The results of this week’s American Idol might have shocked many people, but none more so than Jennifer Lopez. This warning might be redundant, but we’re giving it anyway – spoilers ahead.

With five contestants left, it was time for a slight rule change. Did the producers lift that idea from The Hunger Games? We may never know. Anyway, the new rules stated that the five remaining contestants were allowed to either axe the finalist with the lowest votes or keep him/her, but face a tougher contest next week.

Sam Woolf, American Idol
This week's lowest votes went to Sam Woolf.

Speaking to the final five, Ryan Seacrestsaid: "We’ve got a dramatic proposal for you. Tonight, the power is in your hands. You’ve got two options.”

The only condition (well, apart from all the other conditions) was that the contestants’ decision had to be unanimous. After a few minutes of deliberation, it turned out that the final five could not agree on a decision. So in a rather anticlimactic turn of events, normal elimination resumed. After the mandatory pause for dramatic effect, Ryan revealed that Sam Woolf, a favorite up until this point, would be going home. Jennifer Lopez promptly announced: “I'm shocked."

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Not that she needed to, since her shocked impression pretty much said it all. And just in case anyone wasn’t clear on the matter, JLo kept the sympathetic expression on her face throughout Sam’s final performance and even burst into applause at one point. Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. both gave their best “concerned uncle” impressions. For his last song, he chose Imagine Dragons’ It’s Time. He gave it a rather unenthusiastic spin, went flat in several places and seemed to have trouble with the mic, but Sam’s teenage fans in the audience seemed to be enjoying it anyway. The four remaining contestants are Jenna Irene, Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse and Alex Preston.

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Jessica Meuse, American Idol
Jessica Meuse was among the remaining contestants.