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  • 18 October 2005

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The National (formed 1999) The National are an American indie rock band formed in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2014, their album 'Trouble Will Fine Me' was nominated for a Grammy Award for best alternative album.

Formation: Matt Berninger and Scott Devendorf met at the University of Cincinnati, before also meeting Mike Brewer, Casey Reas and Jeff Salem. They formed a band together as the band Nancy, named after Berniger's mother. Despite being together as a band for five years, they only released one album: Ruther 3429.

After that, Berninger, Brewer, Reas and Salem moved to Brooklyn, ending the band. Scott Devendorf's brother, Bryan, had been in a number of bands with Bryce and Aaron Dessner. Berninger, the Devendorfs and the Dessners joined together to form 'The National' in 1999. The National: Career On 30th October, 2001, The National released their self-titled debut album. Their second album was released two years later on 2nd September 2003, entitled 'Sad Song for Dirty Lovers'. The National followed up with the 'Cheery Tree' EP on 20th July 2004.

After gaining success from the two albums and their EP, the members of The National who still had full-time jobs, quit them in order to focus on the band. The band signed with a new record label, Beggars Banquet Records, and got to work on their next album. On 12th April, 2005, they released 'Alligator' which went on to receive rave reviews from critics.

The band were then asked to take part in various concerts and festivals due to their successful third album. 'Boxer', the fourth studio album from The National, was released on 22nd May, 2007. On 20th May 2008, The National simultaneously released 'The Virginia' EP along with a documentary about themselves entitled 'A Skin, A Night'. Aaron and Bryce Dessner then worked on 'Dark Was the Night', a compilation album by various artists made to raise funds to fight AIDS and HIV.

The National released their fifth studio album, 'High Violet', on 10th May 2010. 'Trouble Will Find Me' was released on 17th May 2013 to tremendous critical acclaim and a nomination for Best Alternative Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon And The National's Dessner Brothers Launch Their Own Streaming Platform

By Ed Biggs in Music / Festivals on 07 June 2018

The National Bon Iver

The American indie musicians have launched a new streaming platform named after their PEOPLE festival.

American indie musicians Justin Vernon and brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner have teamed up to launch a brand new streaming service named PEOPLE, an offshoot of the pair’s established PEOPLE festival.

The USP behind the idea is that PEOPLE will be an open streaming service for artists to post one-off ideas, ranging from demos and song sketches to collaborations.

The beta version of the streaming platform was launched on June 6th and is available now, containing music from The National, Bon Iver (Justin Vernon’s band), Phoebe Bridgers, Lisa Hannigan and a new four-track EP from Vernon and Aaron Dessner’s Big Red Machine project. The full version of the platform is being launched in August.

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DR Ranj Singh on the red carpet at the 2018 National Television Awards. Held at The O2 Arena, this year's winners included Ant & Dec, Suranne Jones and David Walliams among others - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 23rd January 2018

The National - Sleep Well Beast Album Review

By Jim Pusey in Music Reviews on 06 September 2017

The National’s seventh studio album Sleep Well Beast is the epitome of a grown-up Rock album. It wraps up the struggles of middle-age and confusion of the modern world in a surprisingly cohesive, if occasionally melancholy, set of songs. The album’s title references Resignation Syndrome, a psychological state of withdrawal in some children caught up in drawn out immigration or migration situations. It’s a sign that there’s a subtle political undercurrent here, one that’s certainly a reaction to Donald Trump’s first year in office. Crucially it delivers all the introspection and euphoric catharsis you’d want from a record by The National, which ensures that it doesn’t buckle under the weight of expectation on its shoulders

In the intervening years since 2013’s Trouble Will Find Me members of The National have been involved in many projects. Matt Berninger for example contributed to side project EL VY and Bryce Dessner to the collaborative Planetarium album with Sufjan Stevens. Those experiences bleed seamlessly into Sleep Well Beast as there’s a more diverse and inventive approach to instrumentation than you may expect. Opener ‘Nobody Else Will Be There’ relies heavily on piano and strings to ease you into the record, equally the closing title track is like an electronic lullaby that deconstructs the usual swell of a song by the band. The first hint of guitars comes with ‘Day I Die’ which hurtles out of the gates with a screaming riff and thundering drums. First single ‘The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness’ also features a frenetic Aaron Dessner guitar solo. It’s clear that the album alternates sonically between intricate electronic and string arrangements and more confrontational moments of noisy exuberance.

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Candice Brown - National Television Awards at The O2, Peninsula Square in London - Red carpet arrivals at The O2, Peninsula Square, National Television Awards - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 25th January 2017

Kirsty-Leigh Porter - The National Television Awards 2016 (NTA's) held at the O2 Arena - Arrivals at The National Television Awards - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 21st January 2016

Guest - The National Television Awards 2016 (NTA's) held at the O2 Arena - Arrivals at The National Television Awards - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 20th January 2016

Dancing In Denver! Budweiser Made In America Explore Colorado's Exciting Music Scene

By Holly Williams in Music / Festivals on 17 July 2014

The Apples In Stereo Tyler The Creator DeVotchKa Tennis Jay Z Imagine Dragons John Mayer Steve Aoki Juanes Afrojack Kendrick Lamar Rise Against ZZ Ward Rita Ora Chance the Rapper Cypress Hill Kanye West Kings Of Leon Tiesto The National Pharrell Williams Holy Ghost! Bleachers Awolnation The Neighbourhood

Budweiser Made in America is coming soon, but what's it like to be made in Denver, Colorado?

Image caption Budweiser Made in America

We explore the diverse Denver music scene as Budweiser unveil the latest in their series of documentaries ahead of the fast-approaching Budweiser Made in America festival.

When Jay-Z embarked on his Budweiser Made in America project, the ethos he wanted to represent was simple; bringing together bands and artists of all genres to celebrate the rich variation that has become the US musical community. And where better to enjoy this multi-genre theme than Denver, Colorado, home to the likes of everyone from gentle folk rock crooners The Lumineers to industrial Goth collective Velvet Acid Christ?

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Iggy Azalea Set To Perform At Jay-Z's Made In America Festival, Joining The Likes Of Kanye West And John Mayer

By Elinor Cosgrave in Music / Festivals on 17 July 2014

Iggy Azalea Kanye West Rita Ora Steve Aoki Kings Of Leon Pharrell Williams Tiesto The National

Iggy Azalea is set to perform at the Los Angeles based part of the Made in America Festival. She is joining the likes of Kayne West, Rita Ora, John Mayer and Kings of Leon who are also performing at the Philadelphia-Los Angeles festival produced by Jay-Z.

Iggy Azalea will be joining the likes of Kanye West, Rita Ora, Kings Of Leon and John Mayer at the Made in America Festival at the end of August. The festival, produced by Jay-Z, will celebrate its third anniversary in Philadelphia and the first time it has also been held in Los Angeles over the last weekend in August.

Image caption Budweiser Made In America Press Conference at Los Angeles City Hall on April 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California - Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Budweiser

Budweiser Made in America festival is on its way and, to celebrate, the beer brand unveil a series of music documentaries in different States: this week we explore Minnesota!

Being such a huge part of the world, America has always borne a massively diverse music ethos. In almost every part of the country you can come across a different musical culture and it's with this idea in mind that world famous rap star Jay-Z decided to create Budweiser Made in America festival. It's sole purpose is to bring together a choice selection of both up-and-coming and well-established artists spanning all genres including rock, hip hop, R&B, electronic, punk... the list goes on.

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'Mistaken For Strangers': A Tale Of Two Brothers Living In Different Lemonworlds [Trailer]

By Jack de Aguilar in Movies / TV / Theatre on 05 June 2014

Matt Berninger The National

Watch the trailer below

‘Mistaken For Strangers’ is a documentary focussing on the brotherly relationship between renowned rock star Matt Berninger and his metal head brother Tom, who – according to the doc – is a bit of a layabout. When Matt offers his brother a job as a roadie on the band’s European tour, he didn’t realise Tom had designs on filming the whole thing.

So hilarity, tears, realisations and revelations soon followed as both Matt and Tom learn about each other on this – cliché warning – journey of discovery. Mistaken for Strangers has already been uttered in the same sentence as Spinal Tap a few times, so you really don’t need to take our work for it.

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Mistaken For Strangers Trailer

Brooklyn-based indie rockers The National quickly rose to fame in 2010 with the release of 'High Violet'; their fifth studio album and their first release with 4AD records which shot to number three on the US Billboard 200 chart. Three years later they unveiled 'Trouble Will Find Me' which also peaked at number three and they have been selling out shows all around the world. The band are seen as a band of brothers, with guitarist siblings Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner, and bassist Scott Devendorf and drummer Bryan Devendorf. Singer Matt Berninger's brother has largely been left out of the spotlight - until now. 2010 saw them truly reach live stardom with their major US, UK and Europe tour which was largely sold out, and to make life on the road a little more interesting, Matt invited his metalhead brother Tom along for the ride - equipped, of course, with his trusty video camera.

'Mistaken For Strangers' is the result; a documentary directed by Tom Berninger in his filmmaking debut and full to bursting with interviews full of nonsensical questions, brotherly tension and self-discovery for our documentary-maker whose ambitions were initially doubted by his family. It's an emotional journey that earned Tom a nomination for a Free Spirit Award at the Warsaw International Film Festival. The movie is set to hit UK cinemas on June 27th 2014.

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Outkast Confirmed For Way Out West 2014

Posted on 06 March 2014


Lena Dunham To Host 'SNL' As The National Make Their Musical Debut

By Lauren James in Movies / TV / Theatre on 25 February 2014

Lena Dunham The National Tina Fey Jim Parsons Beck

The 'Girls' creator will turn her comic talent to hosting 'Saturday Night Live'

Lena Dunham will host the second episode of the new season of Saturday Night Live, which will be broadcast on the 8th March, according to Deadline. The Girls creator will be making her hosting debut on the comedy entertainment show during the same episode that Brooklyn rockers The National are set to also grace SNL for the first time.

Lena Dunham Will Host 'SNL' On The 8th March.

SNL has parodied Lena Dunham's HBO comedy before, in the memorable skit where Tina Fey plays a new girl from Albania in a send-up of the core characters' entitled lives. Now Lena will in turn make her mark on the show after having called the hilarious SNL parody of Girls "a true honor."

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Jim Pusey's Top 10 Albums Of 2013

By Staff Writer in Music / Festivals on 24 December 2013

Sigur Ros Biffy Clyro My Bloody Valentine John Mayer Frightened Rabbit The National Vampire Weekend The Besnard Lakes Local Natives

2013's been a year filled with great music but, at times, it has felt like you've had to search it out.

It's been a year of truly brilliant sounds even if there may have been a few disappointments along the way. Take hip hop, for example: unlike 2012's records by Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, there was nothing that really demanded your attention. Yes, Kanye's album 'Yeezus' was technically brilliant, but it's a record I'm still struggling to digest properly. Similarly, Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta, Holy Grail' (which, in my opinion, is as good as West's effort) was less immediate than the likes of 'Blueprint 3', which means it's got somewhat lost in the public consciousness.

Both those records had an interesting release as well, materialising on shelves seemingly from nowhere. They're not the only ones either; My Bloody Valentine's 'mbv' appeared online out of the blue in February after a gestation period of 20 years. Equally, Mazzy Star, Boards of Canada, Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie made unexpected and impressive returns following long hiatuses. There were also some great reissues and live records; Rilo Kiley's 'Rkives' acted as the epitaph the band deserved, Bob Dylan repainted his self-portrait with the 'Bootleg Series' and revealed songs well worth revisiting, Steve Albini finally got to share his vision for Nirvana's 'In Utero', The Velvet Underground's 'White Light, White Heat' finally got the deluxe treatment it deserved following Lou Reed's sudden death and Neil Young presented what could well be his best live album to date with the 'Cellar Door' addition to his archives series.

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Lloyd Banks, The National and Puerto Rican Day Parade Sunday 12th June 2011 Rapper Lloyd Banks partakes in the festivities at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade New York City, USA