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  • 09 March 2006



Steve Hamilton Shaw, John Stevenson, Carolyn Soper, Jamie Demetriou, David Furnish, Sir Elton John, James McAvoy, Ashley Jensen and Stephen Merchant at a gala screening of 'Sherlock Gnomes' held at the Cineworld Leicester Square in London. The sequel to 'Gnomeo & Juliet', the movie sees the couple hire a detective to investigate the case of the missing garden ornaments - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 22nd April 2018

Sherlock Gnomes Trailer

What do you do when you feel like your garden ornaments are in grave danger? You call upon Sherlock Gnomes, of course! At least, that's what these pottery lovebirds do when they find their new home under attack in the sequel to 'Gnomeo and Juliet' starring James McAvoy and Emily Blunt.

Garden gnome lovers (that's lovers who are garden gnomes, not lovers of garden gnomes) Gnomeo and Juliet feel like they've finally got their happily ever after; a glorious new garden surrounded by their dearest friends. That's all they've ever wanted. But when they discover that most of the gnomes have disappeared overnight, they begin to worry for their safety.

In a bid to solve the mystery of the missing gnomes, they enlist the help of genius detective Sherlock Gnomes, voiced by Johnny Depp. His methods are a little unorthodox to say the least, but when it turns out their situation is far worse than they feared, they have no choice but to follow his lead.

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Stephen Merchant Loved Cracking Lisa Kudrow Up

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 14 April 2017

Lisa Kudrow Stephen Merchant Anna Kendrick

Kudrow and Merchant kept making each other laugh during the filming of new comedy 'Table 19'.

In terms of best buds in the movie scene, American star Lisa Kudrow and English comedian Stephen Merchant don’t necessarily seem on the surface like natural friends – but the pair of them got on like a house on fire on the set of new comedy Table 19.

Image caption Stephen Merchant and Lisa Kudrow star in 'Table 19'

Released in the UK last week, the Jeffrey Blitz-directed comedy tells the story of a load of odd-ones-out thrown together on one wedding table.

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Stephen Merchant enjoying a day out at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood with a friend - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 19th December 2016

Stephen Merchant seen attending the 2016 British Independent Film Awards held at Old Billingsgate Market - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 4th December 2016

Stephen Merchant attends a VIP Screening of Jurassic Park Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom - Thursday 3rd November 2016

Stephen Merchant dressed as Slash to attend Jonathan Ross' annual Halloween party held at his home - London, United Kingdom - Monday 31st October 2016

Table 19 Trailer

Whilst Eloise was in a relationship with Francie's brother, they were the best of friends; they were so close that Francie asked Eloise to be the Maid Of Honour at her wedding to her fiancé Doug. When Eloise is dumped (via text) by her boyfriend she loses the friendship of Francie too and finds herself being removed from the coveted role of Maid Of Honour.

The wedding date draws closer and Eloise battles with the decision as to if she should go to Francie's big day or not - even RSVPing with a scribbled out 'not attending' box. Finally the day arrives and Eloise instantly becomes regretful about attending.

With no plus one to keep her company and the only people she knows quite clearly distancing themselves from Eloise, she feels very alone and the day suddenly becomes one that she must 'just get through'. As their table places are assigned she sees that she's at the back of the room on table 19 along with all the other ragtag guests.

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'The Office' Spin Off Movie Approved

By Ed Biggs in Movies / TV / Theatre on 14 May 2015

Ricky Gervais Stephen Merchant

A documentary movie, following the life of David Brent twelve years later, has been given the go ahead.

Ricky Gervais helped revolutionise British comedy at the turn of the millennium with ‘The Office’, which ended with a Christmas special in 2003. More than a decade later, however, David Brent is finally making a comeback with the news that a spin-off movie has received funding.

Entitled Life On The Road, the project has been given the green light by BBC Films and Canadian independent company Entertainment One, and will catch up the life of the incompetent former Slough branch manager of paper company Wernham-Hogg.

Image caption Ricky Gervais will reprise David Brent in 'The Office' spin-off movie

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James McAvoy Gets The Critics And Stars Excited With His Performance In Macbeth

By Jack de Aguilar in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 23 February 2013

James McAvoy Stephen Merchant Beverley Knight Hugh Bonneville

James McAvoy enjoys high praise for his turn in Macbeth

James McAvoy in Macbeth is causing quite a stir. Both the critics and the stars in the audience have lavished praise over the Scottish actor who has applied his trade in Hollywood, in X Men and The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. He is perhaps best known, though, for his roles in The Last King of Scotland and Atonement.

Stephen Merchant said he “loved it. I loved the bloodiness of it, the passion and the youthfulness of it, which was a nice take on the play.” Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville said of him, “James McAvoy is a brilliant actor, full stop,” while singer Beverley Knight had kind words for the plays writer. “Only Shakespeare himself could come up with the words to describe what I’ve just seen. I’m at a bit of a loss. It was so spellbinding, so intense, incredibly gripping. I thought I knew the play but now I’m seeing it with fresh eyes. It was absolutely unreal,” she said. The Director of the play, Jamie Lloyd, said of the play: “It's an apposite, urgent play for today, and that's why I don't want it to be set in period. I don't want the production to be a reflection of a time long past, I want it to resonate here and now."

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I Give It A Year Review

By Rich Cline


Not so much a rom-com as an anti-romance comedy, this brightly amusing British film makes us laugh fairly consistently, although the story itself is pretty grim. It's also a problem that the plot and characters are contrived and inconsistent. Even so, there's enough jaggedly hilarious humour in here to make it worth a look, complete with a superior cast that knows how to make the very most of even the smallest role.

The film opens with the lavish wedding of Josh and Nat (Spall and Byrne), although their friends and family not-so-secretly wonder if the marriage will last. Over the coming months, Josh's best mate Danny (Merchant) tries to distract them with inappropriate jokes, but the tension between relatives Naomi and Hugh (Driver and Flemyng) only reminds them how much work marriages require. After nine months, they begin seeing a therapist (Colman) who encourages them to try to make it to their first anniversary. But Josh is thinking about rekindling romance with an ex (Faris), while Nat is falling for the charms of a sexy client (Baker).

Essentially a collection of comedy set-pieces, the plot lurches around in search of ways to lampoon relationships, often in the rudest way possible as people say the worst things at the wrong times. Along the way there are some hilarious sequences, such as a humiliating game of charades or a ridiculous attempt at a threesome. Each set-up is are seized upon by expert improvisors like Merchant and Key (as a pessimistic insurance salesman). And the funniest moments in the film belong to Colman, who makes the most of every scene-stealing opportunity, and Driver, who expertly delivers a constant stream of withering insults.

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Movie 43 Review

By Rich Cline


A collection of random shorts that focus mainly on idiotic male behaviour, this portmanteau comedy is only occasionally amusing, never making anything of its astonishing cast. Frankly, we spend most of the time wondering how the filmmakers lured these A-listers to appear in these pointless, nasty little films. And while the premises have potential, not a single one has a decent punchline.

As a prank, two teens make up a banned online film called Movie 43. While their brainly little brother searches for it, he runs across a series of clips that mainly focus on awkward vulgarity between the sexes. Bitter exes (Culkin and Stone) have a rude exchange that's broadcast on a supermarket sound system. Pratt is shocked when his girlfriend (Faris) asks him to "poop" on her, and agrees because he loves her. Parents (Watts and Schreiber) homeschool their teen son (White) with the goal of showing him how excruciating life will be. Two pals (Scott and Knoxville) kidnap a leprechaun (Butler) who's reluctant to give them his gold. And a 1950s basketball coach (Howard) tries to convince his players that they're winners because they're black.

Others are dating scenarios: Winslet goes on a blind date with a guy (Jackman) who has testicles on his neck; Berry and Merchant play an increasingly deranged game of Truth or Dare in a Mexican restaurant; a pre-teen (Bennett) can't cope when his young date (Moretz) has her first period; Batman (Sudeikis) messes up Robin's (Long) attempt at speed-dating; Banks struggles to cope with her new boyfriend's (Duhamel) obsessive cartoon cat. There are also a few random advert spoofs, including one for the naked-woman shaped iBabe, which leads to trouble for the company CEO (Gere).

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I Give It A Year Trailer

Josh and Nat thought they had the most perfect relationship and made no hesitation in getting married despite their family and friends doubting their longevity. In their first year of being hitched, cracks begin to show and they don't feel as connected as they once were; while before they were very much emphatically in love, now they don't feel like they know each other at all. For one thing, they are polar opposites: Nat is a successful working woman, but Josh is struggling in his career as a novel writer. Before long, Josh's stunning ex-girlfriend Chloe floats into the picture flaunting her enviable figure, while at the same time a handsome new client, Guy, enters Nat's life tempting the newlyweds away from each other. As much as they try and convince themselves that they are happily married, they flounder against their friends' adulterous encouragements.

From the writer of 'Ali G Indahouse' and 'Bruno', Dan Mazer has taken up new project 'I Give It A Year' which he has also directed. It's a brilliantly funny British comedy with many nail bitingly awkward moments and one with a message to make us question true love and happiness. It is set for release on February 8th 2013.

Director: Dan Mazer

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Emma Stone's Sex Tape Does Not Feature Andrew Garfield

By Michael West in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 23 November 2012

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Stephen Merchant Richard Gere

Emma Stone's alleged sex-tape does not feature her Amazing Spider-Man co-star and current boyfriend Andrew Garfield. previously reported how a home video of the Easy A star was in existence, though the website claims her beau Garfield is nowhere to be seen.

Stone, 24, is said to have "a wild streak that has culminated itself in the form of a homemade sex romp". Hmm. Radar even quote a source privy to the clip, who says, "Emma Stone has a sex tape and that's a fact. She made it long before she started dating Andrew Garfield and before she really became a household name. She was just young and probably thought nothing would ever come of it." The good news for the actress is that the tape is yet to be shopped around and "remains in the hands of the person she made it with." However, the source warns, "but that doesn't mean there's any guarantee that it won't eventually hit the market. The higher Emma's star rises, the more valuable that tape becomes."

Though it's worked pretty well for Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, the release of a tape would likely hinder Stone's promising Hollywood career. In fact, an insider said, "There's no way she would organize the release of the tape; in fact, she would fight to stop it." The actress next stars in comedy Movie 43, alongside Stephen Merchant and Richard Gere.

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Movie 43 Trailer

If you were hoping for a romantic comedy with a harmless storyline, romance and inoffensive jokes, the here's a warning: read no further. 'Movie 43' is one of the most cringe-worthy and uncensored taboo-filled flicks to be released in the history of comedy. Here you will see several interlinked stories with characters' lives surrounding unusual proposals, interrupting blind kids' parties, bad parenting, teenage menstruation, a confused and slightly racist basketball coach, innovative business ideas and the kidnapping of a violent leprechaun. Once you see this movie it is unlikely you will find a subject that offends you ever again.

With twelve different comedy genius directors including Peter Farrelly ('Dumb & Dumber', 'There's Something About Mary', 'Shallow Hal'), Steve Carr ('Daddy Day Care', 'Dr Dolittle 2'), Steven Brill ('Little Nicky') and Brett Ratner ('Rush Hour') to name but a few and eight different writers, this jaw-droppingly crude and often obscene movie features a diverse star-studded cast, both British and American, who have banded together to shock you in the most hilarious ways you can think of. Whatever kind of comedy you're into, 'Movie 43' probably has something in it for everyone and it is set to hit the big screen on February 1st 2012.

Directed by : Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, Steve Carr, Rusty Cundieff, James Duffy, Griffin Dunne, Peter Farrelly, Patrik Forsberg, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, Jonathan van Tulleken

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