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Grimes at the 2016 Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year awards held at Claridge's - London, United Kingdom - Monday 31st October 2016

Grimes Reveals Her Producers Expected Sex For Studio Work

By Holly Williams in Music / Festivals on 15 April 2016

Grimes Kesha

The singer opens up on the Kesha fiasco.

Canadian electronic artist Grimes has opened up about her own opinions of the male dominated music production industry with regards to Kesha's ongoing legal situation with Dr. Luke. As it turns out, sexual discrimination is not a circumstance she's entirely unfamiliar with.

Image caption Grimes reveals what goes on in the studio

Asked about her thoughts on Kesha's lawsuit against Dr. Luke for alleged rape and abuse, Grimes - aka Claire Boucher - confesses that she's had her own struggles with male producers. 'I don't know enough about the specifics of that situation, because it seems very complicated', she told Rolling Stone in an interview. 'But I will say that I've been in numerous situations where male producers would literally be like, 'We won't finish the song unless you come back to my hotel room'. If I was younger or in a more financially desperate situation, maybe I would have done that.'

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Grimes - Leeds O2 Academy 07.03.2016 Live Review

By Max Cussons in Music Reviews on 09 March 2016

Claire Boucher, A.K.A Grimes been quite the phenomenon in this decade. The Canadian artist has spent the last several years creating very pretty and dreamy synth-pop thanks to her enchanted, spiritual sounding vocals as well as fun, playful beats that are capable of being joyous, affectionate, danceable, sombre and sometimes gutsy. 2012's 'Visions' was where she truly broke out, mastering ethereal electronica and last year's 'Art Angels' saw her embrace her pop side more and cemented her as one of the most interesting figures in both modern pop and electronic music. Tonight she plays Leeds's O2 Academy, where her relevance in contemporary music is evident.

Before Grimes though we have HANA who actually assists Grimes with the synths and guitar in her live set. In HANA's own set she displays music in a similar vein to that of Grimes. Music which is driven by thick, repetitive beats which are often cold but occasionally bubbly whilst her fragile vocals add a nice icing to the cake. She displays confidence not being afraid to bust some moves alone onstage in front of a few thousand people who ultimately here for someone else. Keep an eye out for this one.

Grimes' set kicks off with a break dancer going ferociously amongst flickering strobes to the sound of the brief and gentle intro track 'Laughing And Not Being Normal', making this an exciting show from the start. Meanwhile Grimes herself sneaks onto a platform in the darkness where her synths stand. Another dancer joins as does Hana to assist Grimes with the music and wasting no time, the euphoric wonder 'Genesis' drops. As soon as those few soothing notes play sheer joy ignites within everyone as they roar "My heart, I never be, I never see, I never know", lyrics that are breathed more than they're sung on record. Also even though it's not the most danceable or toughest song, people are bouncing like its colossal dubstep and this continues for the rest of the night. There's even a mosh pit or two.

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Grimes - 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 2nd June 2015

Grimes - A variety of fashionable stars were photographed as they attended Louis Vuitton "Series 2" The Exhibition which was held in Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 5th February 2015

Made In Minnesota: Budweiser Made In America Documents The Best City Music Of The States

By Holly Williams in Music / Festivals on 15 July 2014

Jay Z Kanye West Kings Of Leon The National Pharrell Williams J. Cole Bleachers Grimes Mayer Hawthorne Baauer Imagine Dragons John Mayer Steve Aoki Kendrick Lamar Weezer Cypress Hill Rita Ora Tiesto Babes In Toyland The Hold Steady Prince

We hit the Minnesota music scene in the run-up to Jay-Z's new summer festival.

Image caption Budweiser Made In America Press Conference at Los Angeles City Hall on April 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California - Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Budweiser

Budweiser Made in America festival is on its way and, to celebrate, the beer brand unveil a series of music documentaries in different States: this week we explore Minnesota!

Being such a huge part of the world, America has always borne a massively diverse music ethos. In almost every part of the country you can come across a different musical culture and it's with this idea in mind that world famous rap star Jay-Z decided to create Budweiser Made in America festival. It's sole purpose is to bring together a choice selection of both up-and-coming and well-established artists spanning all genres including rock, hip hop, R&B, electronic, punk... the list goes on.

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Blacky, The Rev, Grimes, Chappel and The Howling - Camden Rocks Festival 2014 held The Underworld - London, United Kingdom - Saturday 31st May 2014

Grimes - Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch celebration - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 25th January 2014

Governors Ball Music Festival 2014 Lineup Feat. Outkast, Jack White, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes And More

Posted on 16 January 2014


Celebrities And Socialites Attend Donatella's Showcase For Versace Versus Line

By Victoria Pavlova in Lifestyle / Showbiz on 17 May 2013

Donatella Versace Theophilus London Taylor Momsen Lady GaGa Grimes Angel Haze

The new generation of Hollywood, from Taylor Momsen to Angel Haze, descended on the NY bash.

Versace lovers gathered en masse at Donatella Versace’s showcase at Lexington Avenue Armory Wednesday in New York for the new Versus line. The venue, appropriately dimmed for the edgy collection’s reveal, was filled to the brim with celebrities and assorted socialites, Women’s Wear Daily reports. Darren Criss, Theophilus London, Jaime King, Hayden Panettiere, Sky Ferreira and Heidi Klum were all among the chosen ones, lingering among models and scantily clad waiters and waitresses.

Rocker and former Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen was also present, supporting one of her go-to brands when it comes to clothes. Momsen’s trademark heavy eyeliner and unkempt bleach blond tresses fit right in with the edgy theme of the party. “You can’t go wrong with Versace,” said Momsen for WWD “They always have a bit of a rock ’n’ roll edge.”

That they do and the capsule collection, separated into three groups – all black, colorful knits and all black – didn’t disappoint on that front. The show was punctuated by performances from rapper Angel Haze, followed by L.A. rockers Dead Sara and finally Canadian electropop prodigy Grimes in the breaks between the three sections. Grimes in particular has been a Versace darling lately, so it’s no surprise that she was also featured in the show. As for the clothes, it’s what you might expect from a 2013 summer collection – crop tops abound, along with straps on everything and strategically selected bold accessories. It was a good time for everyone involved, except maybe Lady GaGa, who, after her arrival, spent the night observing from the secluded mezzanine.

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Kanrocksas Music Festival 2013 Announces Complete Talent Line-Up

Posted on 01 March 2013


Sasquatch! Music Festival Sets Lineup For May 24-27, 2013 At The Gorge, Washington

Posted on 05 February 2013


Coachella 2013 Lineup Announcement

Posted on 29 January 2013


The Show Must Go On? David Letterman Props Up Entertainment Industry During Hurricane Sandy

By Hayley Avron on 30 October 2012

David Letterman Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart The XX Cat Power Grimes Rufus Wainwright The National Keira Knightley Russell Crowe Will Smith

The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has been making sure that the city's residents were fully prepared for Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York last night. And whilst the majority of New York citizens paid heed, TV presenter David Letterman decided to pay heed instead to that age-old motto from the world of entertainment. "the show must go on!"

According to MTV, Letterman wasn't going to let a minor detail like the biggest storms to ever hit the USA stop him from filming one of his late night chat shows. He did, however, film the episode of The Late Show With David Letterman without the presence of his usual live audience. He may have been prepared to brave the elements to get the show filmed but he wasn't about to let the general public endanger themselves in the process. The same applied to Jimmy Fallon's show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Other shows weren't so lucky. Jimmy Kimmel was forced to cancel one of his tapings in Brooklyn, announcing on Twitter "Though it pains us to do it, JKL from Brooklyn tonight is cancelled. I'm disappointed too, but we want you to be safe." Over at Comedy Central, however, the laughter stopped for the night. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both cancelled the filming for their shows.

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Grimes, Visions Album Review

By Andrew Lockwood in Music Reviews on 26 March 2012

Some years ago now when the Manic Street Preachers had the audacity to criticize The White Stripes for being lazy in their song writing, for not spending enough time crafting their songs and putting out inferior tunes I disagreed strongly. I thought that on the whole the White Stripes ethos and approach was the right one for them. It made sense, it fitted well with their style, their music, their energy and their urgency, and it gave all those who just couldn't wait to hear more less time to have to wait to feed their hunger. 'Visions', the new album from Grimes is her forth release in just two years, her third under the Grimes moniker and the first for 4AD! So the question is more-or-less the same. Does it follow that such a prolific output has meant that the quality has suffered as a consequence and does it matter?

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