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  • 09 June 2004

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10th September, 1960







Colin Firth (born 10.9.1960)
Colin Firth is a British actor. In 2010, he received his first Oscar nomination, for his role in A Single Man.

Childhood: Colin Firth was born in Grayshott, in Hampshire, to Shirley and David Firth. His mother was a lecturer in Religious Studies and his father was a history lecturer as well as an education officer for the Nigerian Government. Both of his parents were raised in India as both sets of grandparents were missionaries there.

Having traveled with his family as a child, Colin trained as an actor at the Drama Centre, London.

Acting Career: Colin Firth landed the role of Guy Bennett in the 1983 stage production of Another Country. The following year, his big screen debut came, when the play was adapted into a film and he starred opposite Rupert Everett.

This would be the first of many fortunate on-screen pairings for Colin Firth. Two years later, he would star in Lost Empires, along with Laurence Olivier and the year after that he and Kenneth Branagh shared screen-time in A Month In the Country.

In 1989, Firth starred in two films. The first was the Milos Forman-directed Valmont and the second, Apartment Zero.

It was not until 1995, however, that Colin Firth became a household name, with an appearance in a BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. The show also starred Jennifer Ehle. As a result of his performance, he appeared as Bridget Jones' love interest, Mark Darcy in the film of Helen Fielding's novel, Bridget Jones' Diary (Bridget Jones was played by the actress Renee Zellweger). This cinematic in-joke continued when Firth appeared in St. Trinians and accidentally kills a dog named Mr. Darcy.

After playing a supporting role to Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche in The English Patient, Colin Firth starred in Fever Pitch, the adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel and Shakespeare in Love, with Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow.

In 2002, Firth starred in The Importance of Being Earnest, alongside an all-star cast, featuring Judi Dench, Rupert Everett and Reese Witherspoon. The following year, came the hit film Love Actually, starring Alan Rickman, Bill Nighy and Emma Thompson.

The same year, Firth appeared in What A Girl Wants and Girl With A Pearl Earring (with Scarlett Johansson). Then, in 2005, he appeared in Emma Thompson's hit, Nanny McPhee, which starred Thompson and Firth, as well as Imelda Staunton, Angela Lansbury and Kelly Macdonald.

In 2007, Colin Firth made a departure from his usual lightweight dramas and comedies, to appear in The Last Legion, a film inspired by the events of 5th century Roman Empire. Directed by Doug Lefker, the film also starred Ben Kingsley and Thomas Sangster.

2008 became a successful year for Colin Firth, with a performance in the acclaimed When Did You Last See Your Father? which also starred Juliet Stevenson and Jim Broadbent. It was also the year that he starred in the smash hot musical Mamma Mia! The film was based on the music of Abba and also starred Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.

In 2010, Colin Firth received his debut Oscar nomination, for his performance in A Single Man. The film was directed by first-time director Tom Ford (best known as a fashion designer for Gucci) and starred Nicholas Hoult, Julianne Moore and Matthew Goode. Firth was also awarded the Volpi Cup for his performance in the film.

Personal Life: Colin Firth has a son with the actress Meg Tilly, though he and Tilly separated in 1994. He was also briefly involved with another co-star, Jennifer Ehle.

Colin Firth went on to marry Livia Giuggioli. They have two sons, Luca (b.2001) and Matteo (b. 2003).

Colin Firth at the world premiere of 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' held at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. The film is the sequel to 2008's award-winning jukebox musical 'Mamma Mia!' featuring all ABBA's hits, and stars Amanda Seyfried, Cher and Lily James - London, United Kingdom - Monday 16th July 2018

Rachel Weisz and Colin Firth at the world premiere of 'The Mercy' held at the Curzon Mayfair in London. Directed by James Marsh, the film follows the true story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst and his disastrous attempt to sail around the world on his own as part of a race - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 6th February 2018

Colin Firth Condemns Woody Allen - "I Wouldn't Work With Him Again"

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 19 January 2018

Colin Firth Woody Allen

Firth worked with Woody Allen on the 2013 film 'Magic In The Moonlight'.

British actor Colin Firth is the latest big-name star to publicly distance himself from Woody Allen after the re-emergence of sexual assault allegations against the director.

The 57 year old star, who featured in Allen’s 2013 film Magic In The Moonlight, has said he will not work with the veteran director on any future projects. He follows in the footsteps of Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Hall, who both star in Allen’s new film A Rainy Day In New York and decided to donate their salaries to the Time’s Up campaign. Other stars who have worked with Allen, such as Mira Sorvino, Greta Gerwig and Rachel Brosnahan, have also condemned the director.

On Thursday (January 18th) – the same day that Allen’s adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow went on television to re-iterate her accusation that Allen sexually assaulted her when she was a child – Firth gave an interview to The Guardian and said “I wouldn’t work with him again”.

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The Mercy Trailer

Donald Crowhurst is an amateur sailor whose ambition eclipses his financial woes. When he comes across the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in 1968; an event in which sailors must circumnavigate the world in return for sponsorship; he sees it as the perfect opportunity for adventure, recognition and, indeed, the answer to all his financial problems.

His friends and family think he's mad to sign up to be alone on a boat for nine months, plus, while he's very much into sailing, his own boat is certainly not up to world-travel standard. Nevertheless, he enlists the help of his wife to build a new vessel that will withstand the tempestuous oceans and unpredictable weathers, managing to secure an investment from his friend Stanley Best.

Of course, his wife isn't thrilled with the whole idea. When it comes to it, the thought of watching her husband sail out to sea for the best part of a year is a heartbreaking and terrifying prospect. Indeed, he does face such a matter of life and death off the coast of Africa, and begins to realise that his new boat isn't going to get him much further.

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Colin Firth Embraced His 'Sequel Period' For Kingsman: The Golden Circle

By Rich Cline in Movies / TV / Theatre on 17 October 2017

Colin Firth

He's really loving going back to his best-loved movies.

Colin Firth thinks it's odd that he's suddenly making so many sequels, including Bridget Jones' Baby and the upcoming Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! And it's not a spoiler to say that his character Harry is back for the sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle, even though he was shot in the head in the 2015 original.

Image caption Colin Firth in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle'

"I seem to have gone into the sequel phase of my life," Firth laughs, "which I guess is maybe a sign of age. Your life coming back as acid reflux! But I suppose I like to look at it this way: if we're doing sequels, somebody must have enjoyed the first one."

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review


Two years ago, Kingsman: The Secret Service seemed to come out of nowhere, ruffling feathers as it took an anarchic, often transgressive approach to the super-spy genre and made a star of Taron Egerton. Now Matthew Vaughn is back with a sequel, and it's rather clear that he has a franchise in mind. The new movie is still wildly energetic and eye-catching, but it also has a more predictable plot that takes fewer risks.

We catch up with Eggsy (Egerton) as he's a respectable member of the Kingsman juggling his private life with his serious girlfriend Princess Tilde (Hanna Alstrom). But megalomaniacal drug lord Poppy (Julianne Moore) and her part-cyborg henchman Charlie (Edward Holcroft) launch a vicious attack on Kingsman bases, leaving Eggsy and his colleague Merlin (Mark Strong) on their own. For help, they turn to their American counterpart Statesman, run by Champ (Jeff Bridges). His agents Tequila, Whiskey and Ginger (Channing Tatum, Pablo Pascal and Halle Berry) offer help getting Kingsman back on its feet. And they also reveal that they've rescued fallen agent Harry (Colin Firth), who is recovering from a brain injury. Meanwhile, Poppy launches a global assault.

To tell this rather simple story, Vaughn indulges in all kinds of flashy visual trickery. The action sequences are choreographed like wacky cartoons, as the camera swoops through the complicated mayhem with acrobatic skill. And the characters are vividly played by the top-notch cast with maximum personality flourishes. Egerton is terrific at the centre, as adept at physicality and comedy as he is at finding a touch of emotion here and there. His scenes with Firth are especially strong. And Moore makes the most of her goofy kingpin, who is trying to recreate 1950s Americana in the jungle, plus added madcap 1970s flair with a riotous Elton John, who gets stuck right into the mayhem.

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Colin Firth Is Officially A Citizen Of Italy

By Holly Williams in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 25 September 2017

Colin Firth

The actor applied for dual citizenship for his family.

With an Italian wife and two half-Italian children, it was only a matter of time before Colin Firth decided to become a citizen of Italy himself. Now he can happily confirm that his application for dual citizenship has been accepted and he now holds an Italian passport.

Image caption Colin Firth and his wife at the 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' premiere

The 56-year-old actor has been married to filmmaker Livia Giuggioli for twenty years, and they have two sons together; 16-year-old Luca and 14-year-old Matteo. Now the star, who has become fluent in the language of his family over the last couple of decades, gets to call himself an Italian after the Italian interior ministry approved his dual citizenship applicated last week.

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Can Statesman Live Up To Kingsman's Rep In 'The Golden Circle'?

By Holly Williams in Movies / TV / Theatre on 27 April 2017

Taron Egerton Colin Firth

A new trailer has arrived for 'Kingsman' sequel 'The Golden Circle'.

The first trailer for 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' has finally arrived with a lot of surprises in store. Taron Egerton is back as our favourite working-class spy Eggsy as he takes on a new enemy - and, indeed, discovers new allies in the form of Statesman.

Image caption Taron Egerton returns as Eggsy in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle'

A sequel to the award-winning 2014 British spy comedy 'Kingsman: The Secret Service', 'The Golden Circle' introduces a host of new cast-members to join Kingsman as their American counterpart Statesman. Matthew Vaughn is back in the director's chair in his first ever movie sequel.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

For those who knew him, Gary Unwin (better known as Eggsy to his friends), was never a likely candidate for a spy. After stealing a car and being a bit of a hooligan (who's always up for a laugh) eventually Eggsy landed himself in trouble with the police. What the outside world didn't know about Eggsy was his father was an incredibly brave probationary secret agent and Eggsy displays many of his father's strengths. Kingsman Harry Hart sees Eggsy's potential and trains him up as a Kingsman spy. Only Eggsy and one other trainee, Roxy, succeed in proving that they have what it takes to become a Kingsman. Together, with the help of Harry and their quartermaster, Merlin, they defeat psychopathic billionaire Richmond Valentine. Their mission is a success but in the process Harry is shot in the head.

Though Eggsy loses his mentor, life continues for the young spy and he becomes the Kingsman that Hart always knew him to be. As worldwide threats become known, the Kingsman are once again placed as the brink of extermination. Their headquarters and training grounds are blown up and Eggsy and Merlin must once again find a way to save the world.

Their hunt takes them to America and it's revealed that The Kingsman aren't the only highly secret organisation looking to protect the world; the two Brit's are introduced to Champagne, Jack Daniels and Tequila - three agents working for the Statesman, the US equivalent to Kingsman. With the help of their new American counterparts, Eggsy, Merlin and some other familiar faces might just stand a chance of saving the world all over again.

"Real Mr. Darcy" Would Have Looked Nothing Like Colin Firth

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 09 February 2017

Colin Firth

Sorry ladies - social historians believe the 'real Mr. Darcy' would have been rather pale and weedy, with white powdered hair.

Colin Firth’s famous portrayal of the dashing Mr. Darcy in the BBC’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ sent many hearts a-flutter over two decades ago. But now, social and contemporary fashion experts believe that he would actually have looked very different.

Their conclusions were generated into a picture form by illustrator Nick Hardcastle in what is a quite disappointing image of what the “real” Mr. Darcy – a fictional character, after all – would actually have looked like.

Image caption Colin Firth's smouldering portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the 1995 'Pride and Prejudice' series was probably inaccurate

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Loving Review


While this film tackles a huge issue in the history of race relations in America, it's also a remarkably involving true story about a couple tenaciously holding on to each other in the middle of a storm of oppression. By taking such a personal approach, writer-director Jeff Nichols grounds the movie in authenticity, eliciting fine performances from the entire cast, with especially notable turns from Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton.

It's 1958, and cross-racial marriage is illegal in Virginia. So Richard Loving (Edgerton) takes his pregnant black girlfriend Mildred (Negga) across the state line to Washington D.C. to get married. When they return to the family farm, they're immediately arrested and exiled to Washington, where they start a family. But Mildred longs to raise their three children back in their rural hometown, with their extended families around them. When Richard consults a civil-liberties lawyer (Nick Kroll), he finds that there may be some legal hope for them if they are willing to take on the system. This requires the help of a constitutional expert (Jon Bass) and the tenacity to stand up to a century of ingrained prejudice.

The film is written and directed with a sharp attention to detail, which means including some facts that are rather messy. This sometimes leaves scenes feeling unfinished, but the point is that real life isn't as tidy as it is in the movies. This also means that the film never tries to build a melodramatic sense of momentum, remaining intimate and somewhat reticent, echoing Richard and Mildred's personalities. Many of the biggest scenes take place off camera, while we are instead watching these steely, softspoken people who changed American law by quietly remaining true to their love for each other. Both Negga and Edgerton deliver subtle, wrenching performances as everyday people who express their strong views mainly in telling glances and touches that say more than words ever could.

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Livia Firth at the BFI London Film Festival premiere screening of 'Nocturnal Animals' held at the Odeon Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom - Friday 14th October 2016

Colin Firth and Livia Firth at the BFI London Film Festival premiere screening of 'Nocturnal Animals' held at the Odeon Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom - Friday 14th October 2016

Colin Firth at the 'Bridget Jones's Baby' World Premiere held at The Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom - Monday 5th September 2016

It Looks Like Colin Firth Is Officially Back For 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle'

By Stephanie Chase in Movies / TV / Theatre on 12 July 2016

Colin Firth Pedro Pascal Taron Egerton Matthew Vaughan

Harry Hart met his end in 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'…or did he?

Colin Firth’s return for Kingsman sequel The Golden Circle appears to be official, just months after a poster was released teasing that his character might not be dead after all. Firth played agent Harry Hart in the first movie, but the character was killed off before the end, leaving his protege Eggsy (played by Taron Egerton) to take his place as the newest Kingsman.

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