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  • 03 December 2008

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Only The Brave Review


Based on a genuinely moving true story, this film undercuts the realism by pushing its heroic machismo at every turn. It's a well-made movie, with an above-average cast, and yet both the story and characters are neglected in the rush to honour the real-life men who risk their lives fighting wildfires. Thankfully, there are some strong, quiet moments along the way, and the story itself carries a proper emotional wallop.

It's set in Prescott, Arizona, where Eric (Josh Brolin) is trying to get his firefighting team certified as hotshots, qualified to take on the big wildfires. Supported by fire chief Duane (Jeff Bridges), he builds a crew that includes loyal captain Jesse (James Badge Dale) and talented womaniser Mac (Taylor Kitsch), and he gives a second chance to Brendan (Miles Teller), a recovering addict who reminds Eric of himself. Then when the crew is certified as the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the pressures of work strain their relationships with their wives and children. Indeed, Eric's strong-minded horse-trainer wife Amanda (Jennifer Connelly) is annoyed that she's now seeing even less of him than before, but she supports his passion for the job.

Director Joseph Kozinski (Tron Legacy) directs the film with a rather relentless earnestness, clearly in reverent awe of these men. This allows for brief moments of raucous camaraderie, carefully controlled for a young teen audience, so the characters are interesting if never authentic. They feel more like overgrown Boy Scouts than earthy firefighters, and the overtones of heroism amongst them are a bit exhausting. Events unfold anecdotally, providing carefully concocted moments both in family lives and in the rather dull work of containing a wildfire. And this somewhat choppy approach prevents the film from building much momentum as it approaches its emotional climax, which is genuinely shattering.

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Taylor Kitsch seen filming scenes in London. Actor Taylor Kitsch films a scene for 'American Assassin' alongside tourists and Londoners in Trafalgar Square. Camera crews were spotted on the roof of a museum as filming took place on the square below. The film, directed by Michael Cuesta, will also star Michael Keaton and Dylan O'Brien. - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 5th October 2016

Enjoy The Epic Soundtrack To 'True Detective' In Full This Summer

By Holly Williams in Movies / TV / Theatre on 23 June 2015

T-Bone Burnett Colin Farrell Vince Vaughn Rachel McAdams Taylor Kitsch

'True Detective' season 2 is currently airing on HBO.

Sometimes a major factor in the watchability of a TV show is the soundtrack, and for crime drama 'True Detective', they've pretty much nailed that all important element and you can hear it in all its glory this summer.

Vince Vaughn & Colin Farrell star in True Detective series 2

'True Detective: Music From The HBO Series' is the highly anticipated soundtrack compilation featuring music from both season 1 and season 2 of the Emmy winning show. The second season has just begun its broadcast, with another eight episodes for fans to sink their teeth into, so what better way to treat yourself after another thrilling season than an album of pure musical enjoyment?

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'True Detective': Porn Stars Reportedly Cast For Season 2 Scenes

By Elinor Cosgrave in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 20 March 2015

Colin Farrell Vince Vaughn Rachel McAdams Kelly Reilly Taylor Kitsch

Porn stars have reportedly been cast for scenes in the second season for 'True Detective'.

Porn stars have reportedly been cast for the season finale of True Detective. According to sources, they have been hired for a graphic sex scene which will feature dozens of naked bodies. 24-year-old Amia Miley, a former porn actress from the US, has allegedly been hired along with Peta Jensen, also 24. Ironically, sources suggest they are amongst the few extras that are not completely naked for the scenes. It seems the women were not cast because of their experience in the porn industry but simply as extras.

Colin Farrell filming for True Detective in Los Angeles.

Read More: So, True Detective Season 2 Will Star Colin Farrell And Vince Vaughn. Who's Next?

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Taylor Kitsch - Actor Colin Farrell draws his gun in an action scene for 'True Detectives' with co-star Taylor Kitsch filming in downtown Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 12th February 2015

Taylor Kitsch - Irish actor Colin Farrell and Canadian actress Rachel McAdams were snapped on the set of 'True Detectives' along with co-star Taylor Kitsch in downtown Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 10th February 2015

HBO Confirms Rachel McAdams For 'True Detective' Season 2 (Finally)

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 25 November 2014

Rachel McAdams Taylor Kitsch

True Detective season 2 now has a complete cast and is shooting in California.

HBO has confirmed that The Notebook actress Rachel McAdams and Black Box star Kelly Reilly have joined the season 2 cast of True Detective. The network also announced that Taylor Kitsch would appear too, though we already knew that.

Image caption Elisabeth Moss is ready to sign on for True Detective season 2 [Getty/I

lya. S. Savenok]Apparently the second season of True Detective will follow the death of Ben Caspar, a corrupt city manager in a fictional Californian city. He's found brutally murdered amid a huge transportation deal that would change freeway gridlock in the state. Now - and this is where the new cast members come in - three law enforcement officers from different cities and branches of the government are tasked with finding out the identity of the murderer, though they soon discover that the investigation has darker implications than initially thought.

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Will Vince Vaughn Really Lead 'True Detective' Season 2?

By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 05 August 2014

Vince Vaughn Colin Farrell Taylor Kitsch

Vince Vaughn for 'True Detective' season 2: really?

Vince Vaughn, the Hollywood actor primarily known for a string of blockbuster comedies including Wedding Crashers and The Breakup, is in negotiations to join HBO drama True Detective.

Vince Vaughn could be our True Detective [Getty/Jason Kempin]

According to one source who spoke with E! News, Vaughn is in "preliminary discussions" to play one of four lead roles, with Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch also thought to be in talks. Casting rumors for True Detective season two have been rife since the season one finale. Jessica Chastain and Brad Pitt were reportedly attached to the project though it appears neither will now appear.

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The Normal Heart Review

By Rich Cline


It's taken nearly 30 years to bring Larry Kramer's passionate, award-winning play to the screen, but this high-calibre production is a genuine stunner. Even if it was made for television, it carries the gut-punch of a great drama, adding a deeply personal perspective to recent Aids epidemic documentaries like How to Survive a Plague and We Were Here.

At the centre is the outspoken writer Ned (Mark Ruffalo), who has already ruffled feathers in the 1981 New York gay community with his rants against promiscuity. So when a close friend (Jonathan Groff) comes down with what has been labelled "gay cancer", he has a new cause to get angry about. He gathers his buddies including Bruce, Tommy and Mickey (Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons and Joe Mantello) to form an action group, working with Emma (Julia Roberts), a doctor who suspects that the disease is sexually transmitted. But the community isn't willing to give up its hard-fought sexual freedoms. And as Ned falls for Times journalist Felix (Matt Bomer), he becomes increasingly outraged that the government is doing nothing while thousands of people die.

Kramer's script is so intimate and raw that it brings the characters to vivid life, giving each of the actors a show-stopping scene of his or her own. Ruffalo's complex and remarkably transparent performance holds everything together beautifully. Ned's relationships and confrontations all pack a powerful punch, from the romantic scenes with Bomer's lively Felix to darker strain with his brother (Alfred Molina) or an all-out battle with a politician (Corey Stoll). And Roberts gets some pungent scenes of her own, most notably a fiery rant against a room full of callous congressmen.

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The Grand Seduction Trailer

Murray French is a resident in a seaside village that is struggling desperately in the face of unemployment. They have only one hope; they can have a factory built which will provide the majority of the townsfolk with income. However, to secure the permission for it to be built, they must have a doctor living nearby. Luck seems to come their way when a young medic named Dr. Paul Lewis makes his way over to the town for a month-long stay and Murray and the other villagers set about trying to indirectly convince him to stay permanently; whether that is trying to get the local postlady to flirt with him or leaving him welcome gifts. But the more they try to give him reason to stay there, the more Paul starts to feel it's not his idea of home.

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Mark Wahlberg's Lone Survivor Shoots Down Disney's Frozen From Box Office Peak [Trailer]

By Lauren James in Movies / TV / Theatre on 13 January 2014

Mark Wahlberg Taylor Kitsch Eric Bana Emile Hirsch Ben Foster

Bad reviews? Pah! ‘Lone Survivor’ storms its first weekend.

Lone Survivor has triumphed in its first weekend of release to rise to the top of the US and Canadian box office. The war movie, which stars Mark Wahlberg, has defied critics in topping the weekend's movie theaters, dislodging the No.1 place stalwart Frozen and earning $38.5 million, exceeding the $26 million prediction.

Mark Wahlberg's New Movie Has Shot To The Top Of The North American Box Office.

Based on a memoir written by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the movie opened on a crowded weekend that launched other eagerly anticipated films such as Her and The Legend of Hercules. The film accomplished the impressive task of dethroning Frozen, a film that saw off competition from Anchorman 2, The Hobbit 2 and American Hustle.

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Jesse Plemons and Taylor Kitsch - Jesse Plemons and Taylor Kitsch Sunday 20th July 2008 at Beverly Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills, California

Taylor Kitsch - Taylor Kitsch with his girlfriend Los Angeles, California - outside Foxtail in West Hollywood Wednesday 18th June 2008