't belong to him, Simkin must do whatever he can to make it through, and maybe go back to helping other people instead of himself.

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Delivery Man Trailer

David Wozniak may be a lazy, middle-aged slob now, but he certainly did enough in his younger years to get himself into a situation that no man could ever dream of happening to them. After donating a vial of sperm to a sperm bank some 20-plus years ago, he is visited by an official from the clinic who informs him that he has in fact managed to father a colossal 533 children. Unfortunately, a good percentage of those 'kids' are now taking legal action in a bid to discover the identity of their biological father, nicknamed Starbuck. His lawyer has managed to pick up an envelope of all their profiles, giving David a strict instruction not to open it. Curiosity overcomes him when he opens it and he suddenly finds himself overwhelmed with a desire to take care of every one of his offspring and help them in any way he can. However, with a sceptical girlfriend, an unsupportive best friend and a lawyer who thinks he should stay away, he has got so many tough decisions to make.

This hilarious and heartwarming movie is based on the recent French film 'Starbuck'. Both were directed and written by Ken Scott ('Sticky Fingers', 'The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard') and it tells a tale of responsibility and the true meaning of parenthood. 'Delivery Man' will be released in the UK on January 10th 2014.

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Delivery Man Trailer

David Wozniak is a 40-something year old slob who did some stupid things to earn a living when he was much younger. When he is visited by an official from the local sperm bank, he discovers that one of those stupid things has led to him fathering no less than 533 children after donating his seed back in the nineties and now he is up against a lawsuit from 142 of them who are demanding to know his real identity after only being aware of his alias 'Starbuck'. With a lawyer who thinks the best course of action is to plead insanity in court, David must consider whether or not he should follow his intrigue and come forward, or retreat and fight for his anonymity. Meanwhile, his current girlfriend is having second thoughts about him as she becomes pregnant, fretting over his suitability to face up to his responsibilities.

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