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Greg Kinnear at the New York premiere of the HBO film '451 Fahrenheit'; an adaptation of the dystopian novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury - NYC, New York, United States - Tuesday 8th May 2018

Greg Kinnear And Diane Lane Join 'House Of Cards' Cast For Season 6

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 31 January 2018

Greg Kinnear Diane Lane Netflix

The pair are joining as part of a cast shake-up following the production hiatus after Kevin Spacey was fired last year.

Netflix has revealed some of the major cast changes to its flagship original series ‘House of Cards’ ahead of its sixth season, with actors Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane joining the political drama.

Kinnear and Lane, both former Oscar nominees, are to join the cast ahead of production on the sixth and final season resuming production on Wednesday (January 31st). This follows a months-long hiatus on ‘House of Cards’ after its star and executive producer, Kevin Spacey, was fired by Netflix in the midst of mounting allegations of serious sexual misconduct against him.

The two new stars are reportedly to play siblings on the show, but any more details about the casting have been kept firmly under wraps by Netflix. During the shutdown, the script for the new series was re-worked by producers to revolve around Robin Wright’s character of Claire Underwood.

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Brigsby Bear Review


Director Dave McCary makes a superb feature debut with this offbeat black comedy, which explores the experiences of a young man rescued after years in captivity. The darker emotions are here, but that's not the focus of this film, which instead playfully keeps the audience laughing as it cleverly weaves a tale that will resonate in unexpected ways. And the fanboy-style premise makes it wonderfully timely.

This is the story of 25-year-old James (played by cowriter Kyle Mooney), who was kidnapped as an infant and raised in a bunker by Ted and April (Mark Hamill and Jane Adams), who claimed to be his parents and told him the air outside was unbreathable. Over the years, he gets his education from weekly videotape episodes of the children's show Brigsby Bear, made by Ted specifically for him. Then when he's rescued and reunited with his real parents (Matt Walsh and Michaela Watkins), they're strangers to him. As is his spiky little sister Aubrey (Ryan Simpkins). To make sense of this big new world, he gets help from a cop (Greg Kinnear) and a therapist (Claire Danes). But he longs to revisit Brigsby's world. So when Aubrey's friend Spencer (Jorge Lendeborg) shows interest in the furry character, James launches an epic plan to make a movie to bring the TV series to a conclusion.

Obviously, all of this is working as a kind of rehabilitation for James, and the film is smartly assembled to bring the audience into his quirky perspective. We've seen an episode of Brigsby, so we understand how it has charmed him with its nutty sci-fi superhero action. And it's hilarious to see James thrown into our world when his only cultural references relate to Brigsby. Meanwhile, Mooney underscores James' obsession with a bright sense of curiosity that's infectious both for the other characters in the story and for us watching it.

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Same Kind Of Different As Me [2017] Trailer

When Deborah Hall (Renée Zellweger) has a dream about a poor wise man and ends up meeting him where she works at a canteen for homeless people, she knows that fate must have brought them together. Her marriage is on the rocks with her and her art dealer husband Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear) living completely separate lives. She urges him to befriend this strange man, who many have branded as dangerous, because she thinks their frienship could change the lives of everyone around them. His name is Denver (Djimon Hounsou) and, of course, Ron's family and associates are doing everything they can to dissuade him from helping this good-for-nothing bum - but it isn't long before they realise that he's exactly the opposite of everything they thought. He manages to bring Deborah and Ron closer together than ever before, while teaching everybody that each and every one of us is as different as each other.

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Brigsby Bear Trailer

When James Pope was just a baby, he was kidnapped from the hospital in which he was born. His new parents took him to live in the middle of an isolated expanse of wilderness, and refused to teach him anything about the world outside of their home and only let him watch a children's TV show called 'Brigsby Bear'. The only problem is, it has never been a real show and is merely a creation by his parents. One day, as an adult in his early 30s, he is rescued from his captors and taken out into the real world for the first time. Naturally, he is overwhelmed and confused about the nature of his new life, but nothing compares to finding out that 'Brigsby Bear' has never been a real show. However, it's the only thing he knows, so he sets out to bring the character out into the open and embarks on a filming project to create a movie of the character that shaped his entire life.

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Greg Kinnear - Premiere of HBO Films' 'Confirmation' at Paramount Theater - Arrivals at Paramount Stuidos Theater - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 31st March 2016

Helen Labdon , Greg Kinnear - Premiere of HBO Films' 'Confirmation' at Paramount Theater - Arrivals at Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios lot - Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 31st March 2016

Greg Kinnear - Premiere Of HBO Films' 'Confirmation' at Paramount Theater - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 31st March 2016

Heaven Is For Real Trailer

Todd Burpo has a fulfilling career as a businessman, fire fighter and pastor in a caring small-town community. He also has a loving family in his wife Sonja and two children Colton and Cassie. Like any idyllic family life though, he has been struck by grief, the most recent being the heartbreaking news that Colton must undergo immediate major surgery after collapsing on the brink of death. Afterwards, Colton reveals to his parents a series of revelations enough to shock the world. He recounts how he saw himself in hospital and describes the separate rooms his parents were waiting in, he reveals how he met his stillborn second sister and also accurately describes the grandfather he never met. Todd is convinced Colton has experienced a slice of the afterlife, but it's not enough to convince the sceptical town who are not ready to accept such a seemingly impossible truth.

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5 Networks Cancel 22 Shows Including CBS' 'The Crazy Ones' And 'Hostages'

By Elinor Cosgrave in Movies / TV / Theatre on 11 May 2014

Robin Williams Simon Baker Greg Kinnear

22 comedies and science fiction shows have fallen victim to cancellation by their various networks this week including CBS’ ‘The Crazy Ones’, Fox’s ‘Rake’ and NBC’s ‘Dracula’.

22 shows from five different television networks have been cut over the last week. Whilst it is bad news for fans of Robin William’s and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s The Crazy Ones but Simon Baker will return as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist.

Image caption Greg Kinnear [L] in Fox's 'Rake'

Based on Peter Duncan's Australian show of the same name, Rake premiered in the U.S. on Thursday. It stars Kinnear as Keegan Deane, a brilliant attorney who can't keep his personal life on track. He's a gambling addict, a womanizer, an alcoholic.

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review

By Rich Cline


It's been nearly 10 years since we first met Ron Burgundy, and this sequel is just as random and silly as expected. It's also more like a series of referential gags than an actual movie comedy, and as with the original film the best bits are knowing jabs at absurdities of the news media. This time we're in the 1980s, so there's plenty to make fun of here.

Over the past decade, Ron (Ferrell) has married Veronica (Applegate), and they've taken a joint anchor job in New York, where they live with their son (Nelson). But when Veronica lands a coveted network news job, Ron has a meltdown. Drunk and unemployed, he's approached to work on a new station: a 24-hour cable news channel. Even though he's sure this crazy idea will never catch on, Ron re-assembles his old team (swaggering reporter Rudd, dazed weatherman Carell and goofy sports guy Koechner) to beat handsome anchor Jack Lime (Marsden) in the ratings. And Ron's offbeat, populist approach changes the news forever.

This comical exploration of how TV news has shifted from hard reporting to shameless audience pandering gives the film a whiff of depth, which helps make the comical moments a lot funnier. The screenplay is a series of sketch-comedy episodes that don't quite hang together. For example, you could delete an extended sequence in which Ron goes blind, nurses a shark to health and sings a big musical number, and the movie wouldn't change at all. But all of these sequences have an absurd genius behind them that often gets us laughing, sometimes in disbelief.

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - Clips

The legend of San Diego's Channel 4 news team may have long since dissolved over the years, but anchors Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland and Champ Kind are set to return as part of a brand new 24-hour news channel. In a bid to innovate newsreading and once again come out on top over Ron's wife and rival Veronica, they decide that they're going to give viewers the news they want to hear rather than what they need to. As usual, their antics involve the usual scandal and debauchery, putting their careers and tarnished reputations once again in the media's line of fire. No matter though, as these co-workers have each other's backs all the way.

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - International Trailer

The news used to be a noble profession before the likes of Ron Burgundy with his set of San Diego anchors Brian Fantana, Brick Tamland and Champ Kind took over. Now it's all about scandal, debauchery and vulgarity and Burgundy and his team are fighting hard to keep it that way. As per usual, they manage to get themselves in all kinds of trouble involving drugs in the studio, completely inappropriate news headlines, accidental racism (not to mention homophobia) and, of course, getting laid, and it's all in a bid to remain on top of the media as Ron fights his own battle to professionally tower over his wife and rival Veronica.

'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' is the even more hilarious sequel to 2004's 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'. There's definitely more laughs to be had from everyone's favourite news readers as Judd Apatow ('The 40 Year Old Virgin', 'Knocked Up', 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall') returns to produce it. Director Adam McKay ('Step Brothers', 'The Other Guys', 'Talladega Nights') is also back alongside his co-writer and star Will Ferrell. It is set to feature in cinemas just in time for Christmas, premiering in theatres everywhere on December 20th 2013.

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Greg Kinnear - Friday 29th January 2010 at Grammy Awards Los Angeles, California