Amanda Seyfried might be all about taking risks, as she revealed in this month’s Elle magazine, but surprisingly, filming for her upcoming movie Lovelace was actually quite tame. Not something you’d expect from a porn star biopic, however Seyfried refused to do nudity on camera and she also found ways to film the sauciest bits without getting even the slightest bit down and dirty. She recalled the fun of shooting with co-star Peter Skaarsgard and explains that everything was kept firmly PG on set.

Check out the Lovelace trailer below.

‘I used a popsicle to simulate going down on him and I was laughing the entire time. The way the film is shot, it looks sexual but it didn’t feel that sexual or invasive while we were doing those scenes,’ she told Total Film magazine. ‘What’s great about Peter is that he’s the easiest person to do anything with. You can be like, “Drop your pants” and he’ll just shrug and say, “Alright.”’

Peter Sarsgaard, BIFF
Far from his abusive character, Sarsgaard made Seyfried feel comfortable on set.

Not everything in Lovelace was that easy to film, however. The movie also features scenes of domestic abuse between Linda Lovelace and her husband Chuck Traynor, which both Seyfried and Sarsgaard found much more troubling. She said: ‘The violence was really much more of an issue for him and also for me to react to. I had to go someplace else to get through those scenes.’

Now that filming is behind her, however, Seyfried has no trouble channeling a liberated, sexualized persona in promotional interviews. It seems that the sexual revolution has rubbed off on the actress.

Amanda Seyfried, Epic Premiere
Seyfried seems to be channeling some of Lovelace's onscreen persona.