Last night’s American Idol can be summed up in one word: disappointing. It all started when MK Nobilette kicked things off with a rendition of Perfect by Pink. She had the emotion down, only her performance fell apart when she walked out on stage and she just didn’t recover after that.

Dexter Roberts covering Floriga Georgia Line’s “Cruise” was anything but. Not that he was bad, specifically. He was just there. Which is not what we’ve come to expect from the otherwise perky Dexter.

Dexter Roberts
Dexter Roberts' performance was not one of the highlights.

Third in line was Jenna Irene with Zedd’s Clarity. It was instantly recognizable, sure, but the electronic track sounded out of place in the “where your heart is” themed night. She sounded ok, but what really brought the performance “to the next level” in reality show speak, was the fact that she was the first contestant with any actual energy for the night.

We’re giving Alex Preston some credit just for doing One Direction. And his dancing skills. And his whole performance, really. J Lo commented that Preston looked like Buddy Holly. Always a plus on any talent show.

Then there was Malaya Watson. Her cover of Bruno Mars’ If I Was Your Man was low-key, controlled, but still emotional – perfect for this point in the competition, where singers need to show growth and not necessarily big belt-your-heart-out performances.

Malaya Watson
Malaya Watson was on top of her song like never before.

Speaking of belting, Caleb Johnson was next with Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory. Great, but not his best. Moving on.

C. J. Harris’ Invinsible (originally by Hunter Hayes) was just… not. No. Let’s pretend that out of tune mess never actually happened.

However, Jessica Meuse did a brilliant job with Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. Harry Connick may not have enjoyed her facial expressions, but that seemed like nitpicking, because there was virtually nothing else to criticise there.

Majesty Rose (Wake Me Up, Avicii) and Sam Woolf (We Are Young, Fun) closed the show with on a definite “meh” note. We know those two can sing. It just wasn’t a good night. 

Sam Woolf
Sam Woolf closed the show. It was not a memorable finale.