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Feeder (formed 1991 - 2012) Feeder are one of the most successful British rock bands, originating in Newport, Wales.

Formation: Lead singer/guitarist, Grant Nicholas, joined the band Sweet Leaf at the age of 14. Similarly, bassist Taka Hirose and drummer Jon Lee were performing in their own cover bands. Nicholas and Lee met one another while performing in Newport, and decided to form Temper Temper - their own electronic band. After the band failed to gain any label support, they reformed into Raindancer, before changing to Reel. After hiring Hirose due to an advert he posted in a magazine. Finally, they changed their name to Feeder and sent a demo tape to The Echo Label, earning them a contract in 1994. Feeder:

Career: Feeder released their first EP, 'Two Colours', on 25th September 1995. The EP contained two tracks, and was followed by 1996's 'Swim' EP, which received glowing reviews, leading to a rerelease in 2001. In 1997, Feeder released their debut studio album, 'Polythene' which received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. Feeder then decided that they were going to self-produce their third studio album, 'Yesterday Went Too Soon' in 1999. The album debuted in the UK charts at number eight, as well as receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. On 8th January 2001, Feeder released the single 'Buck Rogers' which shot into fifth position in the charts, becoming the first top ten single from the band - leading to overall more publicity and mainstream success. In January 2002, drummer Jon Lee committed suicide in his home in Miami, leading to the band seemingly disappearing from the public eye at the height of their success. They returned at the end of the year on 21st October 2002, with the release of 'Comfort in Sound'. The band chose not to promote the album as much as their previous work due to the death of Lee, yet the album still charted well. Feeder's next album, 'Pushing Up Senses', didn't release until 31st January 2005. The album failed to receive the same critical response, and instead received very mixed reviews. On 15th May 2006 'The Singles' was released as a compilation album. Through 2007 and 2008, Feeder were hard at work recording their sixth studio album, 'Silent Cry', which was released on 16th June 2008. Following Lee's death in 2002, Feeder hired Mark Richardson as a drummer. In 2009, Richardson decided to leave Feeder and return to his original band. On 5th July 2010, Feeder released 'Renegades', their seventh studio album, which received very mixed reviews. Following the release of their eighth studio, 'Generation Freakshow', on 23rd April 2012, the band went on hiatus.

Feeder - Rock City, Nottingham 16.03.2018 Live Review

By Mark Moore in Music Reviews on 26 March 2018

Twenty-five years and still going strong, Feeder prove their lasting relevance by showcasing their distinctive back catalogue at Rock City, Nottingham. Following their stellar latest album 'All Big Electric', maybe it is just the right time for a "Best Of" tour, giving them a chance to play a few numbers that you wouldn't normally hear live.

Feeder take to the stage and immediately blast out 'Feeling A Moment' followed by 'Shatter', straight away showing that they are playing what they want to play tonight and when they want to play it. The energy of the band and the crowd is just perfect; with 'High', dedicated to the late drummer Jon Lee, they could have just played the music and left the singing to the Nottingham crowd. It's a perfect sing-a-long tribute, even if it does leave a lump in the throat.

This show even features the likes of 'Stereo World' and 'Piece by Piece'; songs that haven't been heard on the live circuit since 2001. The more commercial songs like 'Come Back Around' and Buck Rogers' go down just as well as 'Insomnia', 'Cement' and 'Tender'. It's a mixture formulated to perfection, the highlight being 'My Perfect Day'. What a tune.

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Feeder - The Best Of Album Review

By Mark Moore in Music Reviews on 29 September 2017

Feeder celebrate 21 years of recording this year (2017); 21 years ago since the band came onto the scene with the release of their mini album 'Swim'. As a band they have been together for 25 years which nowadays is almost unheard of. So what better way to celebrate this great milestone than with a 'Best Of' compilation?

Feeder can boast 6 studio albums, 3 compilations, 41 EPs and singles, which means Feeder were just spoilt for choice with this anniversary release. In the end, they opted for 41 immense tracks, which indeed makes it a mammoth listen. 'Polythene' is the most represented album here, and maybe an education to some of the more recent fans. An opportunity to hear tracks like 'High', 'Tangerine', 'Stereo World' and in fact half the record - a testament to what was such a great album.

Stand out tracks from 'Echo Park' have to be 'Buck Rogers' and 'Seven Days In The Sun', which really take you back to the energy of these guys in their early years. There is no real order to the album though; you can go from an 'Echo Park' track to 'All Bright Electric' and 'Silent Cry', which sounds mad but it's a perfect mix. 'The Best Of' seems to take at least four songs from each album and their 2016 rebirth, 'All Bright Electric', is well represented with 'Universe Of Life' 'Eskimo' and 'Paperweight'.

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Grant Nicholas, Taka Hirose and Geoff Hollroyde of Feeder perform live at Queens Hall - Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Saturday 25th March 2017

Feeder - Renegades (Special Edition Re-issue) Album Review

By Mark Moore in Music Reviews on 23 March 2017

It seems to be the age of the re-issue, one that Feeder have embraced with their seventh studio album from 2010 'Renegades'. Unlike other album re-issues out there, though, this is not a special anniversary release. The simple fact is that before now you could no longer buy this album either physically or digitally.

'Renegades' is everything that guitar music should be, with Feeder blasting out some amazing riffs and hooks. This album could introduce a whole new fan base, and at the same time there are some added tracks to satisfy the Feeder faithful who have been following them since the early nineties.

If you want an in-your-face, loud record then this is perfect; the first three tracks shake your head around to near explosion. 'White Lies' and 'Call Out' feature thrashing guitars and crashing cymbals that almost feel like a statement from Feeder showing that there is nothing mainstream about this album and they're embracing their grunge roots. The title track keeps that high energy, guitar-celebrating party going.

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Feeder - All Bright Electric Album Review

By Alex Lai in Music Reviews on 23 September 2016

Following frontman Grant Nicholas' solo stint, Feeder have reconvened to release their ninth studio album, 20 years after their breakthrough EP. Promotion of the release will come by way of a month-long tour, which is to begin imminently and is the band's first tour in four years.

For a thunderous riff to grab attention, look no further than the opening 'Universe Of Life', a track that goes some way to dispelling the disappointing material on recent Feeder releases. 'Eskimo' is more melodic, though not to the level that was perhaps the band's most accessible just over a decade ago, while 'Geezer' is surprisingly ineffective, given the electro-stomp at its foundation. The urgency of 'Paperweight' makes it decent enough, while 'Oh Mary' aims for sincerity, but ultimately flounders. Almost from nowhere, 'The Impossible' threatens to thrill with some of the band's old magic, while 'Another Day On Earth' is a piano-based number that shows Nicholas can still nail a more subtle performance and wrap it up in a serene melody.

It couldn't be argued that the band are back to their best, with filler tracks particularly after the half-way point of the album, but this is certainly a couple of notches up from 2012's 'Generation Freakshow'.

Sony Music Announce 'BBC Top Gear Driving Anthems' Released November 18th 2013

Posted on 08 November 2013


Feeder and Brixton Academy - Feeder performing live at the Brixton Academy Friday 23rd November 2012 Featuring: Grant Nicholas, Feeder Where: London, England

Feeder, Generation Freakshow Album Review

By Shaun Kelly in Music Reviews on 15 May 2012

After more than 20 years together as a band, Feeder return with their eighth album, Generation Freakshow. The band now officially operates as a duo after different drummers taking the place of original drummer, the late Jon Lee. Feeder's most recent albums have seen a return to a sound that resembles more of the original sound found on debut album, Polythene.

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Feeder, Live at Kasbah, Coventry Live Review

By Mark Moore in Music Reviews on 07 February 2012

We settle in a venue at the darkest depths that Coventry has to offer to see a band that started way back in 1991. That is an achievement in itself - this is a band still together and not on a money making reunion tour.

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Feeder - Borders

There are bands around that are like Ryan Giggs: they seem to have been around forever, like the Manic Street Preachers. Naturally Feeder - unlike the Manics, who have stated 'you wont hear from us now for at least a couple of years' - have no intention of taking a year or so out, as they return with their new single 'Borders'.

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Feeder, Borders Single Review

By Mark Moore in Music Reviews on 23 January 2012

There are bands around that are like Ryan Giggs: they seem to have been around forever, like the Manic Street Preachers. Naturally Feeder - unlike the Manics, who have stated 'you wont hear from us now for at least a couple of years' - have no intention of taking a year or so out, as they return with their new single 'Borders'.

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Feeder - Grant Nicholas of Feeder Chester, England - Chester Rocks 2011 at Chester Racecourse - Day 2 Sunday 3rd July 2011

Feeder - Karl Brazil of Feeder Adelaide, Australia - The 2011 Soundwave Festival Sunday 6th March 2011

Feeder - Grant Nicholas of Feeder Sunday 22nd August 2010 at V Festival Staffordshire, England

Feeder, Renegades Album Review

By Andrew Lockwood in Music Reviews on 21 June 2010

Having road-tested their new material with a couple of low-key tours earlier in the year, Feeder now present their seventh studio album on their own Big Teeth Music label.

The band have recruited a new drummer in the shape of Karl Brazil and are set to hit the road again in autumn after festival appearances including Sonisphere and the dual V Festival events.

'Renegades' has been touted as a return to Feeder's earlier, harder sound and this is indicated in the crunching riffs of opener 'White Lines'. Recent single 'Call Out' furthers this claim, its raw fun making for a frantic anthem, while the title track recalls the spirit of punk. It is an attitude carried throughout the likes of 'Home' and 'Barking Dogs' with the only let down being under-developed 'This Town', while 'Down By The River' opens up with an impressive chorus in the power-ballad mould.

The return to a primal style may theoretically alienate more recent fans, but Grant Nicholas still proves his knack for writing a catchy tune. The lack of variation may drag slightly toward the finale of the record, but at just over 30 minutes the length of the LP is perfect to avoid this becoming detrimental.


Andrew Lockwood