Proceed with caution, spoilers below. Jennifer Lopez reminded us why she is everyone’s favorite American Idol judge during last night’s show. The singer broke out in tears after Malaya Watson owned the stage with Jennifer Hudson’s I Am Changing. The judges were unanimous on Malaya’s performance. Harry Connick Jr. called the teenager “a goldmine of talent.” J-Lo predicted Malaya would “run away with the title.” And yet, on Thursday night, Malaya Watson was voted off American Idol.

Watch Rya Seacrest explain Idol's Idol Across America microphone rally in the video below.

So what happened between her touching performance and the moment when Ryan Seacrest called her name in the voting round? Malaya surprisingly found herself in the bottom two last night, alongside CJ Harris and had to sing for her life (or place in the show anyway.) She ended up in the bottom two after struggling with a couple notes from Chaka Khan's Through The Fire on Tuesday. The judges used their one save of the series the week before to give Sam Woolf another chance. Malaya’s goodbye was one of the most emotional ones the show has ever seen. As the geeky teenager visibly struggled to hold back tears during her final song, the rest of the Idol hopefuls came out on stage to support her.

Malaya Watson
The 16-year-old songstress was a favorite with the judges and her fellow contestants.

Jennifer Lopez cried in disbelief. If twitter is to be believed, she wasn’t the only one shedding a tear for Malaya’s departure either.