Amanda Seyfried revealed that she can't see herself doing any stage theatre anytime soon, despite recently completing musical movie 'Les Miserables'.

The 'Mean Girls' star was at the London premiere for the Victor Hugo story when she told the Telegraph of her theatrical doubts. "I'd like to do it, but I just don't see myself on stage singing', she explained at the Odeon Leicester Square. 'I don't think I'm capable, or have that kind of stamina to be on stage every night. I really doubt I will, ever." It's certainly surprising that she should feel this way given that 'Les Mis' was not the first onscreen musical she has appeared in. In 2008 we saw her take on the lead role of Sophie in the hit ABBA inspired flick 'Mamma Mia!'. Though in spite of her credentials, she has claimed that she would also find it a huge struggle to overcome her stage fright due to her history of frequent panic attacks. "I get nervous, especially if it is something big, like London shows, but I'm working at it", she said.

As for not having stamina, it's a wonder how Amanda even managed to get through the 'Les Mis' filming judging by what her co-stars have said about it. Her onscreen mother, Anna Hathaway who plays Fantine, found it particularly gruelling to lose weight for the role as she had to look as though she was ill with tuberculosis, and that's not to mention her distress at having to chop all her hair off as well. Another co-star, Hugh Jackman, also described his experience on set as 'harrowing' and 'emotional' because he also had to lose dramatic amounts of weight. You think theatre actors have it tough, eh Amanda?