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  • 26 September 2012

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Video Interviews

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is finally upon us, and with it comes a returning cast of Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and others, as well as new additions to the cast such as Kelly Marie Tran and Laura Dern.

In this series of interviews, the actors - alongside director Rian Johnson - open up about their roles in this fantastic franchise, the extraordinary sets and scenaries they were placed in during filming, and just what it's like to be part of such a well-loved world.

'The experience has been inexplicable, I don't know that I can give it a definition', says newcomer Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose Tico in Episode VIII. 'I feel so many emotions all the time and I'm just trying to be really present.'

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review


After the thunderous reception for J.J. Abrams' Episode VII: The Force Awakens two years ago, writer-director Rian Johnson had a lot to live up to with Episode VIII. And he delivers more than anyone expected: a lucid, entertaining film that operates on four distinct planes, deepens all of its characters, enriches the mythology and constantly surprises the audience with twists and turns. It's a little overwhelming, a nonstop two and a half hours of action and intensity without any time to catch your breath. But there's also a steady stream of sharp humour to help keep things in perspective.

The story picks up straight away, as the First Order led by Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) presses its advantage to wipe out the rebellion for good. Snoke is playing his apprentice Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) off against General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) for maximum effect as they launch an attack. Rebel General Leia (Carrie Fisher) is trying to protect her scrappy army, with pilot Poe (Oscar Isaac) trying against the odds to find a way to get them to safety. He sends rebel hero Finn (John Boyega) and mechanic Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) on a mission to track down a hacker who can give them a chance against the First Order. Meanwhile, Rey (Daisy Ridley) has tracked down Leia's brother, jaded Jedi master Luke (Mark Hamill), who is trying to teach her hard truths about the Force.

Each of these characters finds a surprising connection to others, derailing plans and sending each person on an unexpected journey. The way Johnson orchestrates all of this is remarkable because it's both coherent and compelling. And the actors beautifully inhabit the characters, offering telling glimpses beneath the surface. Driver has the strongest role, grappling with three other main characters to understand his destiny. It's dark and complex, and unnervingly moving. Ridley and Hamill also have powerfully gripping moments, while Isaac gets to make good on his scallywag promise in the previous film. And in her final role, the late Fisher brings a wonderfully knowing, sassy edge to Leia.

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Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker at the LA premiere of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'. Directed by Rian Johnson, the movie is the second film in the new 'Star Wars' sequel trilogy, following 2015's 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', and eighth film in the series altogether - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 10th December 2017

The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected) Review


Noah Baumbach (Frances Ha) is on his way to becoming the new Woody Allen, which is a compliment. This film features an eclectic ensemble of A-listers coming together to play a hilariously neurotic Jewish New York family. The film is episodic and very entertaining as these people collide against each other. And their banter is wickedly funny, even when they're grappling with some very dark themes. It's also a rare chance to see Adam Sandler shine in a non-silly role.

He's at the centre of the story as Danny, who has just split from his wife and moved back in with his cantankerous father Harold (Dustin Hoffman) and his loveably goofy fourth wife Maureen (Emma Thompson). Everyone in this family has artistic tendencies, including Danny, his sister Jean (Elizabeth Marvel) and Danny's 18-year-old daughter Eliza (Grace Van Patten), who is heading off to university to study film. And then there's younger half-brother Matthew (Ben Stiller), who abandoned art to become a wealthy businessman in Los Angeles. Danny and Jean have always felt ignored in Matthew's presence, and this comes out into the open when they all gather to help take care of Harold when he ends up in hospital.

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The Meyerowitz Stories New And Selected Trailer

Harold Meyerowitz (Dustin Hoffman) is a celebrated New York artist, whose quick-temper and filter-less conversation has left him estranged from his entire family. But when an event comes up celebrating his work at the Museum of Modern Art, they return to enjoy the experience with him. Of course, he's a particularly embarrassing person to spend time with, given that he's never short of opinions or afraid to speak his mind and thus ends up coming across as the rudest person in the room at any public event.

Matthew Meyerowitz (Ben Stiller) is his diplomatic son, who has actually had a piece of Harold's art named after him, but there is also his less successful son Danny (Adam Sandler) and his awkward daughter Jean (Elizabeth Marvel), and all of them want to make the most out of their rare time with their father and his alcohol-loving wife Maureen (Emma Thompson).

It's particularly important for Danny to establish some kind of bond again, as his daughter Eliza (Grace Van Patten) is about to move away to college; he's proud, of course, because he was never able to get through college himself, but it's forcing him to release that the time he has left with his father is important.

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Logan Lucky Review


Good news: Steven Soderbergh's well-publicised retirement from directing only lasted about four years. He's back with this lively, relentlessly enjoyable caper that feels like a mash-up between his Ocean's Eleven and Magic Mike movies. Using America's economic situation as a launching point (without any political message), he spins a loose-limbed adventure with a gang of endearingly scruffy characters. If this is your cup of tea, it's a proper guilty pleasure.

In West Virginia, the Logan family has had a string of very bad luck, leaving Jimmy (Channing Tatum) with a dodgy knee and his younger brother Clyde (Adam Driver) with a missing arm. Their sister Mellie (Riley Keough) has so far escaped injury, so Jimmy hatches a plan to change their fortunes by robbing the Charlotte Nascar race course, which he knows inside and out because he's just been sacked from his job there. They need the help of explosives expert Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), who's in jail. So in addition to an elaborate heist, they must also plan a prison break. They also bring in Joe's nerdy gamer brothers (Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson).

Frankly, all of these people are such misfits that no one would ever suspect them of being capable of carrying out such a complicated plan. And that's the point: it's easy to underestimate people who seem uneducated. This gives the cast plenty to play with. Tatum and particularly Driver are terrific at the centre, with their hang-dog expressions and understated skill sets. Keough gets to play the one person in the story with brains, and has a great time rampaging through each scene. But the movie is stolen by Craig, who goes wildly against type as the hilariously nutty Joe. In one classic scene, he barely contains his exasperation while explaining how to make a bomb out of gummy bears.

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Adam Driver at the UK premiere of Lucky Logan held at the Vue Cinema - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Monday 21st August 2017

Logan Lucky Trailer

Jimmy and Clyde Logan are two down-and-out brothers from West Virginia. Jimmy has been fired from his job on a construction site for reasons relating to insurance and Clyde's job as a one-armed bartender hasn't worked out too well either. To get themselves out of the financial mess that they're in (and, indeed, that their family have been in for almost 100 years), Jimmy suggests robbing $14 million from the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina during the hugely anticipated Coca-Cola 600 race over Memorial Day weekend. He has discovered how the money is being moved to a bank vault, but they need to spring the vault-blowing expert Joe Bang from prison in order to execute the heist. With the help of their sister Mellie and their new pals the Redneck Robbers, they plot the perfect robbery - but all is naturally not going to go as swimmingly as they could have hoped.

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Adam Driver attends the 26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards held at Cipriani Wall Street, New York, United States - Tuesday 29th November 2016

Adam Driver - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Interview

Adam Driver talks about taking on such a dark and disliked character such as Rylo Ken and explains that he tried not to think of him in that light and actually see his side through a human aspect and what he's fighting for. Fans will be aware that Rylo Ken wears a mask, having his facial expressions taken away from him was one just one of the trickier aspects of the role, to combat this Adam had to put a lot of trust in himself and kept a mind of 'the power of thought' being such an important part of playing such a character.

Liam Neeson Reveals Scorsese Role Was Behind Dramatic Weight Loss

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 17 November 2015

Liam Neeson Martin Scorsese Adam Driver Andrew Garfield

The actor had been photographed looking extremely gaunt in recent months.

After months of speculation, Liam Neeson has finally revealed the reason behind his dramatic weight-loss and it was all due to Martin Scorsese. The actor stars in Scorsese’s new drama Silence, in which the director required him ‘to look a bit more gaunt’, causing Neeson to shed 20 pounds.

Liam Neeson lost 20 pounds for his upcoming role in Silence.

Speaking at the Los Cabos Film Festival in Mexico on Sunday Neeson revealed that he and co-star Adam Driver were asked to drop weight by the Oscar winning director. "Martin wanted us all to look a bit more gaunt, [which costars Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield] did as well,” Neeson said (as reported by Collider).

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New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Breaks The Internet And Helps Smash Advance Ticket Records [Watch]

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 21 October 2015

Harrison Ford Daisy Ridley Carrie Fisher Star Wars Mark Hamill Adam Driver Lupita Nyong'o John Boyega Oscar Isaac Jj Abrams

While the new trailer has given away little secrets, fans are freaking out in anticipation for ‘The Force Awakens’.

On Monday evening the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit and the internet nearly broke, thanks to the reactions of excited fans. The new clip is our third look at the upcoming film, but this trailer is by far the most interesting for fans, even if it gives little away.

Han Solo and Chewbacca in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Newcomer Daisy Ridley is heavily featured as Rey, a scavenger who is thought to be the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. The actress herself was just as emotional as the franchises’ legion of fans on Monday, while watching the trailer from her bed.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

It's been thirty years since the Rebel Alliance; led by the noble Luke Skywalker, the intrepid Princess Leia and the lionhearted Han Solo; finally defeated Emperor Palpatine of the Galactic Empire, alongside his redeemed assistant Darth Vader. The second Death Star was reduced to rubble, and the galaxy was free from a tyrannous evil once more. If only that were true. For there can never be good without evil, and sure enough another Dark Lord, Supreme Leader Snoke, has arisen to take the Emperor's place, with even more brutal plans for the civilians across the stars. But this time there are also new heroes, better equipped to deal with the ever looming terror thanks to an example set by the now ageing former Han, Luke and Leia. They are now preparing to help a vindicated former stormtrooper named Finn, an independent scavenger called Rey, and Poe Dameron who is a Resistance X-Wing pilot.

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Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver - Photographs of the stars of the hit TV show "Girls" as they took to the red carpet for the Season Four Premiere in Manhattan, New York, United States - Tuesday 6th January 2015

Adam Driver and Lena Dunham 2013 HBO's Golden Globes Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals Featuring: Adam Driver and Lena Dunham Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 13 Jan 2013