Fast Girls - Trailer

  • 06 June 2012

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Tough and streetwise Shania Andrews clashes with popular and wealthy Lisa Temple as they both endeavour to qualify for a word athletics championship. They must work together in order to succeed but it is clear that their rivalry and jealousy of each other starts to seriously affect their team's chances of victory. Will Shania and Lisa be able to set aside their differences and beat the US girls running team? Or will their conflict jeopardise both their dreams?

A sincere and uplifting sport drama, 'Fast Girls', will leave audiences feeling inspired and motivated this summer. It raises important issues regarding how social class affects one's ability to achieve an ambition and how important team work is in competition; ultimately, relying on yourself alone to achieve success will rarely take you very far in the long run. This fantastic British movie full of moral significance is directed by the Foyle Film Festival award-winning director Regan Hall and is from the producers of political drama 'The Iron Lady' and street drama 'Adulthood'. Studiocanal brings it to you on June 15th 2012 and is definitely worth a watch whether you're an athletics fan or not; the message so wonderfully applies to so much more than sport.

Directed by: Regan Hall

Starring: Lenora Crichlow, Noel Clarke, Rupert Graves, Philip Davis, Emma Fielding and Tiana Benjamin