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  • 31 October 2005

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22nd August, 1978


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James Corden (18.08.1980) is an English comedian and comedy writer. He rose to notoriety when the BBC comedy series Gavin and Stacey was broadcast.

Childhood: James Corden grew up in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. As a child, he studied drama at Jackie Palmer Stage School, as well as attending Holmer Green Senior School and the Misbourne School.

Personal Life: James Corden has been involved in an on-off relationship with the Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps actress Sheridan Smith. Lily Allen asked Corden about his relationship status on her chat show, to which he replied 'It's complicated'.

Corden is a fan of West Ham United football club. He often attends matches with the comedian Russell Brand.

Career: Corden's first stage role was in the musical Martin Guerre. Following that, he appeared in the TV series Fat Friends, which was written by Kay Mellor and Boyz Unlimited.

In the first series of Teachers, in 2001, Corden played a geeky student. He also appeared in the debut series of David Walliams and Matt Lucas' Little Britain. In 2002, James Corden appeared in All Or Nothing, by Mike Leigh.

James Corden had a small role in Hollyoaks but has since commented that he would never want to go back to the series. He then took the role of Timms in a stage production of Alan Bennett's The History Boys.

Corden's breakthrough hit came when he wrote Gavin and Stacey with Ruth Jones, his co-star from Fat Friends. The series also stars Mathew Horne and Rob Brydon. Corden co-hosted Big Brother's Big Mouth with Mathew Horne in August 2007.

In 2008, James Corden landed a role in the film version of Toby Young's autobiography, How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, which also starred Simon Pegg. He followed this with a new sketch show with Mathew Horne, entitled Horne and Corden and a film entitled Lesbian Vampire Killers. The release of the film was met with a frosty reception from British film critics. Shortly before the release of the film, Horne and Corden had presented the 2009 BRIT Awards with Kylie Minogue, to a mixed reception.

In 2008. Corden won the BAFTA for Best Comedy Performance, in addition to Gavin and Stacey winning the Programme of the Year, beating The Apprentice and Britain's Got Talent.

Adam Levine And James Corden Get Pulled Over By Cops On Carpool Karaoke

By Holly Mosley in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 25 May 2018

Adam Levine James Corden

Is this the most exciting episode yet?

In probably the most thrilling edition of Carpool Karaoke yet, Adam Levine joined James Corden on the 'Late Late Show' segment this week. They talked bad band names, raising 'Angelino' children and balancing acts - but also managed to dangerously conquer a race track and get pulled over by cops.

Image caption Adam Levine performing live

The pair sang Maroon 5 classics like 'Moves Like Jagger', 'This Love', 'She Will Be Loved' and 'Sugar', as well as the latest single 'Wait' from their 2017 album 'Red Pill Blues'. But the group weren't always going to be called Maroon 5 - indeed, their first proper name was the fairly terrible 'Kara's Flowers'.

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James Corden Reveals How He Almost Interrupted The Royal Wedding

By Ed Biggs in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 24 May 2018

James Corden

Corden attended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in Windsor, but apparently he very nearly ruined a crucial part of the ceremony!

James Corden has revealed that he almost made a howling faux-pas during the royal wedding ceremony last weekend, apparently nearly interrupting the church service.

Last Saturday (May 19th), the British actor and comedian was one of the many celebrities who attended the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. However, many on social media picked up Corden sitting through the service making a rather strange and unimpressed facial expression.

Resuming his normal duties back on ‘The Late Late Show’ on Monday (May 21st), Corden revealed what that was really all about.

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James Corden and Julia Carey at the wedding of Prince Harry and former actress Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. The couple have now been named the Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Windsor, United Kingdom - Saturday 19th May 2018

James Corden Confesses To Stealing A Candle From Mariah Carey's House

By Ed Biggs in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 22 March 2018

James Corden Mariah Carey

Corden was playing 'Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts' with guest John Boyega and Drew Barrymore on 'The Late Late Show' this week.

James Corden has revealed that he once stole a candle from Mariah Carey’s house, after the singer kept him waiting for more than three hours to film an interview.

The 39 year old British ‘Late Late Show’ host was joined by guests John Boyega and Drew Barrymore on Wednesday night’s edition of the show, and they played the now-infamous truth-or-dare game ‘Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts’. The segment, as ever, requires the guest to either answer a revealing personal or professional question, or eat/drink some disgusting mystery item.

Deciding to turn the tables on the host, Star Wars actor Boyega asked Corden: “Have you ever stolen anything, if so, from where?”

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James Corden at the UK gala premiere of 'Peter Rabbit' held at the Vue West End. The first live action/CGI adaptation of the beloved Beatrix Potter story, the film has been directed by Will Gluck and stars James Corden and Domhnall Gleeson - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 11th March 2018

Gordon Ramsay Tries Bull Penis And Salmon Ice-Cream On James Corden's Show

By Holly Mosley in Movies / TV / Theatre on 28 February 2018

Gordon Ramsay James Corden

This is a meal that he never thought he'd have to eat.

In probably the most culinary episode of 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts' yet, Gordon Ramsay joins James Corden on 'The Late Late Show' revealing who he thinks is the best celebrity chef, and who's the worst. But can he reveal which celebrity is not welcome back at his restaurant?

Image caption Gordon Ramsay at the grand opening of Hell's Kitchen

In the first round of this vomit-inducing game, where James and his guest take it in turns to answer a deeply personal question or else eat something disgusting, Gordon promised to make James 'gag' on the cow's tongue. He tells him, 'I don't think you've got the balls to answer this question.'

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'Peter Rabbit' Under Fire For Making Light Of Food Allergies

By Holly Mosley in Movies / TV / Theatre on 12 February 2018

James Corden Domhnall Gleeson

Filmmakers have had to apologise over disturbing scenes in the new movie.

Sony Pictures has been forced to apologise over a particular scene in the new children's film 'Peter Rabbit', which appears to depict Peter and his friends using McGregor's serious food allergy against him. Experts and parents of children with allergies have called for a boycott.

Image caption The 'Peter Rabbit' world premiere

People may make jokes about gluten and dairy intolerances all the time, but the fact remains that food allergies are an all too real horror for many, with children being especially vulnerable to potential attacks. Children have died because of bullies deliberately exposing them to their allergy, which makes the scene in the new film - a modern, semi-animated adaptation of the classic Beatrix Potter story - all the more disturbing.

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James Corden Dramatically Commits To 'Peter Rabbit' Role In Late Late Show Sketch

By Holly Mosley in Movies / TV / Theatre on 08 February 2018

James Corden

When method acting gets taken a little too far.

With his latest movie 'Peter Rabbit' in theatres this week, James Corden reflected on playing the title role in a segment on 'The Late Late Show'. He and his co-stars opened up about his impressive dedication to method-acting, even when it did go a little too far by the end of it.

Image caption James Corden at the 'Peter Rabbit' premiere

In a hilarious sketch to promote the new film; a semi-animated comedy adaptation of the Beatrix Potter story; James, Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie and director Will Gluck give spoof interviews with regards to James' habit of dressing up in a full rabbit costume, living off raw vegetables and opting for a hutch instead of a dressing room.

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James Corden at the world premiere of 'Peter Rabbit' held at The Grove in Los Angeles. The film is an adaptation of the beloved children's story by Beatrix Potter, and features the voices of James Corden, Margot Robbie and others - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 3rd February 2018

Helen Mirren Takes James Corden To 'Hell-en Back' In 'Drop The Mic'

By Holly Williams in Movies / TV / Theatre on 01 February 2018

Helen Mirren James Corden

This is a rap battle you can't afford not to see.

In probably the most hilarious edition of James Corden's 'Drop The Mic' segment ever, he takes on Hollywood royalty Helen Mirren - and things get pretty personal. She proves on 'The Late Late Show' that with her tight rhymes she will always stay relevent in the entertainment world.

Image caption Helen Mirren at the ITV Studios

Few of us could ever imagine that we'd get to see the 72-year-old Academy Award winner engaged in a tense rap battle, but that's exactly what happened when she met James Corden on his show recently. Needless to say, she wiped the floor with the British host.

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James Corden at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards held at Madison Square Garden. Bruno Mars was the most successful winner this year, taking home seven awards altogether including Record of the Year - New York, New York, United States - Sunday 28th January 2018

Yeti Or Not 'Smallfoot' Is Coming

The legend of Bigfoot is turned upside down in this animated adventure from Warner Bros, featuring the voice talents of Channing Tatum and James Corden. ‘Smallfoot’ hits theatres next fall.

Migo (Channing Tatum) is a bright young Yeti who one day stumbles across something he thought was only a fireside legend - the 'smallfoot', better known as a human.

Describing his terrifying find Migos tells the rest of his village: “It’s a terrifying creature with perfect white teeth and breath that just smells all minty fresh and the only hair it has on its entire body is on the top of its head!”

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The 5 Worst Films Of 2017

By Daniel Falconer in Movies / TV / Theatre on 31 December 2017

James Corden

What were some of your least favourite new big screen releases this year?

With every year bringing a whole slew of brilliant new movies to the big screen, there are of course those that fail to light a fire in the bellies of those watching. Here, we take a look at the worst five movie releases of this year, with the entries coming from a whole range of different genres! Read on, so you know what not to watch when the January sales start!

5) 'The Dark Tower'

Image caption Idris Elba took to the screen as the Gunslinger in 'The Dark Tower'

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Linkin Park, Usher And Katy Perry: 2017 Carpool Karaoke Episodes Ranked

By Holly Mosley in Music / Festivals on 25 December 2017

James Corden Linkin Park Ed Sheeran Katy Perry

Who were the best guests from James Corden's Carpool Karaoke?

The world just can't get enough of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke from his 'Late Late Show'; so much so that an Apple series began this year featuring long segments with different guests. But here is a list of episodes ranked in order of our favourites from 2017.

Image caption James Corden at the Emmy Awards

1. Linkin Park - Not part of the 'Late Late Show' segment but for the Apple series, this episode was shot with Ken Jeong less than a week before frontman Chester Bennington committed suicide. It was released in October and is definitely the most memorable episode of the series.

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James Corden attends the world premiere of 'The Emoji Movie' at Regency Village Theatre in Westwood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Sunday 23rd July 2017