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  • 09 June 2004

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14th November, 1975

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Blink-182 (formed 1992)
Blink-182 is a Californian pop punk band that rose to fame with hits such as 'All The Small Things.'

Formation: Blink-182's first demo tape was recorded in 1993, under the name Blink. Named 'Flyswatter', the tape was mainly distributed amongst family and friends, because of the poor sound quality of the recording. Later that year, they recorded 'Demo #2'. The latter recording featured a number of songs that would go on to form their debut album.

Buddha was released by Filter Records in 1993 and later re-issued in 1998.

The Breakthrough: The band signed to Cargo Music in 1994. Their debut album for Cargo, entitled Cheshire Cat, was reportedly recorded in just three days. Two singles were released from the album ('Wasting Time' and 'M&Ms') but neither track reached the charts.

The band changed their name to Blink-182 to avoid confusion with an Irish band by the name of Blink. In 1994, the band released a split EP with Iconoclasts entitled 'Short Bus'. They then released their own three-track EP the following year, with the name 'They Came To Conquer. Uranus'.

The album Dude Ranch was released in 1997. Originally intended for release under Cargo Records, the band later signed a deal with MCA in order to increase their distribution levels.

Drummer Scott Raynor left the band in 1998, half-way through their US tour. Hoppus and DeLonge invited Travis barker to join the band (they knew Barker as he drummed for their support band, The Aquabats).

1999 saw the release of Blink-182's Enema of the State, which saw the band soar to mainstream success, with the release of singles such as 'All the Small Things', 'Adam's Song' and 'What's My Age Again?'

Blink-182 released a 'behind the scenes' DVD in 2000, entitled The Urethra Chronicles. That year, they also released The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back), a live album featuring versions of their biggest hits to date.

The band continued their success in 2001 with the release of Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. The band released the album in three different versions. Each version contained a different coloured CD and two different bonus tracks. Their promotional tour for the album suffered a number of setbacks, including being delayed because of the September 11th terrorist attacks and the rescheduled dates being delayed because of DeLonge's back troubles.

In 2002, Blink-182 toured with Green Day, as documented on the Riding In Vans With Boys DVD. Following the tour, DeLonge and Barker spent some time working on their side project, Box Car Racer.

The next year, the band released their next album, which was untitled. The album spawned the singles 'I Miss You', 'Down' and 'Feeling This'.

The Break-up: Although it was not known at the time, Blink-182's gig at The Point Depot in Dublin, would turn out to be their last. In February 2005, the band's manager telephoned Hoppus and Barker to inform them that Tom DeLonge had left the band. Although it was initially marketed as a hiatus, the band has yet to reform and it is now widely considered to be a permanent break. In 2005, Geffen released a Greatest Hits collection.

Life After Blink: In November 2005, Tom DeLonge announced the arrival of his new band, Angels and Airwaves. The band has released two albums, We Don't Need To Whisper and I-Empire.

Hoppus and Barker's new band, +44 also emerged in 2005 and released the album When Your Heart Stops Beating.

Travis Barker was involved in a plane crash in South Carolina in September 2008. His personal assistant was killed in the crash, along with three others. Barker was released from hospital in mid-October and it has been reported that he is due to make a full recovery.

Tom DeLonge Will NOT Be Rejoining Blink 182

By Ed Biggs in Music / Festivals on 19 October 2018

Blink 182

However, drummer Travis Barker has now been cleared by doctors to play with the group again.

The recent internet rumours concerning Blink 182’s upcoming tour – namely, that lead singer Tom DeLonge might be about to come back in to the fold – are bogus, apparently.

The rumour mill began yesterday (Thursday October 18th) when drummer Travis Barker shared a picture of DeLonge’s face with the caption “Where are youuuuu” – referencing a lyric from their 2004 hit ‘I Miss You’.

DeLonge then responded “I am the voice inside your yeeeeaaaad”, another lyric from the track.

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Blink-182 Cancel Autumn Tour Due To Travis Barker's Ongoing Medical Issues

By Ed Biggs in Music / Festivals on 07 September 2018

Blink 182

The band's drummer is still recovering from blood clots in his arms that prevent him from performing.

Blink-182 have been forced to cancel their upcoming autumn tour, as drummer Travis Barker has been unable to overcome his recent medical issues.

The group made the announcement to their fans via Twitter on Thursday night (September 6th), saying that Barker’s recent medical issues, detected back in June when Blink-182 had to pull out of several of their Las Vegas residency dates because of blood clots in both of their drummer’s arms.

As a result, the legendary prank-punk outfit have been forced to ditch their upcoming mini-tour of North America, including their headline appearance at Riot Fest in Chicago next weekend (September 14th-16th).

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Linkin Park Back In Charts After Chester Death

By Clive King in Music / Festivals on 24 July 2017

Mark Hoppus Travis Barker

Linkin Park have returned to America's Billboard Chart following the tragic suicide of their frontman Chester Bennington last week.

A host of Linkin Park albums are back in the charts following Chester Bennington's death.

The band's frontman took his own life last Thursday (20.07.17) aged 41 and fans have paid tribute to the singer in many ways, including purchasing a number of the rockers' records which has seen them surge up the Billboard Chart.

Linkin Park's latest album, 'One More Light', appeared at number 17 after selling 23,000 copies, 18,000 of which were physical, and the band's debut album 'Hybrid Theory' re-entered the chart at 27 following 15,000 sales.

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Blink 182 Performing at Liverpool Echo Arena as part of their UK tour - Liverpool, United Kingdom - Saturday 15th July 2017

Blink 182 seen on the red carpet at the 2017 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 13th February 2017

Mark Hoppus performing with his band Blink-182 at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, Florida, United States - Saturday 6th August 2016

Four Artists Most Likely To Release A Surprise Album This Year

By Joe DeAndrea in Music / Festivals on 27 March 2015

Kendrick Lamar One Direction Fun Adele Blink 182 Drake

Take a look at the artists that could be the next ones to release a new album unexpectedly.

Surprise albums are all the rage, and it’s easy to understand why. They make sense for both fans and artists, and there’s hardly any downside to just throwing your highly anticipated album up for download on a random Saturday night with nothing else going on around the Internet. It practically sells itself at that point.

Image caption Blink 182: DeLonge (R) has been ousted from the band

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Tom DeLonge's Blink-182 Departure Gets Ugly As Hoppus And Barker Label Him "Disrespectful And Ungrateful"

By Stephanie Chase in Music / Festivals on 27 January 2015

Mark Hoppus Alkaline Trio

It looks like Tom DeLonge has officially left Blink 182 and his departure doesn't appear to have been amicable.

It’s been a tough few days for Blink 182 fans, as Tom DeLonge’s status within the band has been at times confusing. But it appears the guitarist has indeed left the group and will be replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba at this year's Musicink festival in March.

Image caption Tom DeLonge is out of Blink-182

It all began on Monday (January 27th) when bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker released a statement saying DeLonge had quit and would be replaced by Skiba.

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Tom DeLonge Claims He "Never Quit" Blink-182, Despite Reports

By Nick Hill in Music / Festivals on 27 January 2015

Blink 182

On Monday bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus released a statement to announce that the co-lead vocalist had left the band "indefinitely."

Despite earlier reports suggesting Tom DeLonge was no longer a member of Blink-182, the band's guitarist and co-lead vocalist has come forward to reassure their fans that he hasn't quit the punk-rock trio.

Image caption DeLonge tells fans "I never quit the band"

However, the mistake can't just be put down to the media publishing false reports as news of DeLonge's apparent exit from Blink-182 was first broke by his two bandmates, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus.

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Leeds Festival 2014 - Live Review

By Alister Roberts in Music Reviews on 28 August 2014

It came, It went, It conquered as per. Leeds Festival 2014 was a real pinnacle for this year's UK live music, cramming it's masses into the colossus fields of Bramham Park, this year's Leeds Festival was a true menace of a machine. From strolling the sights and stalls of the relatively tame arena, to hiking through the foothills of Red camp and afar, the beast of Leeds Festival was out in full glamour this year. Not only for the sheer size and scale of the glorified playground, nor for the big bad names it captured upon its stages, but purely the immense and sometimes overwhelming atmosphere of Leeds Festival is what attracts the crowds in their droves - (Each and EVERY year).

This year's line-up, though transparent in parts, boasted an array of big names and must sees. From Gerrard Way's premier solo show, right the way through to Macklemore's fur coat - teenage girl-screaming onstage antics. All considered, It is fair to say Leeds festival caters to the masses, though in doing so, often leaving the fringes of those masses at somewhat of a loose-end. Fear no-more, as this year with 10 arena stages and a dozen campsite venues, attendants waved farewell to mud-mooching moments of waiting around and embarked on the northern event of the year. With Oxfam blazers, slush puppy pleasantries and a number of near 24-hour rave spots all been thrown around, It was hard to find even a moment for the annual carbon monoxide poisoning - plastic bag burning ritual around the camp fire.

Without further ado, we present to you this year's top live sets and why they really made this year what it was.

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Blink 182 - Reading Festival 2014 - Day 3 - Performances - Reading, United Kingdom - Sunday 24th August 2014

4 Things We Want From Blink-182's New Album

By Joe DeAndrea in Music / Festivals on 07 August 2014

Blink 182

Blink-182 are officially recording their new album at the end of this year.

The wait for new Blink-182 music is almost finally over. After numerous delays and speculations and people just generally going crazy, bassist Mark Hoppus has confirmed that the band plans on recording a brand new album at the end of this year.

Image caption Blink 182 at the Honda Civic tour in 2011 - Getty/Mark Winter

The guitarist/vocalist posted a throwback picture of him and his 182 band mates – Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker – on Instagram with a telling caption: "Rehearsals start today...And yes there will be a new album #SorryForTheWait #Blink"

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Blink 182 and Travis Barker Saturday 26th April 2008 Former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker shopping with his kids Malibu, California