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  • 18 February 2005



The Commuter Trailer

Every working day for the last ten years, insurance salesman Michael MacCauley has gotten the same commuter train. By now he's become quite familiar with his fellow passengers; the same faces, the same conversations, the same routine. Only the journey he's about to take is going to be far from the monotonous trip he's used to.

A new face shows up, taking her seat opposite Michael. She introduces herself as Joanna; an expert in the study of human behaviour, which she describes as primarily answering the question: What kind of person are you?

To the bewilderment of Michael, she proposes an experiment. Michael gets $75,000 in cash if he can locate the person on the train who doesn't belong there. She appears to know a lot more about him than any other stranger might and in the end he accepts her proposition.

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Michelle Dockery Reveals Ambitions For Music Career After 'Downton Abbey'

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 05 August 2015

Michelle Dockery Elizabeth McGovern

The 33 year old star has a reputation as a jazz singer on the side, but she told The Sun that her tastes and interests are broader than that.

As the long-running saga of ‘Downton Abbey’ comes to an end, many of its star names will be pondering what the next stage of their careers will be. For one, however, the future may lie outside acting altogether, with Michelle Dockery (a.k.a. ‘Lady Mary’) expressing an interest in a musical career.

The 33 year old actress has previously expressed her love for music. A graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, she has performed at the London Jazz Festival and at legendary jazz club Ronnie Scott’s as well as with her ‘Downton’ co-star Elizabeth McGovern’s band Sadie & The Hotheads, and now she’s told The Sun that she’d like to pursue a broader musical career.

Image caption Michelle Dockery is interested in a musical career after 'Downton Abbey' comes to an end

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Unexpected Trailer

Samantha Abbott is a high school teacher who loves her job more than anything. However, her career becomes compromised when she accidentally falls pregnant. She quickly gets married to her boyfriend John but the pair lock horns over whether or not Samantha should continue working or be a stay-at-home mother. She doesn't want to lose her identity, and yet the Chicago school she works at faces immiment closure, so it could be the perfect time for her to put her professional life on hold for her family. Meanwhile, a student at the school is facing similar problems when she also becomes pregnant; Jasmine's education is under threat and she has to decide just how she's going to juggle being a young mother, her schooling and a job to support her baby. The pair build a friendship as they aim to help each other into the strange new world of parenthood; their circumstances may be different, but they're both facing the biggest hurdle of their lives.

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Tributes Paid As Kevin Spacey Steps Down As Artistic Director Of The Old Vic

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 21 April 2015

Kevin Spacey Hugh Bonneville Elizabeth McGovern Mark Gatiss Eddie Izzard

The 'House of Cards' star and theatre legend stepped down from his role at one of London's oldest theatres after more than ten years.

Stars from throughout the world of theatre came together to praise Kevin Spacey as he stepped down as artistic director of London’s The Old Vic after more than a decade in the role.

In an event hosted by ‘Downton Abbey’ star Hugh Bonneville, the likes of Elizabeth McGovern, Jeremy Irons and Eddie Izzard paid tribute to Spacey’s contributions to reviving the fortunes of the Old Vic, at which he took the reins in 2003. He now vacates to make way for Matthew Warchus, who is set to unveil his opening season later this week.

Recorded tributes were also included from James Bond director Sam Mendes, Sir Elton John and even former American President Bill Clinton, and there were a handful of musical performances by Sting and Annie Lennox.

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Elizabeth McGovern - Red Carpet arrivals for Gala Celebration In Honour Of Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic, London at Old Vic - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 19th April 2015

Woman In Gold Review

By Rich Cline

Very Good

This fascinating true story is strong enough to hold up against the formulaic Hollywood treatment, boosted by another riveting performance from Helen Mirren. She adds some badly needed prickly humour to the film, which continually resorts to unsophisticated sentimentality as it traces a remarkable series of real events. And it helps that the story has some intriguing things to say about both art and history.

It opens in 1998 Los Angeles, where Maria Altmann (Mirren) has discovered some documents in her late sister's belongings that refer to a beloved portrait of their Aunt Adele (Antje Traue in flashbacks). The problem is that the painting is Gustav Klimt's Woman in Gold, which is regarded as the "Mona Lisa of Austria" and held in pride of place in the national gallery. Since Austria has begun restoring art stolen from its citizens by the Nazis, Maria hires novice family-friend lawyer Randy Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), who quickly realises the futility of the case. But they travel to Vienna to begin the process, getting some help navigating the system from local journalist Hubertus (Daniel Bruhl). Sure enough, the Austrian government fights Maria at every step of the way.

The compelling argument in this film is that if Austria acknowledges that this national treasure was stolen, it implicates the government and the population in complicity with the Nazis. And that's something no one is willing to do. There's also of course the issue of greed, since Woman in Gold is worth $100 million. But Maria's simple question is why the painting's value or status matter when its true ownership is so clear. Director Simon Curtis and writer Alexi Kaye Campbell wisely dash through the series of hearings, court cases and appeals, while emphasising this undeniable fact of the case. Although this also simplifies most scenes into little more than "Nazis bad, Jews good". While the flashbacks to Maria's past are moving and informative, Randy's sideplots feel irrelevant and undercooked, featuring his pregnant wife (Katie Holmes) and sardonic boss (Charles Dance).

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Downton Abbey Will Conclude After Sixth Season - Movie Or Spin-Off Series To Follow?

By Elinor Cosgrave in Movies / TV / Theatre on 26 March 2015

Hugh Bonneville Michelle Dockery Maggie Smith Elizabeth McGovern Joanne Froggatt Brendan Coyle Julian Fellowes

Downton Abbey will conclude at the end of its sixth season but the Crawley legacy may live on in a movie or spin-off series.

Downton Abbey will conclude after its sixth season, the ITV show's producers have confirmed. Producer Gareth Neame made the announcement during a press conference on Thursday (26th March). "It's a very emotional day for all of the people involved in the show," Neame said at the press conference.

Maggie Smith stars in Downton Abbey.

See More: The Cast Of Downton Abbey Filming (March 2015).

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Woman In Gold - Trailer And Clips

When the Nazis took over Vienna prior to the Second World War, they stole countless, priceless artefacts. One of these artefacts was the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, and an Austrian Holocaust survivor has the perfect claim to it. Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) hires Randol Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds), a lawyer of Austrian decent, to help her become once again acquainted with the famous painting of her aunt. The problem is, that the painting is held in a Vienna art gallery, and the Austrian government are adamant in keeping the national treasure. Altmann, on the other hand, is desperate to get back what is rightfully hers.

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Jean-Christophe Babin and Elizabeth McGovern - Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, and actress Elizabeth McGovern at Save the Children's Secret Winter Gala sponsored by Bulgari, a festive fundraising event held at London's Guildhall. The event brought the magical Christmas tale 'Nutcracker and Mouse King' to life, and guests were treated to an elegant evening of fine dining and captivating entertainment to celebrate the wonder of children's literature and raise money for Save the Children's life-saving work - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 26th November 2013

Downton Abbey Behemoth Trudges On With Fifth Season Confirmation

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 12 November 2013

Julian Fellowes Elizabeth McGovern Paul Giamatti

Expect Downton Abbey season 5 to hit UK screens in mid to late 2014.

Downton Abbey has unsurprisingly been renewed for a fifth series by ITV following its season four finale on Sunday evening (November 10, 2013).

Image caption Tom Branson, Played By Allen Leech.

"We promise all the usual highs and lows, romance, drama and comedy" said Gareth Neame, director of Downton Abbey creators Carnival Films in a statement obtained by the Hollywood Reporter. Julian Fellowes will return to write the new series, which ITV are likely to churn out next year.

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Downton Abbey Unveils Two New Stars: One-Year-Old Twins Logan & Cole Weston

By Joe Wilde in Movies / TV / Theatre on 15 August 2013

Hugh Bonneville Elizabeth McGovern Shirley Maclaine Paul Giamatti Michelle Dockery

The casting of the identical twins came with the news that the show's main stars have been given new, million-pound deals to remain on the show

ITV's hit period drama Downton Abbey will return to our screens later this year, and in the meantime we've been given plenty of tidbits about what we can expect from season four, and our latest news story from the set of the show is that we have two new, very young stars joining the cast. Cumbria-born twins Logan and Cole Weston have been picked to share the role of Baby George, the son of Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) and her late husband Matthew, who was written out of the show during last years' Christmas finale.

Dockery will have a son to look after on the next season of the show

The twins, who hail from Meathop, near Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, will appear throughout the series as the youngest addition to the series, with filming for the new season coming to an end in the last few weeks. As reported by the BBC, the twins were given the all-star treatment on the set, and were treated with their own trailer and a limitless supply of sweets, milk and attention during the filming for the upcoming season. The twins make up just one of the many new stars due to join up with the Crawley family, including Hollywood star Paul Giamatti, James Fox and Gary Carr, who will star as the first black actor to appear on the show.

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Downton Abbey Hands Out Golden Deals To Avoid Dan Stevens Style Exits

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 14 August 2013

Hugh Bonneville Dan Stevens Elizabeth McGovern Gary Carr Nigel Harman

Downton Abbey has tied up its major stars as it heads into the fourth season.

Bosses behind the major British period drama Downton Abbey - which has also proved a huge hit stateside - have moved quickly to tie down the show's biggest stars in a bid to avoid another Dan Stevens-esque exit.

According to The Sun, stars including Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern have signed three year deals worth over £1 million each. The move was made to avoid another cast member leaving in the same way that Stevens did last year.

The 30-year-old, who played Matthew Crawley, was the ITV drama's major draw though left abruptly to pursue other interests. The actor is a keen fan of literature and has narrated several audiobooks including The Angel's Game, Wolf Hall and War Horse. In 2012, he was a member of the judging panel for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction and is currently editor-at-large for The Junket, an online quarterly is co-founded.

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Joanne Froggatt, Elizabeth McGovern and Michelle Dockery - 'Downton Abbey' talent panel Q&A at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre - North Hollywood, California, United States - Monday 10th June 2013

Elizabeth McGovern and BAFTA Saturday 14th January 2012 BAFTA Los Angeles 18th Annual Awards Season Tea Party held at the Four Seasons Hotel - Arrivals

Elizabeth McGovern - Elizabeth McGovern, with husband Simon Curtis and daughter London, England - One Day - UK film premiere held at the Vue Westfield - Arrivals Tuesday 23rd August 2011