Jessica Sanchez may have turned in a stellar performance on last night's American Idol but now that the judges have used their only 'save' of the season, it's down to the public to save her now. Tonight is results night (April 19, 2012) for the hopeful contestants and they'll all be feeling the strain after last week's shock result, which saw both Joshua Ledet and Jessica in the bottom three.

It was Sanchez that found herself with the fewest viewer votes. As she performed her outgoing song, Jennifer Lopez stormed the stage and grabbed the microphone from her, saying "Give me the mic. This is crazy. Go sit down" and saved Sanchez from having to leave the show. On her Twitter page today, Jessica showed that she's well aware today could be the last time she appears on the show, if the public decide not to vote for her again. Before the contestants headed to the studio for filming, she tweeted a message that read "I don't know what's gonna happen tonight but if I go home I just wanna say thank you to everyone that's been voting and supporting me :)"

The Huffington Post have earmarked Colton Dixon as a likely candidate to exit tonight and the judges weren't too enamored with him, either. In an episode that was generally full of praise from the judges, Elise Testone was accused of over-singing and Skylar Laine's performances still don't seem quite as comfortable as some of her rivals. After the shock of last week's results, though, the contest is still wide open.